Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 404

Kuroyoshi didn't see the expected reaction, and stopped acting. He stood up and said nonchalantly, "No matter what, I will slaughter this group of pigs. If you have the ability, come and stop me. have a look!"

"We didn't plan to let you go."

The blond elder loosened his tie and then took off his suit jacket, revealing a sturdy body.

The elder man with straight white hair and beard held his beard, his eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a brilliant look.

The old man with eight-character Hu raised a long arc at the corner of his mouth, making a weird quack.

Wearing a flat head, the elder with curly hair sinks, exuding a heavy aura.

The elder wearing a Taoist robe, the sword in his arms trembled slightly, exuding endless killing intent.

Gee!These old guys don't look simple, and don't know if they have any tricky abilities.And that Yimu didn't know the details, and entangled with them so much, it would be troublesome when the navy support arrived.


Kuroyoshi narrowed his eyes slightly, "My purpose is to pull the Tianlongren from the altar. There is no need to fight with you. Just stay with me!"

While speaking, Cangji opened a bright red vertical eye between his brows, with a tree ring pattern inside, and nine gou jadees hung on it.

"The Imperial Palace of Heaven!"

The heat wave hits.

The five old stars and Yimu were taken aback, before they realized what had happened, their feet suddenly hung in the air, and they fell together.

"Bang Bang Bang"

His legs stepped in the air, soaring into the air like walking on a ladder, and finally landed on a piece of red rock.

They looked around, all they could see was lava, and only a few places had lava standing, like a magma hell.

"You just stay here, wait until I kill all the Celestials outside, then come to you."

Kuroyoshi's voice echoed in the sky.

Yimu's face darkened.

This place is endless, I don't know where the end is. After finding a way to leave, the day lily is cold.

Flower Room.

Kuroyoshi glanced around the majestic hall, and then left with a contemptuous smile.

When you come outside, the garden full of flowers of the four seasons, you can vaguely see people running in panic.

They were not fortunate that the two meteorites were destroyed and there was no follow-up.

It seems that the murderer who wants to destroy the Holy Land is fighting with him, and he will not feel at ease until the result of the battle.

Kuroyoshi looked at the energy shield with the blindfold at an altitude of several thousand meters, and couldn't help but smile slightly, "I have to thank you for pulling me in. It saved me a lot of effort."

If you want to break this protective shield head-on, at least you have to use the output that sinks the continent.

But in this way, it is equivalent to destroying the world.

After all, the place in Pirate World 90 is the sea, and there is only a red earth continent surrounding the planet.

Kuroyoshi flew up, raising it a little bit.

Below, some people spotted him, raised their guns one after another, and others took out weapons such as shoulder cannons.

However, whether it was a cannonball or a bullet, it was automatically bounced off when it approached Kuroyoshi.

When Cangji flew high, out of the range of the guns, they could only stare at each other.

"Bang Bang Bang"

Several men in suits rushed to chase after them, kicking them from a distance, and drawing several crescent blades.

With a wave of his hand, Cangji easily smashed the crescent blade, and his body continued to lift off without stopping.

Several people continued to chase after them, asking loudly, "Who are you and what are you going to do?"

As Kuroyoshi lifted off, he looked down and saw the anxious expressions on the faces of the people who followed him. He couldn't help but smile, "I want to make the world feel painful."


Those who chased him were all startled, even Yuebu forgot to use it and almost fell from the sky.

"Yes, feel the pain, Shenluo Tianzheng!"

The force of repelling everything exploded, and even the sound was repelled.

The world is silent, only invisible forces are raging.

First foot

The force of the fall about a kilometer in the sky instantly collapsed the palace, and then crushed it.The boulders and soil continued to roll to both sides, and the power was constantly squeezed to vent to the four directions, and continued to wreak havoc and destroy everything.

The pit gets bigger and bigger, and gets deeper and deeper.

After half a minute, smoke covered the sky.

A breeze blew by, taking away the yellow sand and smoke.Once the most prosperous and majestic sacred place in the world, only a pit with a diameter of more than ten kilometers remains.

Even if there were untouched buildings on the edge, most of them collapsed and became ruins where the bodies were buried.

Wan Lai was silent.

Except for the wind blowing in his ears, Kurayoshi could not hear any other sounds.

In this regard, Kurayoshi's heart has not fluctuated at all.

Tianlong people deserve to die, and those who do things for Tianlong people should also die.These dogs who are acting as tigers are no better than the Tianlong people.

It is nothing more than a smaller power, so it is not so arrogant when acting.

If you really want to say guilt, then only the slaves bought by the Tianlong people.

However, if you become a slave to the Tianlong people, you will die sooner or later. It is nothing more than a death of abuse and a happy death.

Of course, Kuroyoshi can also save them.

But, for no reason, why would Kuroyoshi save them!

Because it's poor?