Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 388

"Then... the navy side?"

"It's too late for the navy to wipe our butts. Where can I disturb us?"

Morgans drank a sip of water and continued, "By the way, remember to describe the combat power of that kid more. If it is exaggerated, it will be exaggerated. I will see what the Navy plans to do.


Xia Qi’s blackmail bar in area 13.

There are not many pirates drinking and chatting here. Just listen to the name and you will know that there are not many pirates on this island who are willing to come to drink and blow water.

"Huh? Interesting, interesting, really interesting, ahhahahaha." A gray-haired old man sat in front of the bar and laughed while looking at the newspaper in his hand.

"How do you think?"

Xia Qi lit a cigarette, took a deep breath and asked, "Now supernovae are almost gathered on this island, but we never knew there was such a person."

"I don't know, I don't know how to evaluate this interesting boy."

"Arrogant? Arrogant? Or arrogant? But now the navy is even more interesting."

Pluto Raleigh continued, "I really didn't expect it. I have lived for so long. In addition to Roger, now there is such an interesting person. No, this person is even more interesting than Roger."

"However, we never knew that there was such a person. He was not a pirate, let alone a revolutionary. With this strength, he shouldn't be unknown, so where would he be?" Xia Qi seemed to Talking to himself.

Raleigh drank the wine in the glass in one breath, got up and walked to the door.

"Hey, where are you going?" Xia Qi asked.

"Wandering around, no more activities, I am afraid I will be too old to move by then." Lei Li said without looking back.


In a tavern.

A man dressed in a black suit and sunglasses, looking like a big brother, lit a cigar.

"I really didn't expect that someone would dare to kill the Sky Dragon." Capenberg said with some emotion.

"Godfather, what should we do next, should we leave? The navy should block this island soon." the subordinate asked.

"Leaving? The show just started, how can we leave." Capenberg said.


On the pier of Chambord Islands.

A ship had just arrived, and a skull flag with a straw hat was flying on its sails.

"Hey, what's the matter? Why are so many pirate ships leaving?" Usopp looked around curiously with his binoculars, watching a large number of pirate ships sail out.

"I don't know, leave them alone, let's log in soon, I can't wait." Lu Fei said with a look of excitement.

"It's not good, it's not good! I heard that a Tianlongren was killed. Then the navy may surround the island, so the pirates will all escape." Chopper ran over and said in a panic.

"What?!" Everyone on the boat was shocked.

"Then let's leave quickly, otherwise we won't be able to leave when the navy surrounds us." Nami said hurriedly.

"Yeah, let's go quickly." Usopp also became nervous.

"There will be a navy directly surrounding the island. Does that mean that the identity of the dragon is very high? Then the person who killed the dragon must be very powerful, right?" Sauron said curiously.

not good!

Hearing this, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper secretly held out a trace of bad emotions.

"Really?! Great, I want to check it out." Lu Fei instantly showed his super interest.

It really is like this again.

Nami covered her forehead and said, "Luffy, no, if the navy comes around, we won't be able to escape."

"Yes, Luffy, let's leave first, and wait until the navy is gone." Usopp said.

"No, I am the captain, I have the final say, everyone is ready to land on this island!" Luffy said directly.


I don't know why, every time I encounter this kind of thing, it seems that it will end up like this.

Chapter III Naval Headquarters Vibration

The news of the death of Tianlong people swept the world.

Marin Vando.

At this time, the emergency bell of the navy headquarters rang frantically, and the navy quickly came out of their rooms and rushed to the playground to gather.

You know, the emergency bell of the Navy Headquarters hasn't rang for a long time. The last time it rang when the Golden Lion Shiji attacked, the navy was all speculating about what happened.

Warring States stood in the office with a gloomy expression.

"Oh, what happened in the Warring States period? This time even the emergency command of the navy headquarters was used. I remember it was used last time when the golden lion attacked." Karp was the first to walk. When he came in, he dug his nostrils and found a chair to sit down at random.

"A very serious matter." The Warring States said with a heavy tone.

"Huh?" Karp frowned when he heard this.

Although the navy headquarters used an emergency order, the words came out of the Warring States Period, which made his heart heavier a lot.

Soon, the three navy officers also came in.

At present, all the navy's highest combat power has been assembled here, and the Warring States has finally begun to speak.

"The Tianlongren was killed." The Warring States said with a solemn face, and the surrounding air seemed extremely depressed.

"Huh?!" When Karp took out a biscuit from his arms and was about to eat, he was stunned when he heard this, and the biscuit in his hand fell to the ground.

"What? How could it be possible?" Chi Inu frowned.

"A la la, this is really a big deal," said the green pheasant.

"This is really terrible." Huang Yuan was dubious.

Everyone present couldn't believe that a Tianlongren was killed.

"Yes, I didn't believe it at first, but just yesterday afternoon, the navy from the Chambord Islands sent the news back, and the Holy Land Mary Gioia was all furious." Zeng Guo said.