Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 420

Tao has a reaction, but it is very weak.

This shows that it takes a long time to achieve.


With Kurayoshi's existing capital power, even without using props, this goal can be achieved in the future.

"This prop is not as easy to use as expected." Kuroyoshi held the big prophet, frowning slightly.

At first, he wanted to use this prop with the logic slingshot, but the effect was really bad.

The enemy that can be used to deal with Kuroyoshi's logical slingshot must be an enemy that is several times stronger than him.

It is almost impossible for a person of that level to be hit by a logical slingshot, and it is difficult for a big prophet to achieve his goal by regulating the trajectory of events.

"Hey, I still think too much."

Kuroyoshi sighed, put the thing into the system space, and then looked at the next item.

It was a soft light.

"Son of Destiny: Although a person who is favored by destiny can't make it out of nowhere, he can save you from danger no matter what kind of danger you are in, and it can make you a child of destiny (Note: Only valid in the world you use) ."

"This thing..."

Kurayoshi fell into deep thought.

This thing is similar to the son of prophecy, but it does not have to bear the responsibility of the son of prophecy.

Unfortunately, if it only works in one world, the effect on Kuroyoshi will be deducted.

Moreover, he is very resistant to putting himself under the aura of fate and luck.

This gave him a feeling of being manipulated.

"If you come to a world that you can't deal with in the future, you can use it."

Kuroyoshi put the things away and continued to look at the next item.

A document.

"Lolita Killer: It is my advantage to be bullied and fearful of hardship, especially the little Lolita. Come and kill one by one. This is the certificate of the Lolita Killer. Wearing it, your power will contain special attacks on Lolita."


Seeing this thing, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but sneered.

There are many demon fruits with unsolvable abilities and bugs in this world. In order to avoid the appearance of characters that disrupt balance, Oda will give this demon ability to his very weak characters.

Among them are a lot of loli roles.

Their appearance is pure and lovely, and their hearts are dark. They often rely on their incomprehensible ability to make the entire Straw Hat Pirates into desperation.

And in this desperate situation is Usopp.

This thing is the first issue of the department with the strongest teacher certificate

However, Kurayoshi didn't have the opportunity to use these things. After all, he was not interested in bringing students or something.

After putting things away, Kuraki continued to look at the next item.

It is a weather meter, whose name is also a weather meter, and its function is to detect the weather in real time, which is of high value in a specific environment.

The live-point navigation map is a map that shows your location and current map. It is an artifact to break through the maze.

As for the strongest combat power...

This is also a certificate, which is similar to the legendary certificate. It belongs to the type of fox and tiger prestige, which is of little use to Kuroyoshi.

"The strongest combat power: This is the proof of the strongest combat power of the Straw Hat Pirates. Wearing it, you will have the strongest spirit (Five Emperors, One Piece, and the world's No. 1 swordsman are all beaten down by me with two fists. )."

After reading the introduction, Kuroyoshi put away the props, and then sat in a chair to drink coffee in his spare time, waiting for Luffy to bring the hair of the rest of the straw hat group.

In fact, he only cares about Brook's Huangquan Fruit...

Although he can't drink the demon marrow liquid that has side effects, he can use the items that appear based on his ability.

About ten minutes.

The door of the cafe was opened.

Kuraki thought he was from the Straw Hat Pirates, but when he looked up, he found someone unexpected.

Well, it's not all right to say that it's unexpected, this person will find it completely as expected, but he didn't expect to find it so soon.

Blond, wearing sunglasses, pink feather coat and cropped trousers, wearing pointed shoes.

——Don Quixote Doflamingo.

He was also followed by a little girl in a spotted dress, with single-sided glasses on her left eye, her sister's head, and a basket full of grapes in her hand.

She did not eat the grapes one by one, but embeds the grapes with her five fingers and ate them one by one.Every time I eat one, my face will overflow with a bright smile.


Doflamingo looked around in the shop, and finally his eyes fell on Kuroyoshi, with a weird smile, "I have been looking for a long time on the island, but I didn't expect to sit in a café openly."

"The king of the other world, when we first met, I am Don Quixote Doflamingo of Qiwuhai under the king. I want to cooperate with you."

Chapter 26 I Don't Like Looking Up at Others

"Doflamingo..." Kuroyoshi glanced at him, took a sip from the cup, and smiled: "As Qiwuhai, is it really okay to come to me at this time?"

"Identity is only used to facilitate things. If identity becomes an obstacle, then I will discard it without hesitation." Doflamingo took a unique step and swaggered to sit down opposite Kuroyoshi.The little girl granulated sugar also sat aside holding the basket.

"Really?" Kurayoshi said nonchalantly: "So, what do you want to work with me?"



Cangji looked at Brother Ming suspiciously.

"Fufurfuru..." Ming Ge said with a strange smile: "You probably don't know. Apart from the identity of Qiwuhai, I am also the largest arms dealer in the underground world. I have private transactions with most forces in the world."


"As mercenaries, you also need weapons!"