Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 399

He will wander through the heavens and worlds in the future, so naturally he will not let himself have weaknesses.

The power system of the Pirate World is not bad, the physical strength is generally higher than that of the Naruto World, but it is not strong enough to react.

If you come to the worlds of One Punch Superman or Dragon Ball, no matter how powerful you are, and your body is weak, then you are a scum.

If someone kills you, you can't react.

Therefore, the body strength must become stronger.

If you really can't find the body turned into a prop, no matter how unwilling Kuroyoshi is, he will work hard to exercise.

But for now, let's take a look at Huang Yuan's props!

"Employment card: Wearing an employment card can prove that you are a professional employee, and the most proving employee's strength is salary. People who wear an employment card will become stronger or weaker according to the salary during the work period. (Note: as long as The wages are in place, and the four emperors are completely abandoned)"

"Demon Marrow Fluid (Flash): The marrow fluid extracted from the demon factor can be drunk to gain the power of the devil, and at the same time, it will suffer the curse of the sea."

"Superman of Light: Wearing Superman of Light, you can become light, move at the speed of light, strike at the speed of light, emit lasers, and become a true superman of light."

The job certificate is really just a job certificate, with the seal of Huang Yuan’s head.

The source of the forging of this prop should be like Huang Yuan's usual crazy paddling, and the audience complained about it.

Seeing this book, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but complain: "I thought it would be the undercover king, but I didn't expect it would be a job permit. It seems that the undercover king is not as big as the paddling king!"

The story about Huang Yuan in the animation of One Piece not only paddled wildly, but also acted like an undercover agent, which made people complain that he was the undercover agent of Lu Fei who inserted the navy.

But after all, it was the admiral.

If the undercover agents of the revolutionary army had the ability to become admiral of the navy, then the world government would be dead.

Therefore, the undercover king has relatively few stalks.

Chapter 11 Fierce Battle, Tyrant Bear

Devil's marrow fluid is a tube of purple fluid with dreamy fluorescence.

Judging from the system introduction, the devil fruit is converted into marrow fluid, and the effect is no different, including side effects.

"Unfortunately, the side effects were not eliminated, otherwise I would drink it."

Kuroyoshi regretfully threw the marrow fluid into the system space.

The power of the shining fruit is beyond doubt, but the side effects of being cursed by the ocean are unacceptable.

Even if it's just cursed by the ocean of this world.

However, this thing can be used by others.

Especially Ninja is currently in the business development stage.

In the future, other worlds will be developed, allowing those with Devil Fruit ability to go to other worlds to receive tasks, so that there is no weakness.

As for Superman of Light

This thing is a prop with flashing ability. The body is a cool transformation belt with various gem buttons on it.If you don't feel ashamed, it's also a very powerful prop.

However, Kuroyoshi couldn't accept it.

If you have a chance to go to the world of Kamen Rider in the future, you can wear it for fun. As for other worlds, forget it!

The harvest this time is not bad.

Although the Devil's Marrow Liquid and the Superman of Light are of little use to Kuroyoshi, if the job certificate is used well, it can be effective.

Putting everything away, Kuroyoshi speeded up to the holy ground.

However, it didn't take long to accelerate before stopping.

Below, there is a burly man who is nearly seven meters tall, looks like a bear, and holds a thick book in his hand.

Bassoromi bear.

On the empty street, the bear walked to the island unhurriedly, looking at the direction he was going to rush to the Straw Hat Pirates.

"This guy's meatball fruit is a BUG."

Kuroyoshi groaned slightly and flew straight to Xiong.

Xiong Yin was aware of it, stopped, and looked up to the sky.

"call out!"

Kurayoshi landed firmly in front of the bear.

"What's the matter with you?"

Xiong looked at the youth in front of him for a while and asked.

The voice was gentle, and his words and deeds were also very elegant, which formed a strong contrast with the tall and burly image.

Especially the felt hat with two bear ears on the head adds a touch of cuteness.

Kurayoshi lowered his head in thought for a moment, then raised his head to look at the tall man in front of him, "What should I call you?"


The bear tilted his head slightly, puzzled.

Whether as an ordinary pirate, or as the king's Qiwuhai

Although his Bassoromi bear is not as well-known as the Four Emperors, it is considered to be famous all over the world!


"Since you don't know me, why should you stop in front of me?"

The bear questioned.

"Of course I know you." Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, "This is because I know you, so I don't know how to call you."

"Tyrant Bear?"

"Seven Wuhai?"

"Or a revolutionary army cadre?"

Xiong's pupils shrank for a while, and his gentle temperament suddenly changed, raising the wind of killing.