Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 402

Therefore, the Tianlong people must die.

Looking at the palace that stretched for dozens of miles, Cangji's eyes grew colder.

"If you kill one by one, it will be too much effort. Use this to solve it together!" Kurayoshi stretched out his right hand to the sky, and his reincarnated eyes burst into blue light.

The blue sky and white clouds, the sun is shining.

People living in holy land

Except for the arrogant and domineering Tianlongren, everyone was cautious.

The salary here is indeed very high, but the rules are also very strict, a little mistake is a disaster.

Suddenly, the sky darkened.

Many people invariably looked up.

There was a shadow in the white cloud, and it seemed that there was something hidden behind it.

Suddenly, the meteorite that chose the sky to shield the sun broke through the clouds and mist, poking out his head from it, and the air screamed like a reminder.

"Meteorite, it's a meteorite!"

"Run away!"

"Lord, is this the punishment you gave us for helping us?"

"God! Save your devout believers!"

For a while, everyone was scurrying around like panicked ants, and even the respectful Tianlong people on weekdays ignored them.

Chapter 13 The Master of the Void Throne

The sacred place of Mary Gioia is not only the place where the Denon people live, but also the work place of the world government agencies.

When the meteorite fell from the sky and the people outside were panicking and rushing around, Wu Lao Xing also discovered the situation.

However, although they showed a look of surprise, they did not panic like the others.

They looked at the falling meteorite with solemn expressions and sighed deeply.

"The person who challenged God finally appeared."

"This day will always come."

"What we can do is to smooth out the small roles for God."

"Notify the navy to send someone over!"

"Master Yimu is also awake!"

The deepest hall

The man sitting on the throne opened his eyes, and the pattern that looked like a tree ring exudes a sharp gaze like a falcon.


The man opened his lips lightly and uttered two words.

As the man's voice fell, a mechanical sound rang out from the empty hall.

"Uranus System Started"

"Energy pipeline link completed"

"The protective net starts"

"The Annihilation Cannon starts the energy convergence, and it is predicted that the convergence will be completed in five seconds."

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, in the energy gathering, after the charge is completed, the annihilation cannon is activated and can be launched at any time."


The man's cruel voice echoed in the hall.


Servant, guard, slave

In the face of natural disasters, they can only flee around shouting.

And Denon

They were blessed on weekdays, and they were so scared that they couldn't even stand up.

I can only keep shouting the people around me to run away.

However, under this meteorite that clouded the sun yesterday, in front of death

The fear of the Tianlong people was all forgotten.

"Damn it, you low-level people dare to ignore my orders and go to death!"

A Tianlong man who was sitting on the ground, but no one followed several orders, took out his pistol in anger and pulled the trigger one after another at those who fled past.

"Bang Bang Bang"

With the sound of gunfire, several servant guards fell one after another.

The others also stopped one after another and looked at the Tianlongren in horror.

But the Tianlongren shouted loudly, "You people who are so scared are not quick to help me get up and flee together!"

The Yu Wei of the Tianlongren was still there, and after a few people around looked at each other, they all hurriedly ran to help the Tianlongren who had a big belly and fled together.

This is just one corner, and similar things are happening in other places.

Some people succumbed to the remaining prestige of the Tianlong people, but there are also bold people who believe that there is no doubt that they will die under this natural disaster, and ignore the orders of the Tianlong people.

Even more bold people were stopped by the Tianlong people when they fled and killed them in anger.

The meteorite has not yet arrived, and the status of Tianlong is no longer stable.

Just as all sentient beings came out, a palace in the center of the Holy Land Mary Gioia automatically opened to both sides, and a huge gun tube was revealed.


The majestic energy was gathered, and the beam shot from the barrel, instantly piercing the meteorite and piercing the sky.