Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 414

Shanks was holding a newspaper in one hand and a small wine bottle in the other, drinking and watching.

However, as I see some content.

Gradually, the smile solidified and became serious, and the bottle was never picked up again, "This is really bad news."


The country of Harmony, the ghost island.

"Hahaha..." Kaido opened his hands as if he was about to embrace the sky and laughed wildly, "That's right, the sea has been too calm for more than ten years, let the war be more violent, haha... "


IWC, Cake Island.

Charlotte Lingling looked at the newspaper on hand for a while and thought, before looking at the children on the conference table for a long time, "How do you think about this?"

"The peaceful days will be gone forever, and the sea will usher in a more violent era." said the eldest son Perrospero.

Sanzi Daifu said: "All children know this kind of thing. The key is where our big·o pirates are in this chaos. If we make a mistake, even one of the four emperors will be destroyed. Right!"

"Although I don't know what it will become in the future, it is always right to increase strength." The second son Kata Kuri said.

"Then, who of you will come in contact with the king of the alien world? See what is going on with that employment?" Lingling said, "Looks like he is also very young. If you can marry him, it would be great."

"Then it's up to me to meet the adult!" 35 female Brin stood up, smiled and said: "If I can use my ability, maybe I can capture that adult."

Chapter 21 The Turbulent World

The Tianlong people were killed and the Holy Land was trampled down with the report spread to the whole world in one day.

The turmoil and impact caused was far more than the shock of a group of Pirate Emperors.

Daughter Island, Amazon Lily.

The palace hall.

Hancock lay on the throne circling by the colorful giant python, staring at the picture of Kurayoshi hanging in the sky summoning meteorites in the newspaper.

Although Amazon is a daughter country, it is also a warrior country. Basically, they have mastered domineering and have their own pirate group.

Every once in a while, expeditions will rob foreign materials.

And as the queen who rules this country...

Boya Hancock naturally has absolute force that overwhelms the people.

In fact it is the same.

She is not only the king of this country, but also the captain of the Nine Snakes Pirates. She was offered 80 million Baileys by the navy on her first expedition.

Later, because of his powerful strength, he was invited by the world government to become one of the Seven Wuhai.

At the same time, she is unparalleled in beauty and is considered the most beautiful woman in the world.

It's just that she, who is so beautiful, once had an unbearable past.

When they were young, they were abducted by traffickers with their two younger sisters and sold them to the Tianlong people. Since then, they have been stamped with slaves on their backs.

Although later he was rescued because Fisher Tiger climbed the red earth continent and liberated all the slaves of the Dragon people.

But the black history of being a slave to the Dragon people is indeed a fact that cannot be erased.

At this moment, after learning that someone had killed the Tianlongren and levelled the Holy Land, she didn't know what her mood was.

In short, it is very complicated.

Looking at the photo of the man who completed this achievement, it has been a long time to recover.


The second sister, Sonda Sonia, couldn't help but cried out when she saw her sister holding the newspaper all the time.


Hancock came back to his senses and looked at his two younger sisters who looked at him with concern, and couldn't help but smiled knowingly, "I'm fine, I just saw that someone killed the Tianlongren, and my heart was a little complicated."

"I understand, we also have this feeling." The third sister Mariglud nodded and said.

Upon hearing this, the three of them fell silent.

For a while, Hancock said, "Do you want to meet the man who killed the dragons?"

"This is too dangerous."

Both sisters showed panic expressions, "He committed this serious crime, and the world government will not let him go. If you contact him at this time, I am afraid you will be implicated."


"Although it is reported that he killed all of the Sky Dragons, I must still have remnants, otherwise the world government will not function so smoothly, even the world conscription will start."

"Humph! When does the concubine do things, it depends on the face of the world government." Hancock said contemptuously: "Have you forgotten the reason why your concubine became Qiwuhai?"

The sister looked at each other, and finally agreed with Hancock.

That's right, Hancock was invited to be Qiwuhai not because of his beauty, nor because of his status as the king of the daughter country, but because of his strength to suppress most of the pirates in the sea.

"Notify the people below, the Nine Snakes and Pirates will set sail immediately!"





Back garden swimming pool.


Doflamingo lay on the beach chair, holding the newspaper in his hand and let out a weird smile, "This is really a big event! The world is developing in the direction I want, furfurfur..."

"Young Master, the Tianlong people are almost all dead, and our contacts over there are also hung up. I am afraid it will be difficult to get the privileges in the future."

"Don't be afraid, as long as the world government is still there, as long as the secret treasure of the Tianlongren is still there, the privilege will be returned to the hands again.

"Besides, isn't the king of another world the mercenary leader?"