Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 393

It seems that the opponent dodges his own attack more easily, and the timing of the counterattack is more accurate, the attack angle is getting more and more tricky, and each time he can only dodge a cold sweat.

Has this person become stronger in battle?

No, not so.

When Huang Yuan was fighting against Cangji, he could feel that the opponent's strength had not become stronger, and the speed was the same.

Since the speed and power have not become stronger, the battle has become easier, that is to say

Not only did I see through my offensive line, but I also became familiar with my offensive routine in a short time

"It's terrible!"

Huang Yuan knew that if this continued, he would undoubtedly lose. After a sigh of admiration, Tian Cong Yunjian swept across and forced Cangji back.

If melee is not an opponent, then alternate long-range and melee attacks to make it more difficult for the opponent to see through.

"What about my trick?"

Huang Yuan put away his lightsaber, folded his hands left and right in front of his chest, pinched out orchid fingers with both hands, and there was a dazzling light between his fingers.

"Bachiqiong Gouyu!"


As the air roared, countless small beams of light came densely.

"What a cunning fellow."

Kuroyoshi smiled softly, and rushed towards Huang Yuan without dodge or dodge.

Huang Yuan was startled.

What is this guy doing?

In the next second, he knew the answer.

I saw that dense laser rain passed through Kuroyoshi's body without hindrance, and set off a dense explosion on the ground far behind him.

But Kuroyoshi continued to rush towards Huang Yuan nonchalantly.

"this is!?"

Huang Yuan's eyes widened slightly. Just as he was about to say something, Cangji had already rushed to him, and the spirally twisted sword cut his head mercilessly.

The navy may be mostly good people, but not good people bring good things.

As the running dog of the Tianlong people, the navy is the sharp blade for the moths.

If this sharp blade is not broken, the moths will continue to eat the flesh and blood of this world.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi showed no mercy to Huang Yuan.

In fact, Kurayoshi is not interested in Denon.

It doesn't matter whether he is a ruler who loves his people like a child or a moth that sucks the blood of ordinary people.

Although he couldn't see it, he would not kill these guys out of pity.

On the contrary, with a link between the two worlds, Kuroyoshi who is ready to introduce business goals in this world

Tianlong people are actually his best partners.

Because these guys are rich.

And as long as they remain moths, the world cannot be peaceful.

Once the cooperation with Tianlongren is reached, there will be a large number of task orders in the ninja world.

However, people are not as good as heaven.

As soon as Cangji landed, he was in the way of the parade of the dragon people, and the other party showed the arrogance of being a world nobleman to the fullest.

If it was just a general quarrel, like a provocative situation when he was a child, Kuroyoshi wouldn't care.

But this guy opened his mouth to kneel and kill

Ha ha!

I heard that you are the nobles of the world and descendants of God.

I will let you see what a true god is, and then kill all of your stupid sons.

Kuroyoshi killed the Tianlongren.

At this point, cooperation has become impossible.

With the arrogance of the Tianlong people, in their eyes, Kuroyoshi is just a bug that provokes the authority of the world's nobles, and it is impossible to let him go, let alone cooperation.

At this point, Kurayoshi can only go another way.

That is to kill the Tianlong people, let the world fall into a group of dragons without a leader, and countries fight for hegemony and kill each other, making the already chaotic era of the big pirates even more turbulent.

By then, the world will usher in a major cleansing.

After cleaning, the world will usher in peace.

But before that, the turbulent times will bring countless employment tasks to the Ninja world.

And, even if the turbulent times are over, a world of 90 covered by the ocean

Both trade and long distance travel are extremely inconvenient, and the sea kings in the sea make long distance travel and trade even more dangerous.

And as long as there is danger, as a mercenary, Ninja does not worry about task orders.

After all, the Ninja Realm is just a continent's power, even if all the villages are united, including the next one, it is only about 100,000.

It is simply too busy to spread the mission to the entire Pirate World.

Chapter 7 The Yellow Ape Escapes

"call out!"

The sharp sword stirred the airflow and smashed down instantly.

Huang Yuan's cloak of justice was blew, but his body turned into a light spot when the sword was on his body, and then spread out, and then regrouped on the other side.

"It's dangerous!"