Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 411

If it was someone else, Yimu could use the ability of Coordinate Fruit to keep him.

Kurayoshi also possesses the power of time and space and can break free of his spatial displacement.

And his strength is also the kind that can't tell the winner in a short time.

If he is playing and running, it is almost impossible to take him down.

Seeing their embarrassed expressions, Kuroyoshi was a little bit happy, and smiled: "Don't think that you will be overwhelmed if you can't kill you this time. It's not that you have a companion."

"Yim, five old stars..."

"I am also the king of the world, not this world, but the king of another world. Next time, I will bring my men to come with me. I hope you can beat me back!"

After speaking, a space door opened behind Kuraji. He glanced at a few people one last time and turned around and entered the door.

Yimu didn't use his ability to hinder Kuroyoshi.

Just as Cangji can fight against coordinate movement, Yimu can also use coordinate fruit's ability to interfere with Cangji's spatial movement.

But it makes no sense to do so, at best it makes Kuroyoshi move from space to fly away.

Moreover, Kuroyoshi's words also made Yimu not mind to do such boring things.

After seeing the opponent's domineering look no less than his own, he did not feel that the king of the other world was nonsense.

"Wang, what are you going to do next?"

The five old stars looked at Yimu together.

Yimu didn't answer, but looked down at the holy place that had become a deep pit and fell into contemplation.

It took a long time before he said, "We must mobilize nearby personnel to rebuild government institutions, and we cannot stop the world government from functioning."

After speaking, he paused for a meeting and said: "Add three levels to the navy's military expenditures, conscript all over the world, increase the number of elite naval forces by three levels, and increase the position of generals by two."

"Two, two!?"

Wu Lao Xing's eyes widened.

Although the navy is a violent organization of the world government, it needs to rely on funds allocated by the world government to support it.

However, unlike pure force, politics is dirty.

The navies with the concept of "justice" gradually have ideas that run counter to the world government in some places.

Had it not been for the Navy to rely on the financial support of the world government, it would have long since stood on its own.

But even so, the world government is not completely assured of the navy.

Not only are various funds stuck, the size of the army and the number of warship weapons are also limited, and there are only three generals representing the highest combat power of the navy.

Why has Karp not been promoted to general?

Because the position is too high?

Will he be bound by his position?

He even dared to fight against the Celestial Dragon, let alone the general position...

In the final analysis, the young generation has too many navy talents. If he becomes a general, there will be one young generation who will not be able to emerge in the navy.

But at this moment Yim decided to relax the restrictions on the navy, which shocked all the five old stars.

"If the position of the general is increased by two, then..."

"It's okay." Yim interrupted his subordinates. "After this conscription, we will send some elites from various departments to cp0, and strive to gather several top combat powers in this conscription."

"I know what you are worrying about, but now is not the time to worry about this. A bigger crisis has arrived and now more combat power is needed to deal with it."


"In addition, let the Navy issue a reward for that person." Yimu said: "Although with that person's strength, even if the reward is issued, no one can catch him, but it can let the whole world know that this person is endangering the world. What you did."

"This is really necessary. He must be a criminal who intends to destroy the world." Wu Lao Xing nodded slightly and asked, "How much is a reward?"

"Ten billion Baileys."

Chapter 19 Big News

"Hurry up, hurry up, this is the first big news in hundreds of years. If it's messed up, I will grill you all!"

World Economic News Service.

The president Morgans directed the editors of the editorial department to work overtime to catch up with the manuscript, and he also returned to the office, holding a quill pen on the manuscript paper.

There is a photo next to the manuscript paper he wrote.

The person in the photo is Kuroyoshi.

He stood at an altitude of several thousand meters, with a meteorite protruding from the clouds above his head, and the shadow covered the whole holy land.

The Tianlongren on Chambord Island were killed, the murderer repelled the admiral Huang Yuan...

This is super eye-catching big news.

But afterwards, the Holy Land Mary Gioia was attacked by a mysterious person, and it became a pit overnight, and all the Denon people died except Yim. The news of the explosion was nothing to mention.

Combining the important offenders issued by the Navy with a reward of ten billion Baileys and the World Conscription Notice...

Morgans' keen sense of smell has vaguely sensed the cause and course of the matter, and even more vaguely sensed the movement behind the world government.

Soon, he wrote the title on the manuscript paper.

A person who is not afraid of the nobles of the world, is not subject to secular constraints, and launches a rebellion against the descendants of God.

Later, he felt that it was not exploding enough, so he kneaded the manuscript into a ball and threw it away and re-written it.

Those who transcend the world declare war on the gods, and the true king of the world is born!

"This is not bad. It suddenly raised the perpetrator's compulsion." Morgans nodded with satisfaction, "Regardless of the truth of the matter, I must write it according to my ideas. Only in this way can the story become more explosive. , Draw the eyeballs even more, oh oh oh oh..."

Just as Morgans' inspiration exploded and he was struggling to write, a lazy voice sounded in the office.

"How can fake news compare to first-hand real news."

Morgans was taken aback and calmed down from his excitement.

He turned to look at the voice, and his eyes became excited again after seeing the figure making the noise.