Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 389

"Do you know who it is?" Karp asked.

Killing the Tianlong people is completely challenging the majesty of the entire world government and their navy. Such people are absolutely impossible for the navy to stay.

"This is his photo." Zhan Guo took out a picture and placed it in front of everyone.

The man in the picture is Kuroyoshi.

"This kid is pretty handsome," Karp said, picking his nose.


"Seriously, this is something that involves the nobles of the world."

Sengoku said angrily, "Besides this kid, there are five new pirates who are offering a bounty of more than 100 million yuan. Now the Chambordian Islands are simply chaotic."

"This is simply an unprecedented vicious event."

Karp stopped talking, he just picked his nose.

"In this case, the Marshal of the Warring States Period, no matter what happens, as long as someone dares to act on the Tianlongren, we can't be indifferent." Huang Yuan suddenly walked out and said.

"Well, you go with the green pheasant. This vicious incident in the Chambordian Islands should have spread all over the world. In order to restore the reputation of the Navy and the world government, I ask you to kill all these pirates." Said.

"Don't worry, it's enough for me to go on horseback, and I will go back." Huang Yuan said.

He is the navy's highest combat power and one of the three generals. He is just catching some newcomers who offer a reward of just over 100 million yuan. It is enough to have him alone. Why is it necessary for two generals to go out at the same time?

"Okay." Hearing this, the Warring States Period agreed.

He felt that the opponent was at most a pirate who had a little strength but didn't know the height of the sky. He actually dared to kill the Tianlongren. It should be almost the same as sending a navy admiral.

"By the way, pay attention to the young man in that photo. His abilities are a bit strange."

"Anyone with Devil Fruit Ability?"

"I don't know." The Warring States shook his head.

As the perpetrator of the whole incident, he was sitting in a cafe and drinking coffee leisurely.

"I really dreamt of meeting such a big man here." A man with a hat on his head and a long knife on his back came over.

"Kill the Dragonite, are you still in the mood to drink coffee here?" Trafalgarro said.

And behind him was a bear.

"Would you like a cup, I found the coffee here tastes quite good." Kuroyoshi looked up and laughed.

"Um..." Luo didn't expect Kuraki to respond to him like this.

"Speaking of you, don't you run away? You know that the navy will encircle this island next. If you don't run now, it may be too late." Kuroyoshi said calmly.

"Run? It seems that you can't run. Now the navy has surrounded this place." Luo Ran Ran found a chair beside him and sat down.

He didn't look scared. After all, he was a rookie pirate with a reward of over 100 million, so he would naturally be a little arrogant.

Kurakichi knew very well that after Huang Yuan came, these so-called pirate supernovas were not enough to be an enemy of Huang Yuan.

But he was too lazy to say anything.

Soon, their cafe was completely surrounded, and countless figures of navy appeared outside.

"Listen to me the pirates inside, and come out and surrender, otherwise we will attack."

The navy roared loudly outside, "Especially the pirate group that killed the Denon."

"It's time to move your body." Kurayoshi drank the remaining coffee in the cup, stood up and stretched and said.

"Need help?" Luo said.


Kuroyoshi glanced at him and didn't say much.

But Luo seemed to see a trace of...contempt in his eyes?

Is he despised?

Thinking of this, he also followed out, but he had to take a good look at why the man in front of him was so arrogant.

Kuroyoshi walked out of the coffee shop. Outside the door was full of dense figures. Countless navies aimed at them with guns, and seemed to shoot if there was a slight error.

"They came out, it was the person at the front, who killed the Tianlongren!"

A navy shouted, "Also followed by the captain of the Heart Pirates, Luo and his crew."

"Mortar ready, fired!"

Bang bang bang!

As soon as Kuroyoshi came out, without saying anything, the navy immediately attacked.

Kidding, surrender?

This is the main criminal who killed the Tianlongren, even if they surrender, they cannot accept it.

Only death can wash away all shame.

"Are you so anxious?" Kuroyoshi murmured.

He raised his head, his eyes suddenly burst into scarlet, countless annual rings appeared, and the nine-gou jade was embedded in it, which looked very strange.

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In an instant, the air seemed to freeze.

All the navies present opened their eyes wide. When they met Kuroyoshi's eyes, they only felt that their mental power seemed to have entered another world.

In just a few seconds, all the navies present fell to the ground in pieces.

The scene was quiet.

Chapter 4 The Messenger of Pacifism


Luo looked at the scene in front of him with shock in his heart.

You know, letting him escape from so many navies is actually a breeze, but he has nothing to do to instantly make all the navies here lose combat effectiveness.