Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 383

Although he understood that Kaguya Ji's setting was derived from comics, not animation, he had another melon.

That was the birth of Hakata Hamura.

They were not born because of the blessing of the people, but were separated like Heijue.

However, the first two were fully prepared when they were separated, so they each inherited some of the characteristics of Kaguya after their birth.

And Hei Jue was separated out in a hurry, except for the seven attributes Chakra and Mu Dun, nothing else.

"That's it."

Kuroshitsuji suddenly realized, and then removed the destiny cage, and put Kaguya Ji in it.

Kaguyaji looked at the cage in surprise, then looked at Kuroyoshi with a puzzled face, "Aren't you killing me?"

"You have no grievances with me, why should I kill you?"

"You You Again"

"Because you are in my way." Kuroyoshi interrupted Huiye and smiled softly: "If you don't want to treat the earth as a field, I won't bother to trouble you."

"Now, you just stay in the cage. Anyway, you have been sealed for thousands of years, and you won't mind being sealed for a while!"

After finishing talking, she didn't ask what Hui Yeji felt, she put it into the fish basket in Vientiane.

In fact, Kuroyoshi is not a good person.

But I can't talk about bad guys, he is just a person of popular character.

His own interests are paramount. Under the premise that his own interests are not affected, he can lend a helping hand for people he doesn't know, or he can secretly trick people who are not pleasing to him and give him a bit of suffering.

But there is really no p, so irritable to kill the whole family.

Cangji came to the gap where the swelling Qiu Daoyu was squeezed out, and considered how to make a door to come out.

In fact, to forcibly open the barriers of the world, and then use it as the core to set up a long-existing gate of passage is a very unskilled behavior that will cause harm to the origin of the world.

Only by analysing the laws of space and creating a door through which the laws are correctly opened is the long-term solution.

However, the laws of space are mysterious.

Even those who can use space abilities do not know what the laws of space are.

Although Kurayoshi has reached the realm of all phenomena where he can understand all the truth instantly, it is also limited to this world, or the law that all worlds share.

The vastness of space is not a world phenomenon that can be explained clearly, it contains the nature of time and space.

Even Kuroyoshi or Kaguyahime doesn't know the principle very well.

However, he didn't want to explore the truth, he just wanted to make a door through.

According to the phenomenon of passing through his own ability, it is no problem to make a door according to the picture of the cat and the tiger.

However, he himself did not know much about scientific research, so this matter was naturally handed over to Da She Wan.

On the other hand, Dashemaru said that it would take two years to take pictures of cats and tigers.

Before that, Kuroyoshi had to make a temporary door to come out.

Otherwise, the two-world link plan promised to the major Ninja villages will be treated as a bad check.

Although with his strength

Even if it is a bad check, no one would dare to object.

However, it is better to minimize unnecessary troubles.

Chapter 273 The Unity of Ninja World (1)

After sealing Otsuki Keiyahime, Kuraki forged three more props, namely [Nine Gou Jade Eye Drops], [Sacred Tree Seed], [Sacred Tree Crystal], and [Datong Wood Crystal].

[Nine-hook jade eye drops]: Although the name is worth talking about, it allows users to directly obtain the three pupils in the form of nine-gou jade.

Kuroyoshi directly took out the eye drops and dripped it towards his eyes, which was somewhat cool.

It feels pretty good, after all, the murderer doesn't blink, and the eyes don't blink for a long time still seem a little tired, which relieves the fatigue well.

There is no need to bring the Wanhua Mirror obtained before. He is now a man who uses three pupil skills at the same time. It can be said that in the Ninja World, his eyes are already invincible.

As for the seed of the sacred tree and the crystallization of the sacred tree, he was going to take it back and plant it in the sky city to be built.


"So, did you seal Datong Mu Huiyeji again?" Alice asked suspiciously.


Kuroyoshi nodded his head.

"In this way, aren't you afraid that she will open the seal again? You must know that in this world, no one but you will be her opponent." Alice looked a little serious and said worriedly.

"It's okay, she can't get out." Kuroyoshi smiled, and said nothing.

Hui Ye Ji was sealed in the Wanxiang fish basket by him. Let's not say whether she can open the seal or not, even if she really can come out.

At that time, he will also appear directly in front of him. Since he can clean up Kaguya Ji once, there will be a second time, not to mention how terrifying his strength is by then.


Alice didn't say anything when she saw that Kuroyoshi was so confident. She still believed in Kuroyoshi very much.

"By the way, Alice waits for you to get people to summon all the leaders of the Ninja Village in the Ninja World." Kurayoshi said.

"Okay, Father, I will make arrangements now." Alice said.

Now that Kaguya Ji was sealed by him again, then the next step was to unify the entire Ninja World.

Soon, the leaders of the Ninja Village from all over the Ninja World came to him.

A month later, the conference hall.

On a large round table, there were a dozen people sitting on it, including Kuroyoshi, Nagato, Gokage, and some respected seniors in the Ninja world.

As for the other leaders of Xiaonin Village, they all carried a small bench and sat around the conference hall.

"What a big battle."

"Yes, you guys see the five shadows are here."