Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 408

In this world where the Devil Fruit has a variety of abilities, this may also be an advantage.


"Even if I know the nature of my ability, what can I do?" Yimu said calmly: "My ability has no weaknesses."

Indeed, the coordinate fruit itself is only an auxiliary ability, and it is a non-rule-level bug fruit. It is impossible to find loopholes in the rules, but only from those with the fruit ability.

However, the power of Devil Fruit

Except for those rule-level bug fruits, the strength of all abilities is determined by the ability person himself.

The stronger the capable person, the stronger the effect of the ability used, and the weaker the capable person, the weaker the effect of the used ability.

Yimu was able to transfer Kuroyoshi to the Huajian Hall more than a dozen miles away, and he was able to pull the five dead from the past time without breathing.

Not to mention anything else, in terms of physical strength, he is also a monster, the kind that won't be tiring for a month.

With such physical strength, his physical strength would not be bad, aside from his ability, his own strength is definitely at the top of the world.


Is this really the only thing?

Kuroyoshi still has deep doubts deep in his heart.

Personal strength standing on the top of the world, as well as powerful fruit ability to assist

Such a configuration, if it is a configuration of a certain four emperors, Kuroyoshi doesn't think there is anything.

But the person in front of him is not a pirate, but the supreme leader of the Tianlong people, who truly controls the world.

If such an existence only had this ability, how could the dragon man control the world that day?

With the great achievements of their ancestors?

and so

This guy also has a hole card.

Kuroyoshi remembered the light beam that broke the lava hell and returned to the Pirate World, raising his vigilance in his heart.

"It's useless to know the nature of ability. It's really a joke." Kurayoshi sneered: "Only by knowing the nature of ability can we figure out a way to deal with it."

"The ability of the coordinate fruit is indeed very strong, but in the final analysis it is only an auxiliary ability. If there are fewer auxiliary objects, the effect it can exert will be doubled."

"That's right." Yim nodded, and then smiled contemptuously: "But, even if you kill them all, I can still pull over from another time and space node. What can you do to make us downsize? "

"There is no need to downsize."

Kuroyoshi smiled confidently, and immediately sealed his hands, "Shadow clone technique!"

"Boom boom boom boom!"

With the sound, five groups of white mist exploded, and five identical shadow clones appeared on both sides of Kuroyoshi.

"Clone to deal with the five old stars, I'll deal with you" Kurayoshi's mouth outlines a confident smile, "Can you fight with me while distracting to help them?"

After that, I added: "Of course, if you can pull out the unified existence of countless nodes at the same time, I will admit defeat and run away now, but can you do it?"

Cangji stared at Yimu, watching his face become a little bit embarrassed, the result is self-evident.

He can't pull people from different time and space nodes into one time and space at the same time.

If he can, he doesn't need to assist the five old stars at all, and he can summon himself as a clone at any time point to fight like Tokazaki Kuangsan.

Moreover, people who are too far away from the present time cannot be converted.

Otherwise, he can truly make people transcend the concept of time, and bring together the powerful who have died or were born in the future for hundreds of years.

If Master Yimu really has such an ability, then the Straw Hat Pirates as the protagonist has no chance of success.

Um, except for Usopp.

"It's a pity, it seems you can't do this kind of thing, then"

During the words, the shadow clone flew to the five elders, while the Kuraki body rushed to Yimu.

On the way, he confidently said the unfinished words, "Next, it will see if you can fight with me while distracting to assist the five old stars."

"Then I will kill the godslayer myself." Yimu's face was sullen, and his body burst out with unparalleled aura.

The air trembled and gradually became distorted and viscous, pressing Kuroyoshi like a very dense liquid, making him feel difficult to breathe and could not help kneeling.

Overlord color domineering.

Only one in a million people has the proof of the king.

As the master of the world, Yimu's domineering look is the best in the world, absolutely unmatched.


"I am also the lord of the world, do you think I will lose to you?" Kuroyoshi trembled slightly, and straightened up a little while carrying the oppression. He was also overbearing, as if the momentum of suppressing everything burst out of his body, instantly pressing on him Their auras flew, squeezing each other in the air to fight.

"This kind of overlord look, how is this possible!?" Yimu showed a shocked look for the first time.

Previously, no matter how powerful or powerful Kurayoshi showed, he would at most look at it.

And now, after seeing Kuroyoshi's overlord beast, he was shocked.

Because of the three kinds of domineering, only the overlord color cannot be cultivated through acquired cultivation. This is the ability that only people with the posture of the king can awaken. The higher the king's aptitude, the more powerful the overlord color.

Kuroyoshi showed a domineering look that was not inferior to him. Doesn't this mean that the opponent is a king on the same level as himself?

"What a joke!" Yimu gritted his teeth and stared at Kuraki, a little bit of golden light penetrated his body. "I am the only king who can rule the world. The extra guys don't need it, let me disappear!"

Accompanied by an angry shout, Yimu's whole person exudes golden light from the inside out, like a god descending to the earth.

The overlord look, who had been in a standoff with Kurakishi, suddenly soared, and instantly overwhelmed the overlord look of Kurakishi, and pressed him on Kuraki again, trying to make him kneel down.


The air trembled, and Yimu suddenly disappeared in place.

Kuroyoshi's body was suppressed by the overlord's color, and his whole body strength could only display seven layers.

But the insights of reincarnation and reincarnation of reincarnation still clearly see Yimu's movements.

He was full of golden light, and his speed was extremely fast.