Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 427

"So, who will be selected for the team this time?" Shui Ying asked.

"This is an opportunity to show our strength to the Pirate World, so as the leader of Nagato, the Five Shadows will go, and then another selection will be launched and 10 elites will be selected to go together."



Because of the flow of time, the trials started immediately after the meeting and ended in half an hour.

The 10 people selected were Dedalla, Scorpion, Itachi, Xiaonan, Kakashi, Metka, Bai, Yumuren, Ryohei, and Huangtu.

Loess and white are named specially by Cangji.

The loess's soil escape is very powerful, can greatly change the terrain, and its role in war is too strong.

The white ice shield can move in mirror reflection, which has a miraculous effect on saving people.

This is the battle Kuroyoshi is not ready to shoot.

Because this is to show the world the power of Ninja, not oneself.

If you do it yourself, it will definitely hide their light.

After selecting the personnel, start to build the crossing gate.

In fact, Kurayoshi's power cannot establish a door that exists for a long time, but he has props.

He first transferred the space gap opened by the expansion of the moon to the sky city, and then tore the gap wide.

Then kick the expansion Qiudaoyu into the turbulent flow of time and space, and use the time and space door to jam the gap.

In this way, there is a crossing door linking the turbulence of time and space.

But to safely access the world on the other side, this alone is not enough.

So Kuroyoshi took out the bridge.

This is a prop forged from Xiao Nan, which can build a safe bridge to the destination anywhere.

Kuroyoshi erected the bridge in the turbulent flow of time and space that passed through the door to the Pirate World, allowing the door that could only travel in time to open at the other end of the Pirate World.

In this way, the crossing door is completed.

In front of the towering gate.

Nagato, Gokage stands in front, and behind them are ten elites selected to go to Pirate World.

Looking at the people below, Kuroyoshi nodded, "Go."


Pirate World.

Chambord Island.

Commercial District No. 16.

On the busy street, a door suddenly appeared.

Pedestrians on the street cast curious eyes.

Suddenly, the door opened.

The people in the Ninja world headed by Kuroyoshi came out.

They looked around, and the architectural style, race, and clothes that were obviously different from the Ninja world gave them a bright sense of freshness.

"This is really another world!" Someone couldn't help but sigh.

"Let’s see the client first. According to the time flow, it has been almost a month since this book, and they should be anxious."

Chapter 31 Visitors

"What about here, don't you need to take care of it?" Itachi pointed to the crossing door behind him, but looked at the pedestrians on the road, "If no one is looking after, someone will break in!"

"Ah, I almost forgot." Kuroyoshi suddenly took out two pictures and pasted them on the door. "That's it."

"Isn't this Konkotetsu and Izumo?" Tsunade couldn't help but feel strange seeing the characters in the painting.

Kakashi and Metkai, who knew Gangzi Tezumo, also felt different, while the others who didn't know were wondering who these two people were, and they could be remembered by Kuroyoshi and painted a portrait.

Kuroyoshi smiled slightly, "Yes, it's the two of them, so just have this one."

"Door God: A portrait of a gatekeeper with legendary majesty. Paste it on the door without the invitation of the owner. No matter who dares to rush into it."

This is a prop forged from Gangzi Tetsu and Izumo.

After all, this is to make Itachi and the ghost shark only sneak in from the enchantment node, make Payne dare not walk through the gate, make the dirt only dare to sneak in, and make Madara dare not to attack Konoha's legendary boss comic.

However, although there is no need to worry about someone breaking in, it is not a problem to leave the door here.

After all, the future communication between the Ninja World and the Pirate World will pass through this door, and there is no secret if too many people are watching.

and so

"There is also a city or a sub-base here." Cangji's eyes lit up, and he clapped his palms together, "The art of stubbornness."

"Boom Rumble"

The earth shook for a while, and the place where everyone stood under the feet quickly rose up, and a big mountain soon formed.

Looking at the tiny figure at the bottom of the mountain, Liang Tianping couldn't help but admire: "Just pull up the mountain, no one can match this talent!"

"You old devil are old enough to flatter you, aren't you ashamed?" Deidara couldn't help but mock.

Liang Tianping not only didn't care about it, but took pride in saying: "What do you kid know? This is life experience!"

Deidara didn't say anything, just turned his head in disdain.

Although the two have a close relationship, they can't understand each other's beliefs.If you don't want to be speculative, this is the situation at this time.

"Someone from below is going to rush up." Nagato said lightly.

Hearing this, everyone looked at it together, and there was indeed a group of people hesitating under the mountain.

"In this world, no one knows us, and no one is in awe, so" Nagato looked at Kurayoshi, "Do you want to let the world see our power here?"

"Don't mess around. If you mess around, you will be treated as terrorists," Tsunade reminded.