Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 417

"Ah, it was Uncle Raleigh who asked me to come." Luffy pressed the straw hat on his head and laughed: "He said that it is impossible to rescue Ace based on our strength. He can only wait for Ace's companions to save him. Have the opportunity."

For Raleigh's words, although Luffy didn't want to admit it.

However, after seeing the top combat power, he also had to admit that this was a fact.

Luffy has a simple mind and a stick in his head, but he is not a fool.

On the contrary, he is actually smarter than most people and sees things more thoroughly than anyone else.

It's just simple thinking, and I don't want to think too much.

"I asked him to help sell the business, but he worked very hard!" Kuroyoshi joked.

"Then this commission," Nami interjected and cast an expectant look.

After a brief conversation, she found that Kuroyoshi was a good talker, and she was no longer afraid.

"Entrust me to take it."

After speaking, looking at Nami and Usopp who were happy to clap and celebrate, Kurayoshi also showed a charming smile, "However, it is not easy to save people from the heavily guarded Impel prison. , So the reward will be high."


Nami and Usopp stiffened, clapping their hands in celebration.

As relatively normal people in the Straw Hat Pirates, they naturally understand how difficult it is to save people from Impel Grand Prison.

Therefore, the rewards must also be surprisingly high.

But when she thinks of paying high rewards, Nami's heart is bleeding.Usopp is purely worried that there is not enough money to pay off.

"Yes, how much do you want?" Nami asked carefully, for fear that the voice would be louder and the other party would speak loudly.

Kuroyoshi glanced at her, the expression of the money-hearted money fan made him want to laugh.

However, in order to maintain the deal negotiation, he still maintained a serious expression, "Just use a little of your hair!"

"Huh?" X2.

Luffy kept smirking, while Nami and Usopp stared at Kuraki with wide-eyed eyes, an expression that I had heard wrong.

Nami asked cautiously: "You just said that we only need some of our hair?"



The two made a louder noise and asked, "Why?"

"Because I am a good person." Kuroyoshi said with a smile.

"Hehe." Luffy showed white teeth, "Thank you so much, uncle."

"This is obviously a lie, don't believe it easily!"

Nami Usopp yelled at Luffy in unison, and then looked at Kuroyoshi, "Uncle, let's be honest, your reason makes us afraid to hire you."

"What? Uncle said he is a good person?"

"Shut up for me at this time."

Luffy pulled down with an aggrieved look.

Seeing this, Nami looked at Kuroyoshi again, "Uncle, it's not that I want to speculate maliciously. It's really uncle that your deeds don't look like the kind of character that will help strangers."

Kuroyoshi kills the Tianlongren and flattens the Holy Land

This may be a very good thing for viewers who watched One Piece anime in the past life, and it is a matter of justice.

This is because everyone has received an equal education.

When you see Tianlong people do nothing but enjoy extravagance and greater privileges than anyone else, they will naturally be upset.

In particular, Tianlong people regard human life as grass, and can enslave others casually.

This kind of behavior is outrageous.

But the education that people in this world receive is the supremacy of Tianlong people, the nobles of the world, and the descendants of gods.

Isn’t it right to enjoy luxury and privilege as a descendant of God?

Except for the victims and a few people whose minds are out of the shackles of the current society, no one thinks that the status and behavior of the Tianlong people are at fault.

Kuroyoshi regards the luxury and privileges of the Denonians as worms that eat the world, and removes them on the grounds

In their view, this behavior is a challenge to supreme authority and is a lawless terrorist act.

Even Fisher Tiger climbed the red soil continent with his bare hands and rescued the slaves of the Draconians were regarded as terrorist activities, and he himself was regarded as a dangerous person.

The Straw Hat Pirates had also seen the Denon people before and hated the Denon people, but they had to admit that their behavior was legal.

Of course, the most important thing is that Kuroyoshi not only killed the Tianlongren, but also flattened the Holy Land, even the staff there and the office staff of the world government did not let go.

It doesn't look like Tiger has lofty ideals in action.

In the face of Nami's doubts, Kurayoshi was not angry.

He picked up the cup to take a sip of coffee, but found it was gone.

Putting down the cup uncomfortably, he said, "Although I want a high reward, you can't get it out!"


"About you, I still know a little bit." Kuroyoshi continued: "Although you are a pirate group, you have never heard of you doing robbery or something. It is more like a group of adventurers who went to sea illegally. You can't get any good rewards like this!"


Usopp nodded deeply.

Lu Fei retorted: "It's not just a pirate who is a pirate. You are free, not bound by any rules, and do what you like."

"Whatever you say, but it is true that you have no money."

Suddenly, Luffy was dying again.

Nami glanced at him, then turned her gaze back to Kuroyoshi, "Even so, there is no reason for you to take the risk and work for nothing. This is not in line with the money-first mercenary style."

"Who told you that mercenaries are all about money?" Kuroyoshi glanced at her and said: "We are a regular ninja army, we don't take all tasks, and I am not working for nothing."