Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 421

"So you are here to sell weapons?"

"Yes, I have the most advanced factory in the world and can produce..."

"If you are only here to sell weapons, please go back!" Kurayoshi interrupted him and said, "Do you think I, who owns everything in the world, don't have my own weapons production factory?"

When the conversation was interrupted, Brother Ming looked a little embarrassed.

But after listening to the follow-up words of Kurayoshi, his face changed for a while, and he smiled again, "Since the king of the other world doesn't need weapons, let's talk about employment!"

"Oh, you need to hire a ninja?"

Kuroyoshi looked at Brother Ming suspiciously.

As Qiwuhai, but also the king of the Kingdom of Dresrosa, Ming Ge's influence is not small.

He has no shortage of troops at all.

Moreover, even if you really want to hire, you will know the strength of the other party in advance.

Or is it so hard that he thought I would work for someone else because of money?

Thinking of this, Kuraki quickly said: "Say it first. Although I am a mercenary leader, I will not work for other people. If you want to hire me, you should stop this plan as soon as possible."

"Of course I am not naive enough to think that you can use money to please the king of the other world. I mean the people who hired you, um, ninja, right?

"Yes." Kuroyoshi nodded, "However, although they are also ninjas, they are different from those in Wano Country. We have to be more professional and powerful."

"Oh, if you are stronger and more professional than the ninja of Wano Country, then the commission can be raised." Ming Ge looked excited.

This made Kuroyoshi very strange.

You are the employer, how can the commission increase and still look excited?

As if seeing what Kuroyoshi was thinking, Ming Ge explained: "Please don't get me wrong, it is not that I want to hire, but to introduce customers to you."


Kuroyoshi understood it instantly.

As the largest supplier of weapons in the underground society, most of the forces Ming Ge has contact with are countries or pirates at war.

These forces need strength, not just weapons, mercenaries also need them.

If Ming Ge can take the lead, he will soon be able to expand the employment business in this world.


"Sorry, I don't need it." Kuroyoshi said calmly.

The smile on Brother Ming stopped abruptly, "Can you tell me the reason?"

"Because I don't need it!"

Kuroyoshi picked up the cup and drank the remaining coffee, and said, "It won't be long before the whole world will see our power. Then, those who need it will naturally come to the door."

"Fufurfuru..." Ming Ge smiled and said, "It seems that you are not only confident in yourself, but also confident in your subordinates!"

"Do you think there is only one strong in a world?" Kuroyoshi ignored Brother Ming.

Brother Ming's face sank.

He found that he had made a fatal mistake.

Because Kurayoshi calls himself the mercenary leader, his men are just a group of ninja mercenaries.

He subconsciously regarded them as a force in another world, similar to the navy, the four emperors, the Qiwuhai or the pirates of other countries.

But now it seems that the opponent and the mercenary group he leads dominate the entire world and are the same power as the world government.

I didn't expect the report to be true.

No, those reports are actually advertisements made by this guy!

Brother Ming understood at this moment and let out a strange smile, "Fufurfuru..."

"So that's it, I underestimated the king of the alien world, but is it really underestimated?"

Brother Ming stood up, his height of more than three meters made him look down on Kuroyoshi.

No, it doesn't look like it, he is looking down, with a provocative smile on his face, "Although you say that, the reports are full of your exaggerated deeds, but are they all true?"

As the arrogant words fell, a frenzied momentum radiated from Brother Ming.

Suddenly, the air vibrated, the sky and the earth turned pale, and the tables and chairs nearby were blown to both sides.

Kuroyoshi glanced at the trembling seat, then raised his head to look at Brother Ming, and said lightly: "I don't like looking up at others."

The voice is very flat, but beyond doubt.

A stronger and more domineering aura radiated from Kurayoshi's body, violently breaking through Ming's aura, and pressing on him like a mountain.

Such boldness!?

Brother Ming's eyes widened instantly, his body strenuously resisting the pressure, shaking constantly.

Can't be wrong, this overlord color that is ten times stronger than me, even Kaido never possessed.

This is the courage that the true master of the world can possess.


The momentum materialized, forming a wave of air that crushed the tables and chairs, and the sugar sitting aside was also affected by the pond fish. "Oh," he squatted on the ground, and a basket of grapes was scattered everywhere.

"Kneel down!"

Kuroyoshi's lips lightly opened, and he uttered unquestioned words.

Brother Ming felt that the pressure became stronger in an instant, and gradually bent his knees while pressing him.

"This is really overbearing!" Ming Ge laughed wildly, "Kick the line!"

The right leg kicked violently with silk thread.

But just when the whip leg was about to hit, a more violent air wave erupted from Kurayoshi's body, and Ming Ge's tall body smashed through the wall like a broken kite and flew out.

The waves are calm.

Cangji stood up and walked step by step towards the hole in the wall that Brother Ming had hit.