Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 395

But before Huang Yuan got up, the surrounding sea water flowed over, filling in the evaporation hole.

That's it!

Huang Yuan said in secret.

But the sea was submerged, but there was no feeling of weakness on the body.


Huang Yuanyi looked up at Kuroshitsuji and said in secret: Does the water produced by the devil fruit ability not possess the curse of the sea on the fruit ability?

"Sure enough, isn't it?"

Kuroyoshi, floating in the sky, could not help but shook his head secretly after seeing the situation of the underwater yellow ape through the perspective of reincarnating eyes.

The Devil Fruit Ability person is afraid of sea water, he naturally knows, so he also wants to test whether water escape has the same effect.

However, it seems that the water transformed into chakra does not have that effect.

This is of course.

It is not the sea that restrains the devil fruit ability, but the devil factor contained in the sea.

If the content of these factors is too high, they will condense into a hard sea floor stone, which has the same effect as the sea.

The sea in the Ninja World does not have a demon factor, and Chakra does not have it either. It is natural that it cannot play a role in restraining it.


"The water transformed into chakra has no effect. It does not mean that the water escape is also ineffective. The water escape can control the existing water."

Looking at the yellow ape who was hiding on the bottom of the sea and pretending to be dead, and was about to take advantage of himself to go down to check, Kuroshitsuji chuckled and said, "Water escapes water chaos."

The water that flooded the earth suddenly rose from the center position, forming a tornado that directly connected to the sky, and then wrapped the contents and plunged into the sea.

Just as the waterspout was about to plunge into the sea, a laser broke through the tornado and disappeared at the end of the sky.

Chapter 8 Pluto Raleigh

"that is?"

Carrying a battle axe on his shoulder, Zhan Momomaru looked at the light beam disappearing into the sky, frowning involuntarily.

He was familiar with the light, it was the flash of Huang Yuan.

What he didn't understand was why Huang Yuan would leave.

Was the navy headquarters transferred away in an emergency, or


Zhan Tao Maru took a deep breath, not daring to think about it.

He looked at the pacifists and the bruised and bruised Straw Hat Pirates who were on the sidelines, and stared at him, "The situation seems to be a bit bad. I can't play with you guys anymore. After you die, you will blame yourself. Choosing to be a pirate, set foot in the air!"

Hydration turned into a tornado and plunged into the sea, and the port area on the 27th peninsula returned to calm.


Lei Li was drenched in his hands on a big tree. After a cough, he looked at the sky where the light beam disappeared. "It's an incredible ability to control the water!"

"you flatter me."

With a calm voice, a slender and handsome figure fell from the sky.

Looking at the youth in front of him, Leili laughed loudly, "You are too humble."

"No, it's just the truth." Kuroyoshi shook his head lightly. "A little trick is not enough."

Lei Li's face solidified, and he stared at him, "So, what can you do with me? Wouldn't you want to fight me too!"

"It's just that when I was fighting with Huang Yuan, I felt that someone was peeping in secret, wanting to know who this person is."

As he said, Kuroyoshi smiled softly, "One Piece's right arm, Mr. Sir Bazrelli, Hades, I didn't expect such a big man to watch the battle."

Hearing this, Rayleigh's pupils shrank for a while.

As the right arm of One Piece, Raleigh is naturally a big man who everyone knows.

However, after Roger voluntarily executed his sentence, he lived in seclusion on the island of Chambord as a coating artisan.Occasionally, if they have no money to drink, they will sell themselves to slave traders, wait until they are trafficked, and then escape.

Years of peaceful life made him restrain his momentum, and now he looks like just a sloppy old man.

Unless he is an acquaintance, no one will associate him with that legendary character, but Kurayoshi said his true identity in one go.

This made Raleigh's expression serious.

"who are you?"

"Don't be so nervous!" Kuroyoshi spread his hands and smiled softly: "I'm just a passing ninja mercenary, not here to look for you."


Raleigh's expression was confused.

Has the strength to repel the general, but his identity is just a mercenary?

Raleigh didn't mean to look down on mercenaries.

However, mercenaries are a profession that relies on strength to obtain money.

But if it’s for money, what can you do to get money faster than being a mercenary?

And why should I tell me my identity?


Are you from Wano Country?

Seeing Raleigh’s doubts, Kuroyoshi rubbed his hands and said with a chuckle: “Actually, I am a mercenary leader, and I don’t usually pick up jobs. It’s just that a large number of people want to eat.”

That's it.

If it is for the subordinates, then it is not impossible to understand why he has such strength, but he will be a mercenary for the money.

Just, why do you want to tell me this?

Raleigh became more confused, and continued to ask: "What then?"