Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 400

The bear stared at Kuroyoshi and asked calmly, "Do you want to travel somewhere?"

The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly, "There are many, but I will go by myself."

The bear held the thick paper book in his left hand and took off his right glove, exposing his palm like a fleshy ball.

"I'll give you a ride!"

After speaking, he patted Kuroyoshi with a palm.

This palm looked weak and weak, as if gently pushing.

But Kuroyoshi didn't dare to be careless.

Before the palm wind arrived, the body went first, and then jumped gently to hide.

A palm fell through, and the air surging.

The tall and burly body of the bear suddenly disappeared, and the next second, he appeared behind Kuroyoshi, the broad bear's paw covered the sun and fell.

A bear is a meatball person who ate the meatball fruit.

That pair of bear paws can fly everything

Not only physical phenomena, but also invisible and intangible things such as pain and fatigue can be shot flying.

Moreover, he can slap the air, perform compression launches, and move instantaneously.

Therefore, don't look at his slap with no momentum, but he really wants to be photographed and can shoot you from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere.


Only the pair of bear paws can fly.

As long as you avoid the bear paw, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Kurayoshi bent down and lowered his head, avoiding the palm hit again.

Feeling the paw-like palm of the bear passing from his back, he immediately turned around and kicked it out.


The leg kicked the bear's chest, bursting out a strong air current, and the strong force made him back.

But, unscathed.

Kurayoshi felt that what he was kicking was not the flesh, but a metal machine.

Has it been transformed?

Kuroyoshi knew clearly.

One Piece did not say much about the story of the bear. He only knew that as a cadre of the revolutionary army, he reached an agreement with the world government, accepted the mechanical transformation of the strongest scientist Bega Punk, and became a killing weapon of the world government.

Why Xiong is doing this is not yet known, but he is not interested in these things, just for the little body of Xiong and the revolutionary army.

After kicking the bear back, Kurayoshi said quickly: "Bear, I didn't come to fight with you."

However, the bear ignored him, and instead opened his mouth to him, with yellow energy gathering in his mouth.


Kuroyoshi took a deep breath and sighed: "Sure enough, any world is the same. Plain conversation is based on equal status, then"

Kuroyoshi's eyes suddenly became fierce, "Let's subdue you before talking!"

"call out!"

As the voice fell, a laser beam with the thickness of a baby's arm shot out from the bear's mouth.

Kuroyoshi's eyes condensed, he opened a space door in front of him, and swallowed the laser with one mouthful.

Xiong was stunned.

It was this stupefying skill that another space door opened behind him, and the laser shot out with a stern whistling, hitting steadily.


The violent explosion raised a flame of tens of meters, and the circular impact spread from the center of the explosion, destroying the surrounding houses and trees.

This is a weapon developed by Begapunk through the yellow ape's fruit ability, and one blow is comparable to a miniature nuclear warhead.

The explosion of the storm subsided, and Xiong's tall and burly body swayed out of the flames.

Most of his clothes and skin were burned, revealing a sparkling mechanical transformation.

However, even though he was so embarrassed, his eyes were not shaken at all, and he still looked directly at Kuraki calmly.

"Now you can listen to me well!" Kurayoshi said calmly.

The bear did not reply, but raised his hands and pointed them at him. The atmosphere was squeezed and deformed in his hands and shrunk into palm-sized bear paws.

"Bear Impact!"

With a light push, the bear's paw made of compressed air slowly moved forward.

"Have you not learned enough lessons yet?"

Cangji snorted and opened the door of space again, trying to swallow the bear's paw.

However, at the moment when the bear's paw was about to be swallowed, the compressed atmosphere suddenly exploded.

Chapter 12 The Meteorite Lands on the Holy Land

Under the reaction of the atmosphere, it is extremely compressed and then released at once.

The shock wave in the shape of a bear's paw suddenly swelled and released, and a wave of destruction swept across all directions.

The range of several thousand meters is shrouded by shock waves.

Xiong looked at everything in front of him quietly, his broken body flashing electric arcs.

Gradually, the shock wave dissipated, leaving only a bare pit in the bustling street.

Looking at this scene, Xiong muttered to himself, "Have you been bombed out of bones?"


The air trembled, and a space door opened aside, and Kuroyoshi's undamaged figure walked out from it.