Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 396

"I know that your old friend is engaged in intelligence trading. If you can, can you help with an advertisement?"

"Good old friend!?"

Raleigh was stunned.

Immediately I heard Kuroyoshi said that he was engaged in intelligence trading, and he immediately understood that he was talking about Xia Qi, and immediately couldn't laugh or cry.

"Xia Qi is not"

"Well, I understand, I understand, you don't need to explain."

You know a hammer.

Lei Li's mouth twitched, and he sighed helplessly, "All right, I will tell Xia Qi about it, but she will not take the initiative to spread the news. Only when Fat Sheep pays a lot of money to inquire will tell others."

"Don't worry about this." The corner of Kurayoshi's mouth raised slightly, "I think, before long, many people interested in me will come to ask for news."

"That's right, after all you defeated the general head-on, it won't be long before your deeds will spread throughout the world. At that time, people from the dark world and the emperors of the new world will have a strong interest in you! "

"not this."


Raleigh looked at Kuroyoshi in confusion.

Cangji narrowed his mouth and said, "We are professional regular soldiers, thugs of pirates and criminals. My target is those kings."

Hearing that, the corners of Lei Li's mouth twitched fiercely, "You killed the Celestial Dragon. I don't think any country dares to hire you. You can go to the Revolutionary Army or a country in the New World that has not joined the world government to try."

"In this world, the Tianlong people are enshrined as gods, not only because of the great achievements of their ancestors, the 20 kings, but also because they hold the armed forces above all people and forces."

"So, offending the audience in this world is tantamount to the end."

"But what if there is power over the world itself?"

"The power above the world itself?" Lei Li was startled and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Introduce yourself." Kuroyoshi said with a smile: "My name is Kuroyoshi. I am a ninja leader from another world. I represent another world."

"another world"

Raleigh frowned.

He doesn't understand another world or something, but he understands what it means to represent a world.

Take this world as an example. All the pirates, bandits, nations, navy, world government, underground society and all forces including the Four Emperors can unite to represent the entire world.

The rest cannot be represented by any force.

And the person in front of you said that he represents a world, which means

Is the emperor ruling the world?


"Didn't you just say that you were a mercenary leader?" Lely asked puzzled.

"To be precise, it is a ninja."

Kuroyoshi nodded, "Ninjas control power, but they are not production. They rely on others to entrust them to earn money to live. Now, we have expanded our business into this world, hoping that more money owners can hire us."

The corner of Lei Li's eyes throbbed, and he chuckled: "This is really a weird job!"

Obviously he has a great power, but he chooses to work for someone. Raleigh cannot understand this kind of thing.

"I have said that we are regular and have professional ethics. Moreover, this is not a strange thing!" Kurayoshi spread his hands and said, "As far as I know, there are many people who stand at the top of the world. , Still live the life of ordinary people who obey the law."

"That's true." Leily nodded and said, "However, it is still the same sentence. No country dares to hire you if you killed the Sky Dragon."

"That's because they are afraid of offending the Tianlongren, but if the Tianlongren are all dead!"

Chapter 9 The three generals are dispatched collectively

Navy headquarters.

The Warring States was busy sitting at his desk.

After this Ace was caught by Blackbeard, he had been planning one thing after giving it to them in exchange for the position of Qiwuhai.

Ace was publicly executed, and the Whitebeard Pirates were brought to the navy headquarters for annihilation.

This is undoubtedly a bold attempt.

Although today is the era of big pirates, pirates are rampant.

But after a series of policies, the general situation has stabilized. The navy, the seven martial arts, and the four emperors stand together.

Except for some emerging newcomers, only the triangle cat is jumping, and it can be settled by sending a warship.

And his behavior will break this balance.

By then, regardless of success or failure, the next situation will become more turbulent.

But the Warring States decided to do so.

Although today's era is relatively stable, it is still an era when pirates are rampant, and people's lives are like fire and water.

If you don't dare to act rashly for the sake of a relatively stable situation, nothing can be changed.

This goes against the mission of naval justice.

The White Beard Pirate Group is the strongest pirate group in the world, and the Captain White Beard is the strongest man in the world, a legend that lives in the moment.

If the Whitebeard Navy can be annihilated, it will undoubtedly be a huge deterrent to the pirates of the whole world, and it will also dispel more people who have not yet gone to sea but dream of going to sea as pirates.

Of course, if it fails, the pirates will become more rampant.

However, it is impossible to fail.

The White Beard Pirate Group, although the strongest Pirate Group in the world, is far from the navy.

Although Baibeard is the strongest man in the world, he is old and suffering from injuries. His strength is no longer at its peak.

As long as the White Beard Pirates can be brought to the navy headquarters, victory is inevitable.

What the Warring States period needs to consider is how to reduce losses.

At this time, a light flashed across the sky.