Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 398


Hanging up, the Warring States Period looked at everyone seriously, "I stay at the navy headquarters, and the rest, including the alternate general, are dispatched collectively, the target, Mary Joa."

Chapter 10 Wages are in place, the Four Emperors do nothing

The matter of the navy headquarters will not be mentioned.

Time goes on a little bit, Chambord Island.

"What does it mean that the Tianlongren are dead?"

Hearing what Kurayoshi said, Raleigh blinked, but didn't want to understand.

Kuroyoshi smiled mysteriously, "You will understand immediately."

After speaking, the body lifted automatically, and then flew in the direction of Mary Joa.

Looking at the direction of Kuroyoshi flying away, Lei Li thought for a while, suddenly thought of a possibility, his face changed suddenly, "Is this guy so hard that he wants to kill Maria?"

Raleigh himself was shocked by the thought.

In this world, the idea of ​​being superior is already deeply ingrained. Even if the emperors of the new world have the power that the world government fears, they have never thought of attacking the dragon.

Raleigh was also bound by this kind of thinking at the beginning, so he didn't expect the meaning in Kuryoshi's words.

But now I want to...

As a person in another world, he has no idea of ​​the supremacy of Tianlong people at all, and he does not know how to kill those guys at all.

Kill the holy land and pull down the altar of the nobles of the world enshrined in this world...

This behavior not only conforms to the behavior logic of aliens, but also conforms to their interests.

"The world is going to be messier now."

Lei Li turned his head and looked up at the sky, watching the white clouds drifting by, a trace of remembrance appeared on his face, "Captain, I wonder if you expected this situation?"



Kuroyoshi unfolded his perception, and flew towards Mary Joa while forging props.In the previous battle, he chopped off a few strands of Huang Yuan's hair.

[Ding!Detect the special material "The hair of the uncle of the office worker", can forge the special props "Certificate of job", "Demon marrow liquid (flash)", "Superman of light" or not]

Are there no props related to domineering?

Kuroyoshi frowned slightly.

In the battle with Huang Yuan, he has seen the magical effects of armed and domineering.

Armed domineering can put on invisible armor on the body, and can also shoot domineering out for air attack, which can be described as an excellent offensive and defensive ability.

Moreover, defensive power and aggressiveness are linked to the strength of domineering. The stronger the user, the stronger the effect.

Seeing and hearing color domineering can perceive a wide range without blind spots, and predict the enemy's actions in advance.

Kuroyoshi has reincarnation eyes and reincarnation writing round eyes, as well as ultra-long-distance perception ability, so seeing and hearing domineering does not have a great effect on him.

But the armed color domineering has greatly improved him.

Kuroyoshi's vitality is very strong, immortal.

But physical strength is not top-notch.At least in this world.

In the battle with Huang Yuan, he found that his power speed was not as good as the opponent's speed, and after using the armed color domineering, it further widened the gap.

The insight of the reincarnation eye cannot be compensated, and the reincarnation writing round eye has to be opened.

Of course, this is also related to the speed of light of Huang Yuan.

But Huang Yuan is the kind of strong person who relies more on fruit ability, and his physical strength and physical skills are not as good as those of Karp and Kaido.

When you meet a yellow ape, you have to start the cycle of reincarnation. If you meet Kapu Baibeard and others, can you only distance yourself from ninjutsu?

If it is a fair battle, it is fine, but if it is a surprise attack, or a sneak attack with the ability to solve bugs, then it will be immortal and bad.

Therefore, it is imperative to learn to be armed and domineering.

However, although Kuroyoshi's Senluo Vientiane Realm has learned to be armed and domineering, even advanced release techniques have been learned.

But domineering is not ninjutsu.Even if you know how to exercise, you need a little exercise.

The strength of the domineering armed color is linked to the strength of a person's body.Only when the body is strong can you exercise stronger domineering.

With Kurayoshi's current physical strength, he can indeed quickly develop a tyrannical and domineering look.

But no matter how fast it takes time.

Kurayoshi initially estimated that by exercising for about two years, he can exercise the domineering strength that matches his body.

Not comparable to the top level, at most similar to the next level.

This is difficult for Kuroyoshi to accept.

After all, it is easy to change from frugality to luxury, and it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality.

Since defeating Urashiki and obtaining the sacred tree crystallization, Kuroyoshi has hardly practiced and has been rapidly improving his strength.

At this moment, let him spend two years to cultivate and develop a domineering that is not the top level, how can he be happy?

Therefore, Kurayoshi eagerly hopes to exercise the domineering props.

Unfortunately, no.

The reason for not being is also very simple, because domineering is not a particularly awesome or rare ability, and many of the minions in the new world can.

It is not a personal potential or general legend, nor is it a rare and powerful occult skill, the system will naturally not forge relevant props.

However, Kuroyoshi didn't care.

He knows that there is a body tissue on his body that can forge domineering props.

If not, it's no big deal.

There will be other ways to strengthen the body in the future.

As for why Kurayoshi is so obsessed with getting stronger...