Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 424

At their speed, there is hardly anyone left untouched.

Kuroyoshi poured himself a cup of coffee, sat at the bar and tasted it slowly, waiting for Luffy to bring her companion's hair over.

On the way, he forged the body tissues of Brother Ming and Sugar into props.

It's just two bottles of Demon Marrow Liquid, and there is no realizing item of ability.

Not long after, Luffy came with his companion's hair.

After handing the hair to Kuroyoshi, he asked some details about saving Ace and left.

Kuroyoshi forged all these hair strands into props.

However, Frankie himself did not have too much potential, nor did he spread a broad outline. His hair was not enough to be a special material, nor could he forge props.

This is also normal.

Although Frankie is a member of the protagonist group, he is taking the scientific and technological route, and he does not have the scientific talents of Bergapunk.

Sauron's hair forged a bottle of Lu Chi spray, after using it, it can turn people into Lu Chi spray.

What Sanji forged is a gentleman's heart, with specific effects

Keke, you know.

Robin forged a bottle of devil's marrow flower and a wonderful flowerpot.

"Wonderful flowerpot: a flowerpot full of miracles, which can make the soil filled into it always full of vitality, making plants grow faster and become more luxuriant. Note: The size of the flowerpot will automatically change with the size of the plant."

Seeing this thing, Kuroyoshi's first reaction was to plant a sacred tree.

He has the seeds of the sacred tree, and he also has the golden kela to accelerate the growth of plants, but there is no soil for the growth of the sacred tree.

Because the sacred tree grows by absorbing the vitality of the planet, if you want the sacred tree to change from a seed to a big tree and bear fruit, you can almost turn a planet into a dead star.

For this reason, Kuroyoshi has not been planted.

But now that he had this wonderful flowerpot, he no longer had to estimate the problem of the sacred tree absorbing vitality.

Immediately, Cangji didn't care about forging other props, and directly filled the wonderful flowerpot with soil, and then planted the seeds of the sacred tree.

Afterwards, they were fertilized with Jinke La, which directly allowed the seeds to take root and sprout and became a big tree with a canopy covering hundreds of meters.

Jinkela will produce one copy every year, and one copy will make plants grow for a hundred years.

When Cangji got Jinke La, he poured out the fertilizer and packed it in other packaging bags.

Now, one year has passed since the item was obtained, and a new copy has been produced.

Therefore, he owns two Jinkela, allowing the sacred tree to directly obtain the age of two hundred years.

Towering trees suddenly grew on the island, attracting a lot of people's attention, and more and more people came here.

Not wanting to attract people's attention, Kuroyoshi collected the sacred tree into the divine power space.

With wonderful flower pots, the growth of the sacred tree no longer needs to consider the external environment.

After putting away the sacred tree, Kurayoshi found a remote suburb to continue forging props.

Chopper forged the Devil Marrow Liquid of Everyone's Fruit and a spare grain machine.

It is an artificial food machine that can absorb air and transform it into food, which is still cooked.

The taste is not very good, otherwise there will be a free chef.

Brook forged the Devil's Marrow Liquid of Huangquan Fruit and the promised oath and the King of Souls.

The agreed oath is a blank contract. You can fill in the content of the contract by yourself and trigger it by dripping blood with the agreed person.

After completion, both parties who signed the contract must not violate the content of the contract.

The King of Souls is a string of skull necklaces. After wearing it, it has the ability to see the soul and kill the ghost of the soul.

This thing is very strong.

However, Kurayoshi's reincarnating eyes and reincarnation writing round eyes can see spirits such as ghosts, and various ninjutsu seals can also harm spirits, so it is not necessary.

After forging the props of the owners of the Straw Hat Pirate Group, Kuroyoshi was ready to return to the Ninja World.

At the beginning of the war at the top, he has to build the crossing gate from the Ninja World to the Pirate World, so that the power of the Ninja World will be shown to the world.

However, he was just about to tear the space apart when a woman came from a distance.

Exquisite features, delicate skin, long hair, tall figure, slender thighs, and a colorful python behind him.

This woman came in styles, without making any seductive expressions or gestures, but showing her charming feelings.

Occasionally a passerby will involuntarily be attracted attention, and then turn into stone one by one.

Chapter 29 Back to Ninja World

The blue sky and white clouds, the sun is shining.

The street is the stage, Yaoyang is the spotlight, the passersby are the spectators, and the women walking on the street are as eye-catching as star models.

It's beautiful, from the body to the appearance to the temperament is impeccable, anyone who looks at it will look at it, and produce all kinds of emotions.

Or lust, admiration, or stunning...

But no matter what it is, as long as you have a good impression of that person's beauty and immerse yourself in it, you will be petrified.

This is the sweet fruit ung ability, and also the charm and strength of Hancock as the "Emperor" and "The World's No. 1 Beauty".

Heart of beauty in everyone.

Even gay or normal women will be attracted when they see such beauty and temperament, even if it is not a lust, just simply appreciate beautiful things.

Not to mention a man of normal orientation.

The solemn and upright Lieutenant Mole also needs to self-mutilate to stay awake.

As a man of sound mind and body, Kurayoshi is still amazed by the beauty of the empress even though he is not a pornographic and has seen many beautiful women.

Although real people are not more beautiful than anime, they are more real and can feel the strong queen aura.

Hancock stopped in front of Kuraki, with his left hand hanging beside him, his right hand stuck in the waist of the man, his eyes looked up and down with a little contempt.

To be honest, this is unreasonable.