Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 379

Not inferior to Kuroyoshi's time control.

After all, with such a wide range of time operations, it is impossible to make much interference.

In my thoughts, the sea of ​​magma came back to life as if it had life, constantly roaring, turning into waves of slaps.

These magma are not converted from chakras, but are substances born under the laws of space, which cannot be absorbed even with reincarnation eyes.

However, such an attack method is a bit too simple and rude, and it is nothing at all for a person at the level of six levels.

Kuroyoshi took a pair of hands and opened an invisible repulsive cover.

The magma sprayed up can only slip off the edge of the shield, and can't hurt Cangji.

However, Kaguya Ji did not intend to stop.

More and bigger waves of magma swept over.

"Can't you see it?"

"It has nothing to do with the scale, it is that the magma is not lethal enough!"

During the words, the shield suddenly expanded, and it suddenly spread to the sky and the magma sea floor with a diameter of three meters.

The mountain collapsed and the magma rolled.

Everything was pushed outside by the shield, and the statue of Hui Ye on a cliff broke up at this moment.

Then, the shield continued to expand, seemingly intending to burst this world.

At this time, the space changed, the lava hell disappeared and turned into an endless desert.

Here, the space is boundless and can never reach the end, no matter how big the shield is, it will be useless.

Chapter 270 Super Gravity Space

However, although the world could not be broken through the shield, such a world could not help Kuroyoshi.

For ordinary people, the desert, which is a deadly environment, is just a sandy beach for Kuroyoshi. It has no effect on him.

Kuroyoshi didn't worry, and took out a beach chair, a sun umbrella, iced Coke and the end sword.

He stuck his sword in the sand beside him, lying on a beach chair leisurely basking in the sun, taking a sip of Coke from time to time, his pleasant expression didn't look like he was in battle, but on vacation.

However, the End Sword on the side was exuding waves of destruction, and layer after layer of turbulence occurred under the endless desert.

Under the blazing sun, the space opened a small gap.

Kaguyahime hid among them to observe Kuroyoshi's every move.

When she saw him relaxing in the sun, she was silent.

When she saw the end sword stuck in the sand, her pupils shrank suddenly.

Either the eyes of the reincarnation writing wheel can clearly see the gray-black invisible fluctuations.

Under those layers of fluctuations, the origin of the world will be wiped out, and if this sword is allowed to be inserted in the world, this boundless desert will be annihilated sooner or later.

Kaguya Ji judged based on the wave of destruction for up to three days, and this world would be destroyed.

"Damn it, there is such a treasure!" Kaguya Ji clenched her fist fiercely, "Using the environment to destroy him has failed, so she can only go head-on."

The voice fell.

Kaguya raised her hand to stretch out the gap in the space, and the two sharp bones were hardened to the extreme, and then shot out from the palm of her hand.

The goal is naturally Kuroyoshi.

And Kuroyoshi, as if he had expected it.

When the bone was fired, he grabbed the end sword on the side and slashed it back.


A crisp crash sounded.

The sharp bone that can easily penetrate the entire body is easily chopped over.

Kuroyoshi cast his gaze into the gap, and Kaguya Ji, who showed only one eye, split his mouth and smiled.

Kaguya Ji was shocked and was about to transfer.

But the space was distorted at this moment, and the stable space channel became chaotic, like a turbulent flow in the same space.

Unless she also has the ability to walk in time like Kuroyoshi, she will never come back if she is caught in the turbulence.

"Since my back is blocked, I can only fight to the death."

Kaguya flew out from the gap, Chakra became extreme, gathered in the palm of her hand, and slammed at Kuroyoshi.

A wave of fist strength enough to shake the world blasted out like mountains and seas.

Kuroyoshi smiled softly, reinserted the terminating sword into the ground, and then also made Chakra to the extreme, gathered in both palms, and shot Kaguyaji continuously.

The boxing power that shook the heaven and the earth blasted out one after another, and its momentum was even more violent than Kaguya Ji.

Eighty gods air strikes.

Through a confrontation, Kuroyoshi has mastered this technique, and the realm of all phenomena is brought to the extreme.

"Boom boom boom!!!"

The fists collided in the air, bursting out a continuous roar, and successive waves of air spread, causing the air to twist and the earth to separate.

As the punch hit, Kaguya Ji's mouth opened wider and wider, and her eyes opened wider and wider.

Kuroyoshi's tricks learned temporarily can be equal to her. This kind of thing shocked her and felt incredible.

You know, the Eighty God Air Strike is a move she created based on her own characteristics.

Even if other people learn, without her characteristics, it would be difficult to exert its full power.

But Kuroyoshi, a new student, can match himself, and even faintly overshadow himself.

How this makes her not surprised.

It was also this slight surprise that made Kaguya Ji's action a little slower, but Kuroyoshi seized the opportunity to break through the air with countless punches and hit her.