Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 405

Unfortunately, he didn't see it.

If you see it, you may feel compassion to save them.


Looking down, Kurayoshi frowned, pushing away the ruins one by one, dragging the disabled body to stand up.

The power of Shinra Tianzheng is directly proportional to the input of Chakra.

However, the larger the range, the smaller the force acting on the individual, and the greater the chance of survival.

Payne used the Shenluo Tianzheng to destroy Konoha, and many people survived, and they were not even injured.

Of course, there is slug protection, but it also shows that the large-scale Shenluo Tianzheng has little effect on individuals.

Of course, this refers to people who are far away.

If the Shenluo Tianzheng at close range was knocked into the air by such a degree, then the one who died could never die again.

However, people in the One Piece world generally have a higher physical strength than the Naruto world.

Although there is no protection from slugs, many people survived.

When Kuraki was wondering whether to send another shot, a beam of light shot out from the void, piercing through time and space.

Chapter 15 Yimu and the Five Old Stars

Master Yimu walked out of the void, and five old stars followed him.

They looked at the ruins below their feet, their faces became extremely embarrassed, only Yimu's face remained as usual.

He looked at the survivors who got up from the ruins and said indifferently: "The master is dead, why are you servants still alive?"

The voice is very indifferent, without a trace of emotion.

Those who escaped by chance were taken aback, and immediately became extremely angry.


They wanted to question Im, but as soon as they spoke, when they met those eyes with tree ring patterns, those eyes that didn't have the slightest emotion, the words were squeezed into their stomachs.

"Master Yim, if this is your deliberate choice, then we must follow your will."

"But if you feel angry just because your body is destroyed, please think twice."

"All government agencies that perform government affairs are destroyed, and if all people die, then the world government's operational agencies will be paralyzed."

"Although they did not go to death with their master and committed the sin of slavery, they are still useful."

"I would also like Lord Yimu to be kind and give them a chance to redeem their merits."

The five old stars said a word, pleading for the surviving people.

In this way, Yimu's indifferent expression finally eased slightly.

"You are really qualified to lick dogs!"

Kuroyoshi looked at each other in the distance and collected all the conversational expressions of several people in his eyes. He couldn't help but sneer: "The boss knows the value of these people, so he doesn't want to do it, but wants to show off and show the boss' majesty. ."

"The servants knew what the boss thought and thought, so they deliberately cooperated and performed the advice of the loyal ministers, commenting on the drama of the monarch's anger."

Hearing this, the people below looked up at the six people hanging in the sky in a daze, their eyes changed.

No longer as before, just mentioning the name makes me feel respected and panic.

Lord Yim's past noble, mysterious, unimaginable image was shattered, and it seemed to be no different from ordinary people.

Feeling the changes in people's eyes, Master Yimu's face was covered with a haze, "Little devil, I want you to live, so that you can experience the hell on earth when you live."

"Really?" Kuroyoshi smiled carelessly, "I'm not going to save you the life of the boss of the dragon."

"Then go to die!"

As the voice fell, Kurayoshi suddenly found a force of time and space enveloped him.

In the next second, the position changed, and Kurayoshi was teleported to Yimu.

And Yimu's right hand was squeezed into a palm knife, the whole right arm was filled with golden light, and it pierced forward suddenly.

Danger, danger!

Looking at the sword exuding golden light, Kurayoshi felt a strong sense of crisis in his heart.

It seems that if the body is pierced by this palm knife, even if it has an immortal body, it will not work, it will definitely die.


Kuroyoshi quickly became virtual, and then was pierced unimpeded by the palm knife.


The stabbing hand made Yimu frowned. Somehow he flew back, and the five old stars dispersed in time, surrounding him in five directions.

After pulling a certain distance, Yim looked up and down Kuroyoshi, but he couldn't see any clues from his appearance, and his brows wrinkled tighter.

After a long time, he unfolded, "No wonder I dare to challenge God because I have such an ability."

"Your abilities are also good." Kurayoshi replied casually.

No matter if it was thousands of miles away before pulling him into the hall of flowers, or just pulling him in front of him.

What is certain is that Yimu has the ability to teleport things to the position he wants.

Moreover, in the Imperial Palace, these people obviously rely on moon steps to stay in the air, but here they hang directly in the sky.

There must be some abilities that you don't know, and can affect other people.

"Alternate attack."

After thinking for a while, Yim ordered.

Suddenly, the elder wearing a white uniform and holding a long sword suddenly opened his eyes, bursting out sharp gazes.


The air quivered.

The dark blade was pulled out, bursting out a sharp sword light, piercing the sky and tearing the sky.