Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 407

The eight-character Hu elder took a deep breath, generating super suction power in the front like a super-powered vacuum cleaner, trying to make Kuroyoshi unable to avoid it.

"You guy is in the way too much."

Kuroyoshi squinted and raised his hand to aim at him, and a sharp bone that was hardened to black burst out of his palm.

The eight-character Hu elder didn't expect that Cangji could still issue a fatal attack in this situation. He was still trying to generate suction, and he had no time to dodge, and he was pierced by a bone thorn.

Suddenly, Elder Hu's body began to collapse from the wound, flying back to annihilation little by little.

As a result, Kurayoshi also endured the air cannon kicked by the elder with white straight hair.

Although the air cannon formed by kicking and squeezing is not as powerful as the impact of a bear, it is also extremely powerful, and each one can destroy hundreds of meters of things.

Dozens of missiles are launched in a row, just like the continuous bombing of small missile heads.

But Kurayoshi mobilized the furnace of heaven and earth long before he was hit, and the majestic Chakra appeared colorful, burning like flames on the body.

The air bombarded the body as if firecrackers sounded around, it didn't hurt at all.

Watching the colorful flames add to his body, like a god descended from Cangji, the pupils of the elder with white straight hair contracted slightly, "Is there any other ability?"


The moment the sound enters the ear, the pain first enters the brain nerves.

In the ten-tailed chakra mode, Kurayoshi's various functions have been improved dozens of times. The first voice appeared in front of the elder with straight white hair, and a punch pierced his chest.

Cangji looked at the elder with white straight hair with wide eyes, smiled coldly, and threw the body out.

It's too late to say, then fast.

From the siege of the Five Old Stars to the completion of Kuraji's counterattack and the destruction, they were actually completed in one minute.

With the momentum of the five kills, Kuraki turned around and looked at Yimu, who hovered on a high place, with his hands on his chest, and a pair of Yimu high above him.

This guy, apart from his previous attempt to transfer Kuroyoshi, never intervened.

Even if all the five old stars died at this time, they were still calm and composed.

I don't know if it was pretended, or if I was really confident.

However, in either case, this expression is very unpleasant.

"Now you are left."

Cangji took out the ending sword and pointed at Yimu remotely.

"I am the only one left?" The corner of Yim's mouth raised slightly, "Let's take a look around. If you want to deal with me, I will deal with my servant first."


Cang Yoshi scanned the surroundings suspiciously, and was surprised to find that the five old stars who had been defeated and died by him were appearing around him intact.

Is it an illusion?

No, it can't be illusion.

Kuroyoshi frowned.

With the reincarnated eyes and the reincarnated jade reincarnation, it is impossible for him to be illusioned.

He can be sure that the five old stars around are real.

So, is it to revive the dead?

No, it's a bit different.

If only the deceased is resurrecting, then why even the clothes become intact?

Cangji thought of the blond elder being entangled with himself, and then the eight-character Hu elder blew out the tornado and wrapped the two inside together.

At first, he thought that the blond elder had a strong resilience or physical body, and was not afraid of wind blades.

But now think about it, when he reappeared, even the suit he took off before was re-worn on, which was very wrong.

You know it's a thousand meters high in the sky!

You can't fly to the ground while fighting and put your discarded clothes on again!

Speaking of clothes

Kurayoshi recalled the direction in which the blond elder threw the clothes and looked at it with reincarnated eyes.

Sure enough, I found that precious black suit on the ruins.

Sure enough, this guy was not resurrected at all, but jumped from the past time node to the present.

Combine the ability to transfer things space, let yourself and others fly

"Is this your ability?" Kuroyoshi raised his head and looked at Yimu, "Able to use time and space, no, it is the ability to act on other people with coordinates. You are the one who has the ability to eat the fruits of coordinates!"

The sky, ocean, and earth are coordinates, and time and space are coordinates.

Yimu's ability can mobilize things in different coordinate positions.

However, Kuroyoshi used the pupil technique of reincarnation writing round eyes to resist the transfer, which shows that the ability of the coordinate fruit is not at the regular level.

Moreover, he did not use the ability of coordinate fruit to fly in the lava hell, but used the moon step

The coordinate fruit cannot mobilize the coordinate of another world, or the devil fruit ability cannot be used in another world.

Chapter XVII Ancient Weapon King (Part 1)

Im stunned, then generously admitted, and admired: "I have used my ability two or three times, and I can judge the effect of ability. I have to admit that your brain is very bright."


Kuroyoshi didn't think so.

Only the ability to see more can make a judgment so quickly.

A wide variety of entertainment works, film and television, animation,

It is full of all kinds of whimsical ideas, and all kinds of abilities are only you can't think of, there is nothing you can't find.

Although Kurayoshi has not seen the ability of Coordinate Fruit in that work, there are still many similar abilities.

It can be inferred based on the actual situation.