Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 412

"Oh, oh..." Morgans' wings rubbed like human hands. "Isn't this the master who makes big news? How come to my little newspaper?"

That's right, it was Kuroyoshi.

After destroying the Holy Land, he originally wanted to return to the ninja world to establish a door to the two worlds, but after seeing the reward order issued by the Navy and the comments from passers-by, he changed his attention.

Since Yimu is helping him with the promotion, why not put an advertisement for Ninja World by the way?

So he came here.

"Small newspaper?" Kuroyoshi looked at Morgans's albatross appearance and couldn't help but smile. "It's nothing to get the latest news first-hand and send its newspapers to the media in any corner of the world. Small newspaper office."

"Thank you, thank you." Morgans was humble like a gentleman.

No, he is also a gentleman himself.

Although he looks like an albatross, he is actually just a human being who eats the fruit of the bird.

On weekdays, he is well-mannered and well-understood.

However, as a big man in the dark world and the boss of the Economic News Agency, Morgans will change his usual image when encountering big news, become very excited, and become an extremely dedicated news media person.

Kuroyoshi said, "I won't say any more. Do you want my first-hand information?"

Morgans' eyes lit up and his expression became excited, "Will you tell me?"

Regarding the invader, although the reward order stated that he was the lord of the demon in another world, he intended to lead the humanoid demon in the other world to invade the world.

But with regard to this full of loopholes, Morgans saw at a glance that it was the world government's discrediting the master.

Regarding the true news of the Lord, it is estimated that they themselves do not understand.

If you can get the first-hand information about the people who destroyed the Holy Land, and then edit it, it is definitely a big news that shocked the world's attention.

"Of course." The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth rose slightly, "However, as a reward, you have to give me some convenience in the news."

"It depends on your newsworthiness." Morgans rubbed his hands, showing the smile of a profiteer.

"Don't worry, it will satisfy you."

As a professional media person, Morgans has a professional spirit. Even if he is wanted by the world government because of bad news, he will not give up.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi is not afraid that he will cheat himself.

Because, he must publish newspaper propaganda, no matter how much he exaggerates the facts, it is to his advantage.

In three years, the news written by Morgans himself was printed and sold to the world along with the delivery bird.


New world.

The Moby Dick.

A tall body with a white beard like a giant lying on the armchair basking in the sun.Although there are many needles attached to his body, it does not prevent him from carrying the wine jar to drink from time to time.

"Father, big event, big event..."

On the deck, Marco hurried over with a newspaper, still with a look of shock on his face.

Bai Hu took a sip without hesitation, and smiled: "Goo la la la... You have been a pirate for so many years, why are you making such a fuss?"

"No, it's really a big event, an unprecedented one!" Marco was a little incoherent, which attracted the curiosity of the other crew members and surrounded him.

"What the hell happened to make you so gaffe?"

Marco opened his mouth several times, but was so excited that he didn't speak.

Seeing this, the white beard also looked solemn, "Let me see!"


Baibeard took the report, and the first thing that was to bear the brunt was the scene of hovering in the sky to summon a meteorite.

"This is a bit interesting, grum la la la..." Baibeard became interested and read the report.

The king of another world comes and will lead his ninja mercenary group to link the two worlds.


Baibeard frowned and kept looking.

When he first arrived, he encountered a parade of Tianlong people and was regarded as disrespectful to be put to death. As a result, he was slapped to death with a backhand.

Then defeat the general Huang Yuan and the tyrant Xiong, one of the Qiwuhai, on the island of Chambord.

After that, one person killed Mary Gioia, slaughtered the Tianlong people, and turned the holy ground into a pit.

Morgans wrote the story of the matter as if it were written.

Finally, I solemnly introduced the origin and identity of Kuroyoshi, and he will link the two worlds and expand his mercenary business to this world.

They are powerful, large in number, do not belong to any forces, take no stand, and only take money to do things.

It's just that the report was too exaggerated and it looked too exaggerated. After reading it, White Beard didn't believe it, "Is this true?"

"Our people in Chambord have sent news that the Holy Land Mary Gioia is sure to be destroyed, and a large number of Dracos died, but it is still unclear whether they died." Marco said.


The crew members who gathered together took a cold breath, and even the white beard was shocked.

But then he laughed and laughed, "Gul la la la... so the world will become lively."

"Wait, what is this?"

With sharp eyes on the side of the foil, he saw a corner of the news below the report, and above it was a photo.

The person in the photo is the scene of their second captain Ace being handcuffed by Shanghai Loushi.

Chapter 20 The Emperors of the New World

Hearing the words of the foil, everyone followed his gaze and found the news in the corner of the newspaper.

[The captain of the Whitebeard Second Team, Portgas Ace was arrested by the new Qiwuhai Marshall Titch seven days ago, and will be executed in the Navy headquarters two months later!]

"What, Ace was caught!?"

"That bastard Titch not only killed Saatchi but also handed Ace to the navy."