Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 401

Xiong's pupils shrank for a while and turned into small spots.

"call out!"

With a rush of air currents, Kuraki disappeared abruptly.

Xiong was shocked, seeing and hearing the color catching the figure, and immediately raised his hand to support the sky.

In the next second, Kuroyoshi appeared in the sky, and a whip leg fell, colliding with the palm of the flesh and bursting out fierce air waves.


The whip leg was sunken in the palm of the flesh, and it bounced back like a spring overwhelming the limit, and the whip leg was bounced.

But Kuroyoshi smiled lightly as expected. With the help of the rebound force, his body rotated 360 degrees in the air, and a golden hook hanging upside down and kicked on the bear's chest.


As the air wave erupted, Xiong's burly body flew upside down.

Kuroyoshi was not forgiving, and his figure flickered again, appeared above the bear, and a long black metal rod appeared in his hand, as if he was catching a fish.

The body transformed by precious metals was easily penetrated like paper paste and nailed to the ground.

The bear lifted his palms, ready to fire the air cannon.

Kuroyoshi took a step faster, and two black metal rods pierced through his arms one after another, nailing them to the ground.

Xiong struggled hard, and when he found that he couldn't move, he closed his eyes as if accepting his fate.

In this way, Kuroyoshi was relieved.

He jumped off the bear's chest, came to his head, and said, "You guy is so elegant in words and deeds, but you act so violently. No wonder you are called a tyrant."

Xiong opened his eyes and looked at Kuroyoshi indifferently, "The skill is not as good as humans, there is nothing to say."

"Since you like cool words, then I'll be straight to the point." Kuroyoshi smiled: "I am not interested in your business, I just want you to help bring a sentence."

"Huh?" Xiong blinked his big eyes, and then asked for a long time, "Who is it for?"

Kuroyoshi said of course: "Of course it's for your boss dragon!"

Xiong was silent for a while and asked, "What do you want me to bring?"

"It's not a big deal!" Kuroyoshi scratched his head and said with some embarrassment: "I am the leader of a ninja village. There are many ninjas under my staff to eat. Therefore, if your revolutionary army lacks manpower, you can spend it. Money hire us."

Hearing this, Xiong's eyes widened, "That's it?"

Kuroyoshi nodded, "That's it."

The bear was silent again.

After pondering for a while, he continued to ask: "However, the revolutionary army is the enemy of the world government. Are you not afraid to offend the world government if you accept the commission of the revolutionary army?"

In response to this, the corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly, "We are neutral, and no matter who orders it, we will accept it."

After that, he added: "Of course, we can't do things that both sides provoke and pay dividends."


The bear was silent again.

This kind of thing

how to say?

"You should talk to Long."

"No, no, there is nothing to discuss." Kurayoshi waved his hand and said: "The gold master entrusts us, and we take the task. It's that simple. The reason why I asked you to speak is to let the dragon know that we don't take any stand. Don’t be scrupulous when placing orders."

"I will tell it to Long."

"In that case, goodbye."

Kuroyoshi took out the black metal rod inserted in the bear, and then continued to fly to the holy ground.

On the way, of course, he did not forget to build the bear's equipment.

Like Huang Yuan, three pieces of equipment were forged.

They are the Devil's Marrow Fluid Meat Ball; Super Meat Pad; The Gate of Travel.

Needless to say, the Devil's Marrow Liquid is the transforming item of the flesh ball fruit.Super Meat Mat is the ability to realize the fruit of the meat ball.And the gate of travel

This thing is somewhat similar to the Gate of Time and Space. It is a gate that links any location and can be reached directly across distances.

However, the gate of time and space can travel in any time and space, and the gate of travel can only travel in the area of ​​the planet where the host is located.

It can be regarded as the shuttle door of Daddy's version!

After Kurayoshi put his things away, he speeded up to the holy place, Maria.

About 10 minutes or so, the architecture of the Holy Land Mary Gioia came into view.

Standing on the top of the red soil continent, there are many white and clean walls, and European and American style palaces are in succession.

Looking up, it stretches for dozens of miles.

Each entrance is guarded in suits, and slaves and slaves come in and out. A rough count, there are as many as tens of thousands.

"Hehe, suck the blood of the people of the world to feed a group of borers, you pigs really know how to enjoy!"

Kuroyoshi sneered.

The Tianlong people do nothing every day, just eat, drink and consume Lego, but they charge high amounts of heavenly gold from all over the world every year.

The amount is so high that it requires a wealthy country to hand in all its income for a year to barely raise it.

More countries need the power of the whole country to cope with it, and a poorer country is even more bankrupt.

And these countries that cannot come up with the heavenly gold will naturally be expelled by the world government.

Why does Kuroyoshi have to kill the Tianlong people?

One is to break the ideological concept of the supremacy of the Tianlong people in this world, and the other is to get rid of these worms and allow those countries to have the money to issue commissions.

After all, Kuroyoshi is here to expand his business, not to do good deeds.

Even if the Pirate World has a chaotic magnetic field and various dangers, if you don't have money, you can't order it!