Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 384

"I heard that there is an important thing to be announced, I don't know what it is?" The leaders of Xiaonin Village were all talking quietly below.

As for the five shadows' expressions a little serious, obviously, they all know what will happen next.


Kuroyoshi coughed slightly, and the audience fell silent in an instant. They all knew that the young man in front of them was the initiator of this World Ninja World Congress.

"Well, almost all the leaders of the Ninja Village in the Ninja World have already arrived, and even some people who can't get over there are sent over, so I will make a long story short."

Hearing this, the leaders in the conference hall were all sitting in jeopardy, waiting for the next words.

"Ninja world should also be unified." Kuroyoshi said solemnly.


As soon as this was said, there was an uproar in the entire conference hall.

The leaders of Xiaonin Village didn't expect that this meeting would actually unify the entire Ninja world.

"I think it's almost impossible." A leader couldn't help but say the starting

Soon someone took over and said, "Yes, it's impossible."

"You should know that conflicts often occur between Shinobu villages, not to mention that some villages still have feuds between them. How can it be possible to unify them."

Yes, even if they came to the scene, they also saw enemies in other villages, and they were particularly jealous when they met. If it weren't for too many big people here, they might have started fighting in two or three sentences.

Kuroyoshi did not speak, but silently looked at the crowd.

He turned his head and looked at the five Hokage on the round table.

"I don't know what the Naruto of the Five Ninja Village want to say?"

"Is the Ninja world unified?"

Tsunade pondered for a while and then said, "If it can really bring peace to the Ninja world, I agree."

The rest of the four shadows also agreed. Since being beaten up last time, Kuroyoshi's strength seemed to them to be a bit mysterious.

What's more, when the Ninja world is unified in the future, they will be the Five Shadows of the Five Great Ninja Villages anyway, so how could they not have a place in them.


Kuroyoshi turned his gaze to the leaders of the remaining Xiaonin Village.

Although the strength of these little ninja villages is not too strong, if they are twisted together, they are definitely a force comparable to the five great ninja villages that cannot be ignored.

"Do you think the unification of the Ninja world is impossible to complete?"

A sneer appeared at the corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth.

Just the next second.

His eyes gradually showed blood red and circles like tree rings.

Nine gouyu jade appeared in the eyes.

The air in the conference room seemed to condense.

Bang, bang, bang

Everyone present could clearly hear the sound of their own heartbeat, and there was fine sweat on their foreheads. They wanted to wipe off the sweat, but found that they could not move.

No, it was a terrifying force that made them feel irresistible from the bottom of their hearts.

All the Five Shadows sitting in the meeting room changed from Kuroyoshi, their pupils shrank and their hearts were shaken.

Write round eyes?

No, reincarnation eye?

No, no, is it a new and unknown pupil technique?

Even when facing the Akatsuki organization, they had never felt such a horror.

After a few seconds, Kurayoshi's eyes calmed down and returned to normal.

He obtained the highest combination of the three ninjutsu techniques in the Ninja world. It can be said that he does not need to use ninjutsu, and directly activates the pupil skills, so that others can feel the fear in it.

"Because I have absolute strength, there is nothing impossible." Kuroyoshi said lightly.

He doesn't have too much nonsense. After all, no matter which world you are in, only strength is everything. As long as you have absolute strength, then the status of the overlord is beyond doubt.

The leaders of Shinobu Village didn't say anything.

They are all tens of years old, and they all understand this.

"Well, I originally wanted to have a voting session, but it seems that it shouldn't be used anymore."

Kuroyoshi returned to his old lazy look, making people feel that the person who exuded the horror just now seemed to be not the boy in front of him.


Everyone doesn't want to make complaints anymore. If they are unified, they will be unified. Now they just want to see how much welfare their village can seek after the unification.

Chapter 274 Unity of Ninja World (2)

conference hall.

Although this is just an ordinary small meeting room, even the leaders of Shinobu Village have to sit there with their own stools, and show their seriousness like elementary school students.

But everyone knows.

After today, everything that spread out from here will make a huge change in the entire Ninja World.

"Well, everyone has agreed to the unification of the Shinobi world, so let's discuss the next thing."

Kurayoshi sat on the chair seat in front with a smile on his face, gently tapping the round table top with his fingers.

It makes people feel a little arrogant. You must know that the five shadow ninjas are all sitting there like obedient children, but he has arrogant capital.

The leaders here could not help but wonder whether they are really old.

"The second thing is that I am going to build a city in the sky, which will serve as a unified hub for the entire Ninja World." Kuraki said.


Upon hearing this, the Five Shadows raised their heads and stared at him.