Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 391

Zhan Tao Maru looked at Kuroyoshi, then took out a photo from his belly for comparison.

"Is that you? The guy who killed the Tianlongren."

Zhan Momomaru stared at Kurayoshi and said, "Who are you?"


Kurayoshi thought for a while and replied, "I am the world's most handsome and windy Kuroyoshi."

Fight Tao Maru: "..."

"Forget it, as long as you catch you, the old man Huang Yuan is too slow to come, I have to finish the task." Zhan Tao Maru said to himself.

As the naval force encircling the Chambordian Islands this time, he is directly under the naval science department of Huang Yuan. It is reasonable to say that Huang Yuan should be here to preside over the scene in person.

After all, here are all supernova teams offering a reward of over 100 million. The pacifist messenger war machines he can bring this time are not many. If Huang Yuan does not come again, it is likely that the pirates will all run away.

But it doesn't matter much now. You must know that the main reason for this mission is the man in front of him who killed the Tianlongren.

So now, as long as you take down Kuroyoshi, it's almost the same.

Chapter 5 The Yellow Ape Strikes

Just as Zhan Momomaru was about to take a shot, a lazy voice suddenly sounded in the sky.

"Hey, Zhan Tao Maru, you are here."

Kuroyoshi looked over at the sound, and saw a middle-aged man with the appearance of an uncle stopped in the air, with a yellow shirt and a special uniform of an admiral.

Huang Yuan!

"Master, you are finally here." Zhan Tao Maru saw Huang Yuan, put down the axe in his hand and said relaxedly.

"No way, I just met a group of little pirates and were stopped." Huang Yuan said.

He had just met the other pirate supernovas during his arrival. Although he was crippled one by one, he finally let the pirates escape.

"Huh? The Straw Hat Pirates are all here too, it seems luck is good, so you can catch it all in one go." Huang Yuan teased.

At this time, everyone underneath saw the yellow ape.

"It's miserable, the Navy's highest combat power, Admiral Huang Yuan is here." Usopp said desperately looking at Huang Yuan.

"Damn it, let's leave here now." Lu Fei said as he ran.

Looking at the people in the Straw Hat Pirates who were scattered and fleeing, Huang Yuan mocked, "Do you still want to escape? It's really the right choice."

Kick at the speed of light.

Countless photons gathered on his feet, and then violently kicked towards Luffy who had fled around.


Sauron shouted when he saw it, but unfortunately he couldn't make it. The speed of the light wave was very fast, and it came to Luffy's back almost instantly.


The explosion sounded, and the huge impact almost overturned the surrounding objects.

However, the light wave did not directly penetrate Lu Fei's body as Huang Yuan thought, but was blocked by one person.


"what happened?"

"Who is he? Why help us?"

The Straw Hat Pirates looked at Kuroyoshi who appeared in front of them, and doubts emerged in their hearts.

But Huang Yuan's eyes flashed a hint of surprise, because he knew how terrifying his foot was just now, enough to knock down an area, but the man in front of him actually blocked his foot.

"Did you kid kill the Tianlongren?" Huang Yuan suddenly remembered that the photo that the Warring States had shown him before was exactly the same as the man in front of him.

"Huh? Sky Dragon? What is that?"

Kuroyoshi said calmly, "If you are talking about an idiot with a bubble hood, I did kill it."

"Those idiots living in this world are just a waste of food and air, and those idiots who are still living in the holy place of Mary Joa. I will kill them all soon."

"Boy, do you know you are looking for death?"

Huang Yuan raised his eyebrows and said, "Speed ​​is weight, kid, have you been kicked by the speed of light?"

Kick at the speed of light!

As he said, he lifted his left foot, and in an instant, countless photons appeared on his left foot and kicked out suddenly.

The golden light slammed out like a laser, and all obstacles were destroyed by this golden light.

Cangji's eyelashes trembled slightly, and he could feel the tremendous power contained in this golden light. His eyes turned blue directly, and a blue shield appeared in front of him.

Seek Taoist defense.


The huge impact from the explosion swept all over, bringing up smoke and dust in the sky.

The wind was blowing, and for a while, even the navy and the pirates who were fighting in the distance noticed this scene.

"Isn't that Admiral Huang Yuan?"

"Yeah, but who is that kid? He can actually block the blow of the yellow ape?" The surrounding pirates were surprised.

The supernovae who fled were also watching the battle in the distance.

They didn't expect that just now they couldn't even stop the Huang Ape's blow, but the Kuroyoshi in front of them could actually stop it.

"By the way, I remember now, isn't that kid who killed the Tianlongren before?!" Suddenly a pirate shouted loudly.

It happened that the day Kuraki killed Charros, he happened to be there too, so he recognized it all at once.

"What? It's him?"

"But he is also really strong. He can actually block the attack of the Navy's highest combat power, Admiral Huang Yuan."

"What can I do if it can be blocked? He is dead. After all, he killed the Tianlongren." The pirates talked.