Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 415

"I like doing transactions the most. Go and contact him. If he is really a mercenary leader, there will be a lot of opportunities for cooperation in the future."


Great route.

On the ravaged island.

Blackbeard held the newly snatched trophy in one hand, watched it with the newspaper in the other, and then laughed wildly.

"Thief hahaha..."

"Now, the world is really getting more and more chaotic, and my pace will also accelerate. If I don't keep up with the tide of the times, I will be eliminated sooner or later, thief hahahaha..."


Devil's triangle sea area.

Three horror sailing ships.

After reading the newspaper, Moria threw it aside with disdain, "What bullshit Dragonite, what bullshit King of the World, as long as I can create an invincible soldier, no one is an opponent, the hateful straw hat boy, and Kaido, I must kill you guys!"


South China Sea.

Some remote country.

The man in the dark green cloak put down the newspaper in his hand and looked at the others sitting at the side of the round table. "You have already read this report. Do you have anything to say?"

"It's terrible!" The woman wearing sexy, beautiful, sunglasses frowned: "On the surface, the king of the other world killed most of the Dragonites, which was a big blow to their prestige. But the end result was a world conscription. As both the navy and other departments have strengthened their armed forces, it has become more difficult to overthrow the decadent rule."

"I agree with Betty's point of view." The fat giant nodded.

Another man with a bald head and black feathers and a cat-like person also nodded.

"That's it!" The man in the cloak smiled softly: "I don't think so."

"Long, tell me your opinion." Betty said.

"From your current situation, the power of the world government has indeed become stronger, but this is only the surface."

"The real situation is that the decayed concept of the supremacy of the dragon people was broken by the king of the alien world. In the future, people will no longer think that the dragon people are supreme and cannot be resisted or disrespected."

"The countries of the world government have long been grudges against the Tianlong people because of the problem of heavenly gold, but the secular notion of Tianlong people's supremacy restrains them and makes them afraid to resist."

"Now that this concept is broken, the world government will become extremely unstable."

After that, Long pointed to the news report on Ace's execution in the corner of the newspaper and said: "Why should the world government choose to execute Ace at this time?"

"Because they continue a victory to show their power to the world, in order to stabilize the inside, so that the guys who are just about to settle down."

Upon hearing this, the four army commanders were also lost in thought.

Long smiled softly and said: "You don't need to think too much, and you don't need to think about blending in. The old ideas are broken. Even if the world government demonstrates its power, it can only deter for a while, not the entire world. The seeds of resistance have been planted. , The turbulent era is coming."

As if responding to his words, an intelligence officer hurried in.

"Good news, great shipping routes, all over the world. The royal families of many countries that have previously contacted have decided to join us in rebelling against the world government, and many countries that cannot be contacted have also taken the initiative to find us."

The four captains looked at the dragon in shock.

Long, on the other hand, showed an unspoken smile, and the shoe print-like tattoo on his face was particularly conspicuous.

Chapter 22 Luffy’s Commission

Chambord Island.

No. 16 commercial block, in a coffee shop.

"What is the king of the alien world, what is the lord of the devil, this is too ugly!" Kuroyoshi held a coffee cup in one hand, and a newspaper and a wanted order in the other. After seeing the report on him, he couldn't help but complain. .

The official reports of the world government call him the lord of the devil, the Ninja world as hell, and the people in it are called the demon incarnation.

While Morgans claimed to be the king of the alien world, other news about the Ninja world was reported truthfully, but it was a lot of exaggeration.

For example, one hundred thousand ninja mercenaries were blown into millions.

Being able to walk on the eaves and walking on the water is blown into a flying escape, omnipotent.

What other ninjutsu has also been blown up as the secret technique of otherworldly gods, with the power to shock the earth and break through the sky.

However, although the writing is very second, it makes Kuroyoshi want to complain, but he also draws his eyes.

"I believe it won't be long before someone will come to contact me and discuss business with me!" Kuroyoshi took a sip of coffee, put the cup down, and yawned greatly as he leaned on the chair.

After destroying the Holy Land and trading with Morgans, he stayed in Chambord and waited for things to ferment.

His reputation in this world is already very loud, no one will underestimate him.But the Ninja world has not shown power, just the report is blowing.

There is no substantial record, even if there is a powerful leader like yourself, those big guys will not completely trust the abilities of the Ninja World!

So, Kurayoshi has been waiting

Waiting for a pivotal boss to come and cooperate with him, so that the power of the Ninja world can be displayed before the eyes of the world to promote the business.

It's just that the waiting days are boring.

Kuroyoshi has been staying on Chambord Island and hopes that the world government will send someone to arrest him and have some fun.

However, the world government is not a fool.

Knowing how terrifying the opponent's strength is, he didn't act rashly before he was completely sure.

Just sent a few female spies to approach him, trying to solve him by means of seduction, poisoning, etc.

It's a pity that Kurayoshi was so handsome in his past and present life, I don't know how many beautiful women are chasing after him.

Although these female spies sent by the world government can be regarded as beauties, they are ordinary in the eyes of Kuroyoshi, who is accustomed to seeing beauties, and it is naturally impossible to seduce him.

At this time, the door of the cafe opened.

A teenager in shorts, a red jacket and a straw hat walked in.

He looked around in the coffee shop. After seeing Kuroyoshi, his eyes lit up and he walked here.

At this time, the door was opened again, and a young girl hurriedly followed up.

"Luffy, wait a minute."