Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 416

The boy panting and shouting, chased the straw hat boy.The young girl was also out of breath for a while, and then chased up.

The teenager is wearing a sling oxen pants and has a very long nose.

The girl has short orange hair, shoulder-length hair, and her delicate face is full of youthful beauty.

Hear the voice behind him.

Lu Fei was stunned, then turned around and forgot, "Hey, why are you here?"

"Why don't you come here alone!" The long-nosed boy gasped.

"Yeah, how can you rest assured that you will do the transaction alone?" The girl said with her chest ups and downs: "Let you do the transaction alone. It is estimated that you will sell us all, and you will have to pay for it!"

"It's too much, Nami." Luffy said, scratching his cheek, "I'm also the captain anyway!"

"Less long-winded, anyway, just let me come." Nami glared at Luffy fiercely, then walked over him to Cangji.

The long-nosed boy nodded in agreement, "Leave Nami to do this kind of thing, we can just watch it honestly."


Luffy pulled her face down, and had nothing to love.

Nami came to Kuraki's table, arranged her clothes, with a sweet smile on her face, and asked, "Well, are you the king of the alien world?"

"My name is Kuraki." Kuraki relieved the newspaper, took a sip from the cup, and looked at Nami, "What kind of shit is the king of the otherworld, the lord of the devil, it's too ugly, you call me by name That's it."

"This, this way!"

I could tell that Nami was a little nervous, and the smile on her face was a little reluctant.

"Then, Mr. Kurayoshi, about"

"You should let your captain come!" Kurayoshi pointed at Luffy behind him and said, "You are nervous to talk in front of me, so what else can you say?"

"That, that"

Nami was at a loss for a while.

Luffy rushed over and said with a smile: "I just said, I'll do it."


Looking at the familiar smile, Nami breathed a sigh of relief and took the initiative to step back.

Only people of equal status can trade equally.

In front of the king of the alien world, he couldn't even speak his words, and really couldn't continue talking.

"Hey, uncle, I heard what you are." Luffy was halfway through speaking, and looked at Nami suspiciously. "What's the matter then?"

"Mercenary, mercenary!"

"Right, right, right!" Lu Fei suddenly realized that he turned his head to look at Cangji, "Uncle, are you a mercenary?"

"Yes, I am a mercenary." Cangji smiled and nodded.

"Then can I hire you?"

"Hire me?"

Kuroyoshi was stunned.

Is this guy coming to me to hire me?

What do you want to hire me for?

Help him find one piece and become one piece?

No, no, although Luffy dreams of becoming One Piece, he enjoys the adventure of becoming One Piece more than that title.

Lei Li knew where the one piece was, but Luffy didn't ask, instead he chose to fight the Four Emperors to snatch the landmark monument.

"What are you going to hire me for?" Kurayoshi looked at him curiously.

"I want you to help me save someone."

"Save who?"

"Ace, he is my big brother."

As if worried that Kuroyoshi still doesn't know who Ace is, Luffy thought for a while and continued: "He is the captain of the second team of the Bearded Pirates."

"It's Whitebeard, idiot!" Nami corrected Luffy with a chestnut.

As soon as he said this, shocked and unbelievable eyes cast over in the cafe.

Whitebeard Captain Ace has a younger brother?

Countless people were shocked beyond belief.

Nami noticed these people's gazes, and suddenly realized that she had said something wrong.

After spreading the relationship between Luffy and Ace, it won’t take long for a navy master to arrest them.

It’s just that Luffy didn’t seem to notice it at all, and laughed: “Yes, it’s him, can I hire Uncle to help save Ace?”

Kuroyoshi did not respond, but looked at the onlookers, especially the one who was about to leave after hearing that Luffy was the younger brother of Ace.

Suddenly, the air vibrated slightly, and everyone in the cafe fainted.

Ignoring the surprised and scared Nami and Usopp, Kuraki looked straight at Luffy, "Raleigh asked you to come to me!"

Chapter 23 Receiving the Commission

Because of their own intrusion, the Straw Hat Pirates was not shot by the bear and flew around the world.

Instead, he was rescued by Lei Li from Zhan Tao Maru.


Luffy is a man with a stick in his head and a simple mind. He will never give up what he believes.

At the same time, no matter what happens, the response is the simplest and most direct.

If no one is pointing, Luffy's first reaction after learning that Ace was arrested and executed two months later is to go to Impel Grand Prison to rescue Ace, rather than hire him.

Sure enough, Luffy's next words confirmed this.