Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 385

Sky City, a unified hub.

What does this mean? It means that in the future, the city in the sky will be the most developed city in the entire Ninja world that integrates economy, culture, and force.

It can be said that who can lead this sky city is almost equivalent to leading most of the Ninja world.

"The benefits, compared to not having to say more about it?"

Kurayoshi said, “All Shinobu villages here have independent rights, but ultimately they must be managed by Sky City.”

"We all understand this, but who is the leader of this Sky City?" Raikage Ai asked.

"Of course, I have already thought about these things."

Kuroyoshi said lightly, "All the leaders of Shinobu Village present will have a delegation seat in the Sky City, and as for the five major countries, they will have five permanent council seats and have the right to veto one vote."

He just copied the set from his previous life. After all, it is really difficult to create a joint meeting that can be operated for a long time.

"As for the leader of the Sky City, I recommend Uzumaki Nagato as the leader."


"No way."

"I disagree!"


As soon as Kuroyoshi's voice fell, there was immediate opposition.

And the last voice was from the party Uzumaki Nagato.

Nagato was stunned for a moment. He didn't expect that Kurayoshi would elect himself as the leader of the Sky City. After all, he knew exactly what this position meant.

"Kurayoshi, is this not so good?" Nagato said.

"It's okay."

Kuroyoshi smiled, "I just forgot to say that as a leader, I can only participate in major decisions related to the Ninja world, and all other operations are not in a hurry to participate in it."

"Secondly, as the owner of the Sky City, I have all the rights, so you cannot refuse."

"Of course, if you don't want to join the Sky City, please do as you please."

While talking, Kuroyoshi's eyes flashed with a strange light.


Everyone didn't want to say anything anymore, all the five shadows present were too tired.

After understanding that the Sky City can bring huge benefits to their Shinobu Village, how could they refuse it.

Before coming here to attend the meeting, I also said that everyone is free to express their opinions.

But after coming here, well, they did express their own opinions, but Kurayoshi didn't accept it at all.

They felt that Kuroyoshi had already figured out how to do it, and calling them over was just an announcement so that they would all follow it.

Heart, so tired.

Seeing that the leader below said nothing, Kuroyoshi nodded in satisfaction.

You still have to give a candied date for a stick.

And some things have to be dictatorial.

Otherwise, when these people discuss a result, the day lily will be cold.

After the unification of the Ninja world was given, Kuroyoshi returned to his home.

Ino is not at home, it seems that she should have gone out to buy groceries. Since marrying her, she has also become a full-time housewife.


Kuroyoshi remembered that he still had a surprise gourd reward that he had not drawn yet.

Since the last time the draw was finished, he has been solving the ninja world issues and forgot.

Although the rewards from Surprise Calabash are all random, there is no need to expect too much, but at any rate it is also a thing of Ten Thousand Realms, maybe he knew it.

[Ding, congratulations on getting a pair of Hailou stone handcuffs]

"???" Kuroyoshi's black question mark.

He naturally knows the function of this pair of handcuffs, but there is no Devil Fruit capable person here to let him catch it, it feels useless.

Is it to say to play some kind of inexplicable py?

Kuroyoshi suddenly had some kind of evil thought, but he still planned to read the introduction of this item's function.

[Hailou stone handcuffs: This is a pair of handcuffs with deep sea aura. The deep sea aura makes people with demon abilities fearful, and it also hides the location of a certain space-time crack.

After reading the introduction, Kuroyoshi suddenly found that this pair of handcuffs seemed unusual.

The location of the time-space crack?

Where will it be positioned?Is it positioned in the world of pirates?

He left the space gate to Oshe Maru to build it, even if it would take a few years at the earliest.

But he didn't plan to wait such a long time, after all, things like time and space are hard to tell.

Originally he planned to go to another world by himself.

But in order to travel through the world, in addition to the power of time and space, it also needs another world positioning.

Otherwise, he might be drawn into the cracks of time and space, and even if he won't die, he might be trapped.

But now it’s different with positioning.

Thinking of this, Kuroyoshi's eyes instantly transformed into a supreme pupil technique. He tore his hands and a crack suddenly appeared in the air.

He is already the highest combat power in this world, so it is easy for him to tear through the space cracks of this world.

He carefully explored his chakra beyond the cracks of time and space, and soon he discovered that a ray of energy was constantly pulling his chakra.

"Found it." Cangji suddenly smiled, and he found his position in the crack of time and space.

Just as he was about to withdraw his Chakra back, and waited until he was fully prepared, he suddenly felt a huge force pulling him in.