Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 423

I can't figure it out, and I don't have time for Ming Ge to think about it.

The giant shuriken is so fast that it has chased behind him in the blink of an eye.

Brother Ming hung the thread on the higher clouds, pulled it with strength, and flew high, and the shuriken flew under his feet.

But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the shuriken turned around and continued to fly towards him.

"Automatic tracking!" Ming Ge's face changed slightly, and then he was angry, "What about tracking? Just a large shuriken, do you want my life? Five-color thread!"

Accompanied by an angry shout, Ming Ge waved his big hand, and the thin transparent thread fell from the sky and turned into a sharp blade to cut everything.


The shuriken hit the five-color line and was stopped.

It's just that the shuriken was not cut apart, nor did it stop rotating, but it turned faster on the wire and rubbed fierce sparks.

"Can't you stop like this?"

Brother Ming's face changed again, and the free left hand used a parasitic thread to wrap around the hole in the center of the shuriken, and then pulled and flicked, turning the shuriken out of sight.

Brother Ming stared at the place where the sword disappeared in his hand. He didn't see the shuriken coming back for a long time before he breathed a sigh of relief, "It seems that it has been resolved."

"It seems so!" Granulated Sugar echoed.

"Hurry up and go back to Dresrosa. The methods of this king of the outside world are more powerful than imagined."


Brother Ming continued on the road with sugar, but before he flew far, a stern whistling came from behind him again.

Brother Ming's face changed, and when he looked back, he saw the afterimage of high-speed spinning imprinted in his eyes.


The speed is faster, almost the moment Ming brother saw the shuriken, he was cut in half, and the blood was thrown into the sky.

And the shuriken has completed its mission, ignoring the body that fell into the sea, ignoring the scream of sugar, and flew to Chambord Island.

It wants to return to its owner.

However, it didn't know that Brother Ming, whose body was cut in two, did not die immediately.

Just when the lower body was about to fall into the sea, dense silk threads hung from the port of the upper body and entangled the lower body.

Then, with a violent pull, the lower body flew back, closed at the fracture, and stitched with more silk threads to restore it to a whole.

After doing all this, he was sweating profusely and his face was pale, "If you slow down, you will really die."

As he said, he looked at the direction where the shuriken disappeared with lingering fears, "That thing is something that will not stop if it does not hit the target. The more resistance it is delayed, the stronger its power will be, and it should be endured from the beginning. Attacking."

Chapter 28 The Wonderful Flower Pot

Chambord Island.

When Cangji returned to the messy cafe, a panda doll stood in front of him and swayed back and forth.

"Hey, your shaking in front of you is an eyesore!" Kurayoshi reminded.

But the puppet still shook in front of him.

Just when Kuroyoshi was getting impatient, the puppet sealed in front of him.

Of course, nothing happened.

However, when he saw the seal, Kurayoshi frowned.

That is the seal of the shadow clone.

This guy

Is it a coincidence?

Kuroyoshi always felt that there was some peacekeeping, as if he had forgotten something.

At this time, there was a whistling outside.

The Intercontinental Shuriken spun and broke the glass, and stopped in front of Kuroyoshi, with blood dripping from it.

"It looks like I hit Brother Ming, but I don't know if he died, and that sugar"

Halfway through, Kuroyoshi was stunned.

Sugar came with Brother Ming, her ability is a BUG, ​​why would she let her leave?

Even if you want to chase down Brother Ming, you can deal with sugar with shadow clones or dolls!

Thinking of this, Cangji suddenly looked at the panda puppet in front of him, thinking of a thought in his mind.


Cangji made the seal of releasing the shadow clone, and immediately, the panda doll in front of him turned into smoke and disappeared.

At the same time, a memory is transferred to the body.

When chasing Ming Ge, I noticed granulated sugar, used the shadow clone to obtain her body tissues, and tried to see if she could restore her original state with her own strength.

As a result, the shadow clone could not resist the sugar's ability, nor could it rely on its own strength to change back.

At the moment he became a toy, his chakra, physical strength, and vitality disappeared, and he became a real panda doll.

His existence also disappeared in the insider's memory.

"These BUG-level abilities" Kuroyoshi said in deep thought, "Be careful in the future."

There are many BUG fruits in One Piece World, memory fruits, luck fruits, backward fruits, ghost fruits, sweet fruits

This has only appeared in the anime of Pirate, and the master of ability is also very weak.Those who have never appeared before, and those with strong masters must also exist.

Such as Yimu's coordinate fruit.

Although that thing is not at the rule level, but in the hands of the strong, the powerful fruit is already very powerful.

If the strong have the fruit of the rule level

Think about it, if CP0s who can shave have the ability of childlike fruits, what would it be like?

It's not a touch or death, but it's almost there.