Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 394

Huang Yuanfeng lightly wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead, and chuckled, "I thought I was going to be split in half!"

Cangji lowered his head, silently put the sword away, and then raised his head to look at Huang Yuan, "I can make such a calm joke, it seems that I have not put enough pressure on you!"

"There, just that moment, almost scared the old man's heart attack."

"is it?"

Kuroyoshi smiled noncommitantly, "Then I will scare your heart disease out this time."

"That depends on whether you have this ability."

Huang Yuan still looked careless, but he was extremely vigilant in his heart. Once Kuroyoshi made a move, he could react immediately.

While being vigilant, Huang Yuan was also speculating that Kuroyoshi would make such a move next.

Although Kurayoshi put away the sword, it looked like he was going to play a ranged attack, but

Judging from the previous battles, although the opponent's physical skills are not as good as his own, he has a very strong physique and a domineering look far beyond his own, and he can suppress himself in close combat.

Coupled with the previously unknown ability to pass through the laser rain out of thin air, if it is used suddenly, it can cause a lore effect.

As the saying goes, exploiting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, this is a truth that all masters know, it is impossible for the opponent to not know.

and so

This guy's act of putting away the sword was just to confuse the audience, and to mislead the old man's judgment, he had to prevent this guy from approaching again.

Thinking of this, Huang Yuan stared at Cangji, with a lightsaber in his hand.

However, unexpectedly, Kurayoshi didn't rush over, but after smiling, his hands formed mudra.

What is this guy doing?

Huang Yuan was stunned.

Leily, who was watching the battle in the dark, was also stunned.

In the next second, they will understand.

"Shui Dun: A big burst of water rushes!"

A large amount of water spouted from Kuroyoshi's mouth, and the vast amount of water rushed down under the feet to form a layer of fountains, which lifted the Kuroyoshi to up, and then swept like a tsunami.

"Yatayama mirror!"

Huang Yuan put his hands up and down, and a light scene appeared in his hands.

Then, the whole person turned into light and was shot out by the mirror.

During the flight of the light beam, the mirror repeatedly appeared and refracted. After some manipulation, Huang Yuan stood on the top of a red tree smoothly.


The tsunami hit the ground, causing the entire island to tremble fiercely. The gravel bounced slightly, the big tree swayed wildly, and the mangrove tree on which the yellow ape stood was shaking.

But he has no time to care about these.

The yellow ape once again turned into a beam of light and flew higher into the sky, until the whole island of Chambord was caught in the eyes.

He saw the scenes of the resident navies cleaning up the mess in other areas, and also saw the battle with the Straw Hat Pirates with a few pacifists.

He saw the bears of Qiwuhai coming here, and also saw Lei Li submerged by the flood, and even the port area on the 27th Peninsula submerged by the flood.

Not to mention the no-man’s land on the outskirts, even the residential area a few kilometers away, the port is swept by the flood.

"How can this be!?"

Huang Yuan's face was pale, and he never wandered all the way before.

Huang Yuan is the oldest one of the current three generals. He has seen countless big scenes, and his mood is extremely smooth, even if the Taishan collapsed before him.

But at this moment, after seeing Kuroyoshi's methods, he could no longer maintain his calm and composed mentality.

Because the devil fruit is the secret treasure of the sea, people or creatures who take the devil fruit will get magical powers.But it will also be cursed by the sea and become a land duck.

Once a person with devil fruit ability falls into the sea, they will become weak and weak and be at the mercy of others.

But Kuroyoshi actually used the power to control the water at this moment, which is undoubtedly the natural enemy of all those with devil fruit ability.

In the sea, apart from a few abilities, no one is his opponent.


"How could there be such an ability?"

Huang Yuan couldn't understand.

Although the power of the devil fruit is strange and strange, it is impossible to have the ability to manipulate water as the secret treasure of the sea.

Although Baibei and Auntie can trigger a tsunami through the introduction of fruit abilities, they are not directly related to the sea.

But Kuroyoshi showed it.

And it wasn't used indirectly like Aunt Whitebeard, but directly out of the mouth.

This ability is simply appalling.

"call out!"

Suddenly, an orange beam cut across the sky.

Huang Yuan was penetrated through his body before he could react.

However, as a natural fruit capable person, Huang Yuan is a shining person, even if the upper body is gasified, it will quickly attract nearby light to gather adults.

"Do you have free time looking around?"

The yellow ape who had just condensed his body suddenly heard the voice of Kuroyoshi coming from above, accompanied by fierce air pressure.

not good!

Huang Yuan's secret path is not good, and his body actively becomes elemental.

In the next second, a fierce shock wave screamed, blasting down the broken light.


The laser penetrated the flood and fell to the ground, setting off an energy shock wave with a diameter of tens of meters, and the large water nearby was evaporated.