Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 419

Needless to say, Braveheart is also a series of hearts that change character.

After using it, a cowardly person can become very brave.

Put things into the system space, Kuraki looks at the next item.

It was a pitch-black slingshot covered with pulp, wrapped with tight rubber bands.

"Logical Slingshot: A slingshot that uses logical thinking. Anyone can only bear two slingshots of you."


After seeing the introduction of the props, Kurayoshi couldn't help but breathe.

This is an illogical prop.

No matter who the enemy is, two slingshots can be brought down, even if that person is Saitama, all kings are the same.

The origin of this item is also very clear. It is the god-level logic stem of the great gods.

Who is Usopp?

A slingshot kills those who are capable of rusty fruit.

Who is the ability to rust fruit?

The man who suppressed Sauron.Who is Sauron?

The man who defeated Monka the Axe.Who is Munka the Axe?

The man who turned Karp with an axe.Who is Karp?

A man who is a brother of the Warring States Period.Who is Warring States?

Repelled the men of the Blackbeard Pirates with their own strength.Who is Blackbeard?


In short, based on this kind of god-level logic, in the end Roger could only take two slingshots against Usopp.

This stalk has been circulating in the post bar for a long time, and it was once popular with the entire pirate circle.

Now after being forged into props, the logic is even more powerful.

However, Kuroyoshi tried the slingshot, only to find that things were not as good as he thought.

This slingshot is not powerful enough.

Although it is much more powerful than a normal slingshot, its range and rate of fire are at most equivalent to a normal rifle.

With such power, it is impossible to hit a master like King Saitama.

Naturally, wanting to rely on this invincible slingshot is also wishful thinking.

However, although it is not as beautiful as expected, as long as it is used properly and arranged in advance, it can also defeat those who are difficult to defeat.

"No loss, great God Usopp, awesome!"

Cangji praised, and after playing the logic slingshot for a while, he put away the props and looked at the next one.

It's a microphone, and it doesn't look special.

But judging from its name, it doesn't seem to be an ordinary item.

"The Great Prophet: A microphone that can make things described by people become reality (note: all my boasts have become reality)."


Looking at this item, Kurayoshi was shocked.

This great god Nima Usopp is too awesome!

Chapter Twenty-Five Chapter Doflamingo Gets It

Usopp also has a name called Liar Bu, which means he likes to lie.

Of course, lies are divided into benevolent and malicious.

He deceived the enemy with malicious lies, turned the enemy around, and finally won.

He also used white lies to make the frail childhood sweetheart happy.

Usopp would brag to her every day, telling some fabricated stories.There are hilarious absurdities and exciting adventures.

But in the end, Usopp realized all the boasting he had once boasted.

Because of this magical adventure, Usopp was called by sea fans the man who took the script and was able to use big prophecy.

However, after a short test, Kuroyoshi found that this item was not as good as expected.

First of all, not everything can become reality.

The content of the words can be outrageous, but they must be within the scope of what may happen in this world.

Such as the world of pirates...

You said that if you want to become One Piece, it can become a reality.

But if you say that you want to become a z-warrior, one-punch superman, it will not be possible.

Because the biological limit of Pirate World cannot reach that height, and there is nothing that can make people reach that height.

What this prop turns language into reality is not the power of miracles that turn the impossible into possible, but it is adjusted according to the development trajectory of the existing things in reality, so as to achieve the reality of the prediction.

Second, the process of language becoming reality is uncontrollable. Even if you say how you want to achieve your goal, you will not achieve it the way you say it.

Because the great prophet itself does not possess such great power, the basis for it to realize the prediction is to adjust the development trajectory of things.

Third, the time for language to become reality will vary according to the difficulty of discourse realization.

The more difficult the words to achieve, the longer it will take to become reality, and the simpler the shorter.

Kuroyoshi just tried it out, trying to fill the empty cup with coffee, and then the waiter woke up, sleepwalking generally filled the empty cup in front of Kuroyoshi with coffee.

Then fell asleep in a daze.

But Kuroyoshi said that if the mercenary business of the Ninja world spreads across the entire universe, the props showed no response at all.

After that, he said to let the mercenary business of the ninja world spread throughout the Pirate World.