Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 380

The sound exploded like a thunder.

A fierce air wave burst, and Kaguya Ji flew out like a broken kite, sprayed with blood.

Kuroyoshi won the power and did not forgive, grabbing the terminator sword and chasing in the direction where Kaguyaji flew out.

Kaguya Ji saw Kuroyoshi who was chasing her, and endured the pain, she opened her eyes in the right reincarnation, and the world changed again.

The endless desert has become a world paved with green diamonds, the gravity is extremely variable, stronger than tens of hundreds of times.

Kuroyoshi, who was about to chase, was suddenly pressed to the ground, and Kaguya Ji did the same.

She was already badly injured, but she was thrown off heavily, and she spewed a big mouthful of blood.

"Supergravity Space"

Kuroyoshi adjusted his posture, shaking his body and stood up a little bit.

The gravity in this space is much stronger than he imagined. Perhaps gravity can be adjusted according to Kaguya Ji's will.

"Well, you won't have time to react now!"

There was blood on the corners of Kaguya Ji's mouth, but there was a slight smile on her face.

She raised her hands hard, and the two sharp bones that had been hardened to the extreme broke open and stretched out her palms.

Then, like a bullet that pulled the trigger, it fired at a high speed.

Looking at the two bones, Kurayoshi mobilized the chakra all over to make it boil.

The powerful force erupted, and Kuroyoshi broke through the shackles of gravity, rolled aside, and avoided the fatal blow.

However, Chakra's boiling just makes the body burst out with powerful power instantly, even if it can break free from the shackles of gravity, it will only be an instant.

If it is used to dodge a blow, there is no problem, but it will not work if it is used to completely break free of gravity.

After avoiding the two bones, Kuroyoshi was pressed by the super gravity to make it difficult to move, and Kaguya Ji prepared the two sharp bones again.

"See how many times can you hide?"

The words fell, and the bones fired again.

Looking at the shot bone, Kurayoshi sighed.

"It looks like the game is over."

game over?

Kaguya Ji was puzzled.

But I saw the shadow of Kuroyoshi standing up abruptly, taking the end sword on the side and smashing the bones in two blows.

"How can this be!"

Kaguya didn't dare to look at the dark shadow confidently, her white eyes widened.

The black shadow wielded his sword with ease, as if he hadn't been affected by gravity at all.

Kuroyoshi laughed at himself, "It's rare to meet an opponent who can make me more serious. I originally wanted to play more, but if I play again, it might overturn."

"Impossible, even the main body is suppressed, why is your clone not affected?"

Kaguya Ji still couldn't believe it, "It's difficult, is your clone stronger than your own body?"

"That won't be enough." Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, "However, the shadow warrior is my shadow, and the influence of gravity is not that big on him."


Kaguya Ji was shocked.

"Get on the road if you understand!"

As Kuryoshi's voice fell, the shadow warrior raised his sword to kill Xiang Kaguya.

Affected by gravity, Kaguya Ji's body was also unable to react quickly.

In that case, there is only

Chapter 271 The Scene Beyond the World

The vertical eyes between the brows opened, the invisible fluctuations dispersed, and the world changed again.

The green diamond-shaped supergravity space was transformed into an ice-bound mountain range, and Kaguya Ji suddenly disappeared.

"Hid it in the gap of space again?"

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, his rebirth eyes fully opened, and he saw through the barriers of space, not letting go of any corner.

but none.

Kuroyoshi didn't find Kaguyahime.

Kaguya Ji was not in the five attribute spaces and the starting ball space linked to them.

"Could it be that you want to trap me here and go out and make trouble by yourself?"

Kuroyoshi was a little surprised.

He has demonstrated the ability of the space system in battle!

Is it so confident that Heaven's Royal High can hold me?

Just when he was stunned, Bingshan came alive.

Thousands of years of cold ice and rare metals are even harder. These cold ices come to life at this time, bursting from the ground like a sharp blade.

Kuroyoshi jumped slightly and hid.

But in the next second, more icebergs combined into sharp claws to grab together from top to bottom, left to right.

"It turns out that it is not to escape, but to integrate into nature, so as to turn this space into a free space that can be manipulated at will, just like the lava hell!"

Looking at the attack from the opposite side, Kurayoshi chuckled and raised his right hand, on which the chakra ball was spinning continuously at high speed.

It is about ten meters in diameter, and the color is dark and dark.

This highly compressed and spinning ball exudes an aura of destruction.

"I don't know what the hell is a spiral pill!"