Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 392

"Huh?" Huang Yuan looked at Kuroshitsuji in surprise.

He didn't expect Kuroyoshi to block his kick almost effortlessly.

He used only 30% of his power on the first kick, so he didn't pay much attention, but he used his full strength with this kick and was actually blocked.

And the shield in front of Kurayoshi didn't move.

Is it a devil fruit capable person?

The devil fruit ability that can make the eyes change and generate a shield out of thin air?Is there such a weird devil fruit ability?

"Boy, I have to admit that you are very interesting. I didn't expect that you are also a demon fruit capable person."

Huang Yuan looked at Kuroyoshi and said, "But even so, can you exceed the speed of light faster?"

Tianyun Congjian.

Countless photons rushed to Huang Yuan's right hand, and soon, a light sword composed of photon particles appeared in his hand, and he swiped into the air casually, as if it could tear the air.


"The speed of light? I want to see how fast the speed of light is." Cangji smiled as he looked at the yellow ape holding the sword of the sky clouds.

He also took out his Sword of End, and the reincarnation writing wheel between his eyebrows was opened. He has the power of space, but he has never seen how fast the speed of light is.

Seeing the eyes opened between Kuroyoshi's eyebrows, Huang Yuan's heart was shocked, and he seemed to feel a terrifying breath.

It was very wrong. The kid in front of him was indeed a Devil Fruit capable person, but this ability was too weird. This kid must not stay, otherwise he would become a disaster.

"Huh! The arrogant kid." Huang Yuan sneered and rushed up with the sword of the sky clouds.

The battle is about to start.

Huang Yuan's speed was extremely fast, and he appeared in front of Kuroyoshi in just a moment.

You know, he is the highest combat power of the navy headquarters, one of the three navy generals, so his navy six style is definitely one of the best.

In addition, he has the ability to sparkle fruit, which allows him to transform himself into a light particle when he moves.

"Boy, if I can't hold you down, where should I put my old face?" Huang Yuan sneered, and the sky cloud sword in his hand pierced Cangji's chest directly.

It's a pity that although his speed is very fast, he has nowhere to hide under Kuroyoshi's pupil technique.


Kuroyoshi raised the Sword of End in his hand and blocked it.

"what happened?!"

Huang Yuan frowned, his attack was actually blocked by an unknown kid?

After several attacks were blocked, Huang Yuan's face finally no longer had that lazy look, but a shocked expression.

Is this kid in front of you domineering?

No, it's more advanced than seeing and hearing, and the kind that can almost predict the future.

Because he could feel that the normal speed of Kurayoshi's body in front of him was no better than him, but every time he could predict the trajectory of his next attack, he could effectively resist it.

Chapter 6 Plans

Flash fruit, attack at the speed of light

This is indeed a tricky ability, and it is not an exaggeration to call it invincible.

However, ability is invincible, but people have weaknesses.

Human nerve response cannot keep up with the speed of light, and can only react in advance.

Therefore, when the speed of light is used to attack people, this ability also has a weakness.

Once Huang Yuan's attack is shot, it cannot change the attack trajectory, it can only be in a straight line.

Even the Yata Mirror, which changes the route, is a pre-planned route. There are traces to follow. It needs to have a better prediction of the enemy's actions, otherwise, it is to pit yourself.

The top reincarnation eye, the reincarnation of the nine-gou jade

Kuroyoshi's insight will not miss any detail. He can pre-read the follow-up in the next ten seconds from the body movements of the top masters and the air flow around him.

Therefore, even if Huang Yuan's attack was extremely fierce, it was easily resisted.

Even after a period of competition, Huang Yuan actually fell into a disadvantage, and the offensive route was completely led by Kuroyoshi.

Seeing this scene, Raleigh, who had been watching the battle nearby since the beginning of the battle, couldn't help but feel shocked.

What a monster this guy!?

Dominate the battle rhythm and direct the enemy’s attack in the direction you want

This is a situation where one side is at least one level higher than the other.

But that is the general Huang Yuan!

As the highest combat power of the world government, Huang Yuan is undoubtedly the man who stands at the top of the world.There may be someone stronger than him in this world, but he will definitely not be stronger than him by a level.

But at this moment, as the apex of the world, Huang Yuan was led by the nose during the battle.

This kind of thing

If he didn't see it with his own eyes, but was told by others, Raleigh would definitely laugh it off as a joke.

Because, he felt that even if the captain or the peak white beard came, he would at best suppress the yellow ape and gain the upper hand in the battle.

It is really impossible to tell the result if you don't fight for a few days or nights without hurting each other.

Moreover, it may not necessarily win.

After all, a master of the same level, even if one side is slightly stronger, can't win 100%.

But the young man in front of him is leading the battle with Huang Yuan, and it won't take long to win without injury.

Those who are right are obsessed, and those who are on the sidelines are clear.

Raleigh's ability to see the battle situation clearly is purely the reason why he watched the battle from the perspective of God.

Huang Yuan was in battle, so naturally it was impossible to see so clearly.

But as someone standing on top of the world, he also noticed something was wrong.