Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 413

"I must take care of this traitor."

"Damn it, kill the navy headquarters and rescue Ace."

"Don't mess up."

Marco shouted solemnly.

The crowd stopped clamoring and turned to look at him.

"Listen to father's opinion first!"

With that said, Marco also looked like a white beard with everyone.

While Baibeard held the newspaper in deep thought, and remained silent for a long time.

Seeing this, the impatient Jin Gu duo couldn't help but shouted, "...Father."

The voice seemed to awaken Baibeard. He turned to look at the surrounding sons, frowning, "This is very abnormal. Everyone knows that I, Baibeard, will never let any family member go. The world government has just undergone a major change. Fight with me, are they crazy?"

As soon as this remark came out, the others were suddenly shocked.

As the world's strongest pirate group, the strength of the white beard pirate group is beyond doubt.

Even if it is not comparable to the navy that dominates the world, it will definitely hurt the navy if it is really a decisive battle, and it will no longer be able to suppress the current situation in the sea.

The navy headquarters, Qiwuhai, the Four Emperors...

The three pillars stand together, and the balance of mutual restraint has been maintained for a long time. Even if the world government wants to break the balance, it will not choose to start at this bad time.

"Father, it's not good, it's not good!"

A person on the deck panicked and squeezed in with a newspaper, "The world, the world, the world government has begun to conduct large-scale conscription in the world. Various generals in the navy and other government departments are recruiting, and there are even more positions for admirals. Two digits are set."


Everyone was shocked.

"Goo la la la..."

White Beard laughed, drank the wine in the jar, then tore off the needle on his body, and stood up abruptly, "It's an eventful time. The world government also feels pressure from the king of another world. Five Lao Xing's group of old bastards are going to use Lao Tzu to perform a deterrent like other restless guys."

"Damn it, dare to watch us all over!"

"This is absolutely unbearable!"

"Father, as long as you give an order, we will kill the navy even if we fight for our lives."

Looking at his angry companions, there was a trace of worry on Marco's face, "Father, do you want to fight?"

"Who do you think Lao Tzu is!"

The white beard drank domineeringly, and an aura spread from his body, slightly blowing away the surrounding people.

He strode to the bow of the ship, holding the naginata inserted in the bow, and slicing through the clouds, his eyes swept in contempt, "Let the pirates under the group gather, we will kill the navy headquarters and rescue Ace!"


The crew of the White Beard Pirates broke out loud shouts.


In the new world, on a desert island, a group of men are hosting a banquet.

Singing, dancing, drinking, punching...

The middle-aged man wearing breeches and captain's cape sat alone on a fallen tree.

He has only one left arm, three scars on his right eye, and a happy smile on his face, like an approachable neighbor.

However, what is more striking is that he has bright burgundy hair.

"Ahaha, continue to drink, continue to drink, today I must drink you all and get down."

"Don't blow the captain, didn't you fall first that time?"

"Hey, it's called an intermission. It's not a retreat. Come and come. Today I'm going to put you all down."

The red-haired one-armed man known as the captain is one of the four great sea pirates who are king of the new world...

Four emperors, red-haired Shanks!

Although they are also the four emperors, the crew stars of the Red-haired Pirates are much less than that of the White-bearded Pirates, with only a few dozen people.

But they don't seem to have a superior relationship.

Although the sailors at the bottom yelled for the captain and seemed to respect him, their tone was like a friend for many years, equal.

And Shanks, as the captain, is also very unassuming to get along with everyone.

This is the unique charm of red hair.

"Captain, it's not good, it's not good..."

Suddenly, a crew member with a starfish head took a newspaper and ran over in a panic. He hit the grill and fell on the road.

But he got up indifferently and continued to run towards Shanks.

The friends who were drinking were winking and joking.

Shanks was also laughing when he saw something very funny. Only the man with a bang on the other side of his forehead stared with a smile in his eyes.

Ben Beckman.

The deputy captain of the Red-haired Pirate Group, a man who has the strength of Captain Shanks, and also advises the Pirate Group. He is a man with an extremely keen sense of smell and an extremely smart brain.

When the man with the starfish head came to the front, before he could catch his breath, Shanks grabbed a jar of fine wine from his side and dripped it over, "Come on, have a drink, I know you have worked hard on guard. Worry, I keep the share I gave you!"

"thank you!"

The starfish man happily took over the wine jar and drank a while.

After taking two sips, suddenly remembering the business, he slammed the wine jar to the ground.

"No, I didn't worry about running over after drinking the wine, I have to report it."

With that, Starfish handed the newspaper to the redhead.

"Hey, don't worry about anything, understand while drinking."