Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 418


"Ace was publicly executed to be broadcast live all over the world. If I could lead my men to rescue Ace at that time, it would be equivalent to a live broadcast advertisement."

"So that's it." Nami knew it.

Both the Whitebeard Pirates and the navy headquarters are the top forces in the world.

Able to complete the mission in the war between the two, the reputation of the Ninja Mercenary Group will spread throughout the world and will not be questioned.


"Are you going to save people during the execution?" Nami said, "Brother Luffy is the second captain of the White Beard Pirates. On the day of his execution, the Navy Headquarters will definitely strengthen its deployment and gather the strongest in the world. Power, can you save people in that situation?"

Chapter 24 Logic Slingshot

Cangji glanced at her and couldn't help but sneer, "You can also choose to rob prison yourself."

Indeed, even if he kills all the dragons himself, he will start the game in the Holy Land

But always just one person.

No one would think that he alone could fight the entire navy headquarters, and the ninja of the ninja was only reported.

Even if there is no real world, it is naturally impossible to be trusted.

However, there is no charge.

Equivalent to cooperation.

If you are not satisfied, you don't need to cooperate or force it.

Nami was speechless by Kuroyoshi.

Luffy laughed loudly, "Haha...Uncle is really interesting, then please take this matter."

"Take what you need." Kuroyoshi stretched out his right hand to them, "If you are sure to hire, please give me a bunch of your hair, and you will also need your companions later."


Usopp stunned: "Isn't this the salary you accept for free and ask for whatever you want?"

"Now that the matter is clear, there is no need to ask for these!"

"No, it is necessary."

Kuroyoshi didn't say the reason, but looked at them firmly.

"no problem."

Luffy made a final decision, and screamed "Oh," pulling a few hairs and handing it to Kuroyoshi.

Usopp took a knife out of his bag and cut a bunch of hair, and by the way, he cut a bunch of hair for Nami and handed it over.

[Ding!The special material "Dream Chaser's Hair" is detected, and the special props "Demon Marrow Liquid (Rubber)", "Dream Pursuing Heart", "Stretch Free" and "Big Stomach King" can be forged.

[Ding!The special material "Miracle Hair" is detected, you can forge special props "Brave Heart", "Logical Slingshot", "Great Prophet", "Son of Destiny", and "Lori Killer". Whether or not to forge]

[Ding!The special material "Cai Mi Hair" is detected, and the special props "Weather Meter", "Live Point Navigation Map", and "The Strongest Combat Power" can be forged. Whether or not it is forged]

Hearing the system prompt in his mind, Kuroyoshi smiled, "Go and fetch your companion's hair. I'll wait for you here. After the reward is paid, I will summon my men and wait for Ace to execute the sentence. Go to the robbery field that day."


Luffy nodded and left the cafe with Nami Usopp.

After seeing the figure walking away, Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind: "Forging."

Suddenly, there were 12 more items on the table in front of him.

Needless to say, the devil marrow fluid (rubber) can be treated as a rubber fruit.

The flexibility to expand and contract is a manifestation of the ability of the rubber fruit, and there is nothing to say.

However, this item is the same type of item as the rubber tights forged from the Oshe Maru, and can be upgraded.

Kuroyoshi chose to upgrade and got a piece of clothing whose performance was higher than the sum of the two items.


Still useless.

He would never wear the tights that were sealed like silicone, and there was no special ability to guard against the sky.

You can consider giving it away in the future.

Dream Chasing Heart is a series of hearts that change your personality. After using it, the salted fish that can eat and wait to die will also have a heart to chase dreams and never give up.

This thing is a good thing, you can use it yourself, or you can keep it for trading with other people in the future.

Kuroyoshi threw the dream chasing heart into the system space and looked at the next item.

That is a thumb-sized bottle of medicine.

Kurayoshi picked it up and shook it, filling it with a lot of granular medicine.

"Big Stomach King: Super powerful stomach-invigorating and digestive tablets, long-term use will allow your stomach to better absorb and digest food, thereby enhancing physical fitness and resilience (note: no matter how you eat, you won’t get fat)”

No nonsense, Kuroyoshi opened the medicine and took one first.

He didn't fancy the effects of enhancing physical fitness and resilience, but simply wanted to become edible.

As the vitality becomes stronger and stronger, there are more and more Chakras, and his demand for food becomes less and less, and his desire to eat gradually decreases.

This made Kuroyoshi, who had been difficult to find fun, a little less fun.

If this bottle of medicine can restore his appetite and even turn him into a big stomach king, that would be great.

It is good to be able to eat.

It is also a kind of enjoyment to taste various food.

After that, he carefully put away the medicine, and Kuroyoshi looked forward to looking at Usopp's items.

Great God Usopp...

Although he only has a talent for shooting, he is a legendary boss, and the forged items are the most among the three.

And, judging from the name, they are all very bad things.