Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 426

"Isn't there a jet lag?" Kurayoshi said: "I have already explored the world over there. It is a vast and chaotic world, and there will be too many tasks to complete."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Lei Ying took the table and stood up and said: "Hurry up to establish a crossing gate, pick up the commissioned tasks, and cut off cooperation with big names from various countries. Without military sponsorship, some of the people below are almost out of food.

Kuroyoshi unified the Ninja World, but did not unify the power of ordinary countries.

He feels that the personnel he manages are divided into two classes: ordinary people and supernatural powerhouses. He has been okay. If he is absent, class antagonism will inevitably occur over time.

So simply separate the supernatural class of the Ninja world from the ordinary class to form two worlds that do not affect each other.

Of course, the so-called non-influence is only non-interference in each other's regime.

Ninjas will no longer accept war or assassination missions in various countries, but only accept tasks such as guarding or dispelling bandits to maintain order and novice ninja.

At the same time, the Sky City will be open to ordinary people, allowing them to open stores and go to other worlds for trade.

Only in this way can the currencies of the two worlds circulate, and the income of the ninjas in the alien world can be consumed in the two worlds.

Of course, these complicated things are handled by professionals, and Kuroyoshi does not need to worry about them.

What he has to do now is to establish a safe passage to the two worlds.

Chapter Thirty Through the Door

"Lei Ying, don't worry."

Kuroyoshi pressed his hand, scanned the crowd and said, "Before establishing the crossing gate, I will tell you the situation there. By the way, I will integrate the current situation of the Ninja World to make the best choice."

"It should be so."

The crowd nodded slightly.

Then, Kurayoshi explained the situation of Pirate World one by one.

Mainly the manifestation of power over there, strength and division of forces, situation and so on.

At the same time, Kuroyoshi also learned about the current situation in the Ninja World.

The unification of the ninja is not just as simple as the superposition of military power.

Ninjutsu technology of various countries is also integrating with each other.

The scientific research team headed by Dashemaru improved the Chakra armor of the Snow Country and incorporated the characteristics of the fairy feather suit. It can not only defend against ninjutsu, but also greatly improve physical defense.

At the same time, it also greatly improves the overall strength of people.

This is a good thing for the entire Ninja world.

The power contrast between the Ninja World and the Pirate World cannot be said to be strong or weak.

The wheel of large-scale destruction must be good at Ninja World, and if it is physical fitness, it must be strong at Pirate World.

Moreover, in terms of the power of the bottom, the people in the Pirate World are generally higher than the Ninja World.

After all, the competition at the bottom relies more on physical skills or weapons. In this regard, the Ninja world is almost crushed by the pirates.

Without this armor, when performing missions in Pirate World, he would surely pay several times more serious casualties.

In addition to the Chakra armor, scientific endurance equipment is also being developed.

There is not much research result yet.

It's just that various weapons with strange characteristics are forged through the techniques of Takumi Shinobu.

Some people may want to ask, are these props so easy to manufacture in batches?

Here, Kuroyoshi will say: Yes, it is that easy.

These things are difficult to popularize, one is because the technology is in the hands of a few people, and at the same time there is a lack of funds and the rare metals needed for forging.

But now the world of ninja is unified, technology is shared by all research departments in ninja village, and funds are also collectively funded.

And rare metals...

Kuroyoshi had handed over the metal producer to Dashemaru a long time ago, making it more convenient for him to research and develop the pass through door.

There are such things, rare metals or something, it's not a problem at all.

In addition to basic personnel equipment, there are also many strategic weapons.

In addition to the Star Destroyer in Yunyin Village, the two reincarnation eyes that Cangji brought back from the moon...

One of them was used as the energy source for the operation of the city in the sky, and the other was placed in the arsenal as a nuclear weapon and sealed.

In this regard, Kurayoshi felt that it was not enough.

After all, the Pirate World also has ancient weapons.

Not to mention the heavenly king, the sea king is also an exterminating existence.

The sea kings whose bodies are bigger than islands, and the bigger things that eat sea kings larger than islands as fry.

Aquaman can command and control these terrifying creatures, a flick of the tail can set off a tsunami of extinction, and a country can be swallowed with one bite...

In fact, it is not impossible for the legendary Pluto who can shoot one island to have hundreds or thousands of cannons.

Although the ancient weapons over there may not all be the enemy, if there are no weapons to check and balance each other, many places are passive.

Therefore, Cangji took out the Deep Sea Orb, Sun Orb, Thunder Orb and other props to let the scientific research team build weapons.


After discussing for a while, Liang Tianping concluded: "That is to say, there is a world-focused war in the world over there. We have to rescue Ace in that war and show the world our strength, right!"

"That's right." Kuroyoshi nodded, "Because the mission goal is to rescue Ace, not to start a war, I am going to lead a few elites."

"It's nothing, it's just to help the pirate rob the magic field..." Gaara frowned, a little reluctant.

"We are mercenaries and cannot be biased towards any position. As long as someone entrusts us, we will pick up the task..." Kuroyoshi smiled: "Of course, it depends on the ninjas themselves. ."

"In this case, you don't have to worry about going against your heart." Tsunade nodded.

In the past, there were few tasks and commissions could not feed the village, so they needed sponsorship from a big name, and they would also take on many tasks that were against their nature and inhumane.

But it's different now.

If you can promote your business in One Piece World, there is no shortage of tasks.

It is entirely possible to maintain the justice in the heart while obtaining money.