Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 409

If you don't count Huang Yuan directly incarnate as light, then he is the fastest person Kuraki has ever seen.

What is this golden light?

Double fruit ability?

But why does the overlord color suddenly become stronger?

Kuroyoshi has no time to think. Now that his power is suppressed, he must concentrate and go all out.

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

The repulsive wave burst out suddenly.

Yimu slammed into it, denting as deeply as a heavy hammer on rubber.

Then, broken.

Yimu broke through the repulsive wave with speed and strength, and shook his hand into a knife to stab Kuraki.

The sense of crisis has once again arisen.

This time, Kuroyoshi did not choose to blur the power, but released the shadow of the tomb.

A phantom shot out from the body, accepting the blow that brought Cangji a sense of crisis from the front, and the other three phantoms shot out from the left and right rear, and then surrounded Yimu from three directions.

Yimu couldn't see or feel it, just faintly aware of what Kuraki had done.

However, his whole body was wrapped in golden light with a disdainful expression, and he thrust to the end nonchalantly.

"go to hell!"


The phantom of the wheel tomb wanted to stop Yimu, but the hand that stretched out was destroyed by golden light.

Yimu penetrated the phantom like a sharp spear, piercing the body behind.

It was at this moment, through the feeling that the wheel tomb was torn apart, he understood the power of the golden light on Yimu.

It is destruction.

Like the Ending Sword, it has a destructive power. Anything hit will be destroyed.

Although it is not absolute, the destructive power is stronger than the strength of using the Ending Sword to end the sword based on the user's heart.

The whole body is wrapped in golden light of destructive power, which means that every part of the body is a weapon and armor.

It is an integrated offense and defense, absolutely invincible.

If you want to defeat him, you can only use a force that far exceeds this destructive force to face it.

No, it's impossible.

In the world of One Piece, it is impossible for anyone to possess such strength.

The young Whitebeard and Roger are the ceiling of this world.

However, although they had never fought against Roger Whitebeard, they could not be much better than Huang Yuan.

But Yimu's power displayed at this moment has far surpassed Huang Yuan, not to mention two, but three are all right.

However, Kuroyoshi didn't have time to think about it.

Yimu's hand knife stab has come to him.

A pinhole-sized dot appeared in the center of Kuraki's blue pupil.

Six immortals pattern.

The Six Ways of Immortals mode opened in the Ten-tailed Chakra mode, Kuroyoshi's all-round quality has increased dozens of times.

At the moment of the moment, showing a speed not inferior to Yimu, he suddenly disappeared in front of him.


Yimu didn't expect that Kuroyoshi would suddenly become stronger and could escape this assault, so he was stunned.

Suddenly, the wind sounded behind him.

Yimu didn't even think about it, turned around and punched out, the momentum of the mountain tsunami, overwhelming.


The fist and the sword fought together, and the space solidified at this instant, twisting and floating like a gelatinous substance.

In the next second, a majestic air wave erupted, and the two flew out at the same time.

Three phantoms surrounded Yimu in a triangular shape, and used the three attributes of wind, fire, and thunder.

For a time, the sky was filled with flames, squally winds, and thunder, like a disaster of the last days.

"call out!"

The golden figure soared into the sky from the disaster, and Kurayoshi's body had been waiting above him for a long time with a sword.

Chapter Eighteen Ending


The golden light collided with the sword, bursting out a terrifying wave of air, and the white clouds were washed away under the strong wind.

The two wrestled with each other, rubbing a dark purple arc, and the space was trembling.


The power rises to a critical point and then bursts.

The two sides retreated together, and then quickly collided with one another, again erupting like a wave of mountains and tsunami.

Strength, speed, skill...

The two continued to show their strengths, expanding each other with pure flesh.

At this extreme speed, ordinary ninjutsu has lost its effect.

Because the speed of ninjutsu can't catch up with people.

Even if an extraordinary secret technique hits, it cannot break through the golden light that destroys everything.