Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 410

The two can only face-to-face duel upright.

With the blessing of the Ten-tailed Chakra and the Six Ways of Immortals, Kuroyoshi is much stronger than Yimu.

But under the suppression of the overlord's domineering, he was unable to exert his full strength.

The two competed against each other, and no one could do anything.

But no one gave up the offense.They both firmly believe that the other party will be the first to hold on.

Needless to say Kuroyoshi.

Although the physical strength is not as strong as Im, the Chakra has a surprisingly large amount, comparable to the strength of the Ten-tailed Man.

And the heaven and earth oven in the body itself is the prop of the ten tails, not only the amount of chakras is amazing, but the recovery speed is endless.

The fairy model is more of the natural energy from heaven and earth, almost inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

With such an advantage, Kurayoshi doesn’t think he will lose the starting lineup in a war of attrition.

It is not without reason that Yimu believes that he will win.

He himself is an undead person who has undergone an operation for the immortality of life, and his physical strength is endless, and he is hardly tired.

The greater reliance is the ancient weapon "King of Heaven."

In ancient times, a huge kingdom existed in the world, and many weapons that people in this era could not understand were created.

The Pluto who can bombard the islands and command all the sea kings...

The islands here do not refer to the kind of small islands, but the kind of a country.

For example, Dressrosa or the Kingdom of Dragon Palace.

Although it is not particularly large, it can also accommodate tens of millions of people, and there are a large number of islands in the wild.

An ancient weapon with such a powerful force is undoubtedly a force that surpasses biological limits. Whoever can master such a weapon can obtain the invincible power in the world.

And he Yimu also has an ancient weapon "King of Heaven."

No, he Yim is the host of the king.

Just like the Sea Emperor who is lodged on White Star.

However, unlike the White Star, who has not yet realized the power lodged on him, Yimu knows the power of the Uranus well and can instruct him like an arm.

The Uranus could not give orders to the sea kings, nor did he have a cannon to shell the island.

The body of the king of heaven is to possess infinite energy, like a perpetual motion machine, and can be converted into two attributes of protection and destruction according to the user's will.

The protective shield that protects the Holy Land Mariagioa and the laser cannon that destroys meteorites are just a defense system made by Vegapunk based on the characteristics of the king, not the king himself.

However, even with science and technology 500 years ahead of the world, the artillery manufactured by Bergaponke cannot withstand the power of the king many times.

This is also the reason why Yimu uses the fruit ability to pull Kuroyoshi from the sky to the hall of flowers.

He has gained endless physical strength without the old surgery, and he is an ancient weapon like a perpetual motion machine...

Yimu is confident that it can consume anyone.

The two fought back and forth at an altitude of several thousand meters, and each collision would set off turbulent weather waves, which made the sky dim and dark.

Affected by this, the earth shook, the sea roared, and the animals panicked and ran around, as if the countdown to the end of the day.

But the two were not affected at all, fighting with all their strength.

A little bit of time passed, the scorching sun set, and the moon rabbit rose. Both sides of the battle showed no signs of fatigue, and they did not even breathe.

This made both of them feel a little anxious.

Is this guy not tired at all?

Suddenly, a laser beam came.

Kuroyoshi focused all his attention on the battle, and did not notice the sudden insertion of laser light in advance.

When it was discovered, the laser beam had already arrived.


Kuroyoshi emptied his body in time, let it pass through his body by the slightest difference, while also avoiding Yimu's attack.

The nine Taoist jade condensed out, revolving around him, forcing Yimu back.

He looked in the direction of the laser beam.

Under the red earth continent, a warship was approaching quickly, and several tall figures stood on the deck.

Leading the way is a gray-haired, burly old man.

Standing behind were three middle-aged men wearing red, yellow and blue suits and cloaks of justice.

A little behind them, on the left and right, are a tall woman with a knife on her waist, and a middle-aged man with a wretched face and a straw hat.

It is the support sent by the navy headquarters...

The three generals and two alternate generals headed by the naval hero Karp, behind them there are many elite lieutenants and soldiers, almost assembled all the navy masters.

"Cut, for the sake of this group of pigs, don't you even care about the situation on the sea." Cangji spit out uncomfortably.

However, unhappy returned unhappy, but he knew that the action to kill Yim had failed.

In the case of dealing with Yimu, it is already the limit to split five shadow clones to deal with the five old stars.

If there are five more to deal with the masters of the navy headquarters, after Chakra is flattened, it will be difficult for the body to fight Yimu.

If you don't use the shadow clone to divide the battlefield, then Yimu's coordinate fruit is too unsolvable.

Compared to Kuroyoshi's upset, Yimu was much more comfortable.

He glanced at the five old stars and the others who were fighting in the distance, and then slowly sorted out the collars, and then said calmly: "Your failure is a foregone conclusion, let's catch it!"

"Indeed, I lost this time." Kuroyoshi lifted the shadow clone, and then looked at Yimu and the five old stars. "I admit that it is impossible to kill you. But it is only killing you. You just failed in this matter. You want me to get caught..."

The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly, with a scornful smile, "Even if this world is broken, you can't beat me. It's even more impossible to let me get caught."

As soon as these words came out, Yimu and Wu Lao Xing's faces became gloomy.

Because what Kuroyoshi said is the truth.