Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 422

Suddenly, there was a child's cry in the store.


Kuroyoshi looked back, and saw the sugar kneeling on the ground and crying, his tender arms still had a bright red color, and he looked like a child who had suffered a disaster. It was extremely pitiful.

However, Kuroyoshi sneered.

This little girl who seems to be only a few years old is actually 22 years old, and she has been burning, killing and looting with Ming Ge for 10 years.

However, because of the side effects of childlike fruits, her body is always fixed at the moment of eating the fruits.

Of course, paying such a price, the ability gained is naturally extraordinary.

She can turn the life touched by her hands into a toy, and make the existence of this life disappear in everyone's memory, as if it had never existed.

It is worth mentioning that this is a rule-level ability, and there is no solution. Even if the opponent is a hundred times stronger than him, it will become a toy whenever it is touched.

She was pretending to be pitiful at the moment, just trying to attract Kurayoshi over and touch him with her hands to turn him into a toy.

Chapter 27 Sniping More than Ten Kilometers Away

This ability must be obtained.

Moreover, you can also try to see if you can crack this ability.

Thinking about this, Kuroyoshi separated a shadow clone and walked towards Sugar, while the body continued to chase in the direction where Brother Ming flew out.

Susu saw that Kurayoshi suddenly turned into two, and her eyes stared.

The shadow avatar came to Susu, looked at her blankly, and then stretched out her right hand, "Get the ability first, let's talk about it!"


Cangji walked past more than 20 collapsed houses and found Brother Ming in a sunken and cracked mountain bag.

His condition is not very good, the whole person is embedded in the cracks, and his chest is stained red with blood.

But even so, after seeing Kuroyoshi come over again, he still laughed rebelliously, "Fufurfuru... is indeed the king of the alien world, and it is only strong or weak as the report said."

Kuroyoshi looked down at him expressionlessly, "Although you have been testing my level, but you should know the consequences of random inquires into the power of others!"

"Of course." Ming Ge continued to smile, and his right hand that sneaked into the mountain bag flicked, "But I didn't make any preparations, so I came to see you and flick the line."


The silk thread shoots out like a bullet.

Kuroyoshi gently drew sideways and looked at him with contempt, "Is this your preparation?"

"of course not."

As the words fell, the mountain bag embedded in the soil shook violently, then cracked and collapsed.

In the smoke and dust, Ming Ge's figure soared into the sky, flying away like a swing on the invisible silk thread, and fled thousands of meters in an instant.


"This is your preparation?"

Kuroyoshi, who was supposed to be on the ground, suddenly appeared in front of Brother Ming in the air, and flew in the air without using any foreign objects.

Brother Ming was stunned for a moment, and soon raised his arm and waved vigorously at Kuroyoshi, "Drop the rogue line!"


The almost transparent silk threads cross each other, forming the deciduous buns and strong silk threads running through the top of Kuraji's head.

But before the silk thread fell, the ending sword penetrated Ming's body in advance.

The power of destruction broke out, and Ming's body collapsed a little bit from the hole.

"Hmph, see you next time!" Ming Ge showed a smug smile.

Kuroyoshi frowned, and with a wave of his horizontal sword, his collapsing body was divided into two parts.

Looking at the thread dissipating in the air, Kuraki muttered to himself, "You are smart, if you can take this immortality, then spare your life."

While speaking, Kuroyoshi took out a giant shuriken from the system space.

He imagined the appearance of Brother Ming in his mind, and then threw it out to the sky.

The shuriken was spinning rapidly, tearing the air, and disappearing into the sky quickly when the air conditioner turned in one direction.

Intercontinental Shuriken, a prop forged from the body tissue of Kakuto.

As long as the target is in your mind when throwing, you can hit it even if it is eight hundred miles away.


Outside the island, Ming was flying at high speed with sugar and floating clouds, with a jealous smile on his face.

"Young Master, is it okay to have a bad relationship with the King of the Other World like this?" Sugar said with some worry: "Let's not talk about his power, that is, he himself is also a master of masters. If he comes to trouble in the future, it will be difficult to deal with. of."

"Fufurfuru..." Ming Ge said with a weird smile: "This is just a test, and it's not a big deal.

As a mercenary, it is normal for him to be questioned and tempted before he has no reputation or shows strength to his employer.

He was upset at best, and he would never specifically trouble me, as time passed."

"That's it."

The sugar is clear.

At this time, there was a scream of air from behind.

The expressions of the two changed, and when they looked back, they saw a shuriken more than one meter in diameter chasing them, spinning at high speed.

Brother Ming was shocked and said: "What are you kidding? It's more than ten kilometers away from Chambord Land. How did you snipe us? Is it the power of Devil Fruit?"

"Isn't his devil fruit ability a clone?" Sugar said in doubt.

She actually saw Kuroyoshi separate out a clone, regardless of temperament, momentum, voice, and appearance.

Being stared at by the clone, she didn't even dare to gasp, for fear that the other party would be killed by anger.

If it wasn't for that clone who was stupid and had to touch her own hands and be turned into a toy, she might have been there forever.

But what about this shuriken?