Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 381

When the Frozen Claw came, Kuroyoshi slammed the Chakra ball into the frozen ground.

The world is silent, and the earth is submerged.

The high-speed rotating chakra ball cuts away layers of the ground like an earth-drilling well, and then exploded.


As the energy exploded, the earth moved and the mountains shook.

The overflowing energy shock waves seem to be endless, annihilating layer after layer of the earth, forming an inverted sea bowl cover that continuously spreads outwards.

Seeing the shock wave will sweep the entire frozen mountain range.

Kaguya Ji flew out of the ground suddenly, and with a wave of her long sleeves, she absorbed the spreading energy.

At this moment, Kaguya opened a door behind Kaguya, Kuroyoshi walked out of it, and pierced the back of Kaguya's neck with a sword.

If this sword hits, even if it can't be killed, at least it can cut off the nerve that connects the body to the brain, paralyzing her for a short time, and win the victory.

It's just that Kaguya Ji's white eyes have no dead ends.

She found out the moment the space door opened.

Therefore, at the moment the sword stabbed, the body swelled up suddenly and turned into a tailed beast made of pale substance and looked like a rabbit.

Then, the body that resembled the rabbit-tailed beast spawned three dragon-headed and snake-like objects, and bit them back at Kuraki.

One of them bites the terminator sword, the other two bit his neck and the other empty-handed to prevent him from resisting.

Can a chakra that has not absorbed the tail beast and other people also change into this form?

Kuroyoshi was taken aback.

According to the introduction in the animation, Kaguya Ji’s Chakra is huge, but every skill is also very expensive.

It is impossible to use it without enough chakras to transform and expand like this bunny-tailed beast.

However, if you think about it for a moment, you can understand that it is normal for this to happen.

Because this is not Madara's body, but Kaguya Ji's own.

Tokuo is just the incarnation of her will, and she doesn't have to absorb the chakras of the nine-tailed beast and others to recover like Madara.

The current Kaguya Ji is the pinnacle, much better than the one who occupied Madara's body resurrected in the anime.

In his thoughts, Cangji swung his sword left and right, cutting off the three dragon heads, and then slashed towards Kaguyaji's body without hesitation.


Kaguyaji, who resembled a rabbit-tailed beast, let out an angry scream, ignored Kuroyoshi's slash, and released a jade for seeking Taoism.

At the beginning, it was only a normal fist size, and it was two laps bigger in the next second, and then, it was two laps bigger.

In just a few breaths, it changed from the size of a fist to about two meters in diameter.


Because of the expansion of Qiu Daoyu, Kuroyoshi's slashing route was blocked.

Standing on the swelling jade, the sword of destruction burst out an unparalleled impact, and the surrounding land was once again swept by the impact.

However, in the face of such an attack, he couldn't help but ask for the truth and continued to swell nonchalantly.

It's just that this time, it has increased by two laps.

If he continues to expand, the entire world will be destroyed.

"Things are a bit unexpected, but they can be used for a while."

Kuroyoshi flew back and floated in the sky.

He will end the sword income system space.

Although this thing is said to be the sword of destroying the world, it is actually only forged by the legend of the creation and destruction of the world by the six immortals.

The upper limit of power is only the limit of the six immortals. Facing such a trick that can truly destroy the world, it is not enough.

Kurayoshi's rare start to seal.

The chakras contained in the heaven and earth oven and themselves all boiled, and burned like colorful flames through Kuroyoshi's body.

Cangji's eyebrows suddenly opened, and a jade with golden gleaming jade reincarnation writing round eyes suddenly opened.

The invisible coercion dissipated, the air suddenly stagnated, and then trembling violently.

The reincarnation writing round eyes of Cangji's eyebrows looked towards the jade seeking Taoism that was still swelling, and a brilliant light bloomed.

"Exile me to the turbulent flow of time and space!"

The air trembled more intensely, no, not air, but space.

The space trembled, and twisted and rotated in the tremor, wrapping the swelling jade of Taoism, making that piece of time and space become messy.

In the chaotic time and space, Qiu Daoyu sometimes accelerates and expands, and sometimes shrinks rapidly, but no matter how big or small it becomes, it can't escape the chaotic time and space.

"Drive me!"

The gate of time and space is wide open, and the barriers between the world and the world are in sight.

Cangji used the power of time and space to push the swelling jade to the open world barrier, and then retracted the power of time and space.

Immediately, the barriers of the world began to heal, and the expansion of Qiu Daoyu began to expand.

The two constantly collide, but no one can do anything about it.

As soon as the Qiu Dao jade swells, it will be squashed, and the world barriers have healed a circle, but the Qiu Dao jade will be held up again.

Looking at the stalemate scene, Kuroyoshi frowned.

This is a little different from what he expected.

In his expectation, the swelling jade will be crushed by the barriers of the world, leaving only a discus-like gap.

At that time, with this gap as the core, the gate of time and space can be erected for a long time.

"I still underestimate you!"

Kuroyoshi turned to look at Kaguyahime.