Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 428

"But our boss is already considered a terrorist!" Deidara said disapprovingly.

Tsunade was silent about this.

Kuroyoshi killed the world's most powerful and powerful, and it is unrealistic to think of a good reputation.

Just like the previous Ninja World, if someone assassinates Daimyo, the entire Ninja World is wanted.

"No, that group is just moths. Although their status is high, not everyone agrees." Kuroyoshi looked at the people down the mountain, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. "Moreover, the people below are not here to make trouble, they are employers. There are also power groups that come up to seek cooperation."

"Then make a way for them!" Tu Ying looked at Huang Tu.

Huang Tu nodded and patted his hands.

Suddenly, the soil rolled, forming a ladder leading to the top of the mountain.

The people below looked at the sudden formation of the stairs in surprise, and everyone was surprised, and then someone took the lead and walked up.

The others looked at each other and followed.

On the mountain.

Terumi Ming looked at the person who came up, pointed to the bare mountain top, and said, "Since it is a guest, do you want to talk here?"

"how is this possible."

Kuroyoshi smiled, clasped his palms together, "Mu Dun's four seasons of flowers blooming."

Suddenly, the buds propped up the soil and quickly grew into flowers and trees.The bare mountain instantly turned into a place of fantasy where the four seasons coexist.

"Those guys on the top who are seeking cooperation may wait for opportunities to try and try. You should be careful."

The physical strength of the ninja is really fragile.

Even Raikage would die if hit by a boulder.

However, the ninja has chakras, which can explode inhuman strength and speed, and it can be more durable.

Different ways of using chakra will make this blessing different.

More advanced uses are Raikage’s Thunder Armor, Tsunade’s Weird Fist, Eight Doors Dunjia, and Immortal Mode

But these are all applications of Chakra.

If you are carelessly attacked, you will be killed before you can use Chakra.

In the previous meeting, Kurayoshi had told them about the power system differences between the Pirate World and the Ninja World.

At the first contact at this time, Kurayoshi worried that these guys were careless, so he reminded it again.

However, his worries are somewhat redundant.

Everyone here is a master, it is difficult to make that kind of low-level mistakes.

Seeing everyone nodding seriously, Cangji nodded, took out the portable cabin, and prepared to wait with everyone in the living room.



There was a huge roar from the mountainside, and the whole mountain shook for a while.

Everyone frowned in unison.

"Is that the world government you mentioned calling?" Nagato asked, and the others looked over.

"Probably not!" Kuroyoshi scratched his head and said: "The world government is now expanding its strength and is still preparing for the upcoming war on the top. It is impossible to trouble me at this time."

"Then what's going on?"

"It should be the enemy who met!"

There were several waves of people who came here.

In addition to the Straw Hat Pirates, there are also the Aunt Pirates, the Beast Pirates, revolutionaries and many national forces.

When they saw the report of the Economic News Agency, they wanted to contact Kuroyoshi to start cooperation.

But because of the distance, Kuroyoshi had already returned to the Ninja World when he arrived.

However, they also learned from the Straw Hat Pirates that Kuroyoshi had returned to their world to gather his men, so they had been patiently waiting for Kuroyoshi to return.

At this time, after discovering the vision here, he rushed right there immediately.

Some of them know each other, some don't know each other, and some have grudges.

Fighting on the mountainside were the undead Marco of the Whitebeard Pirates and the Drought Jack of the Beast Pirates.

The reason why they fight is not because of deep hatred, but because they dislike each other.

Yes, they just dislike each other.

Although the two pirate groups competed for territory in the new world, and were beaten to death on weekdays, many of their companions died in the hands of each other.

But as a pirate, life and death fights are commonplace. No one has done anything wrong, and it is impossible to hate each other because of this kind of conflict of interests.

But he will certainly not like each other.

Naturally, disagreeable to each other, and provocation to each other becomes the norm.

Chapter 32 Marko and Jack

Since Ace was arrested and the news of the public execution was released, the White Beard Pirates had disappeared from the public eye.

Whether it was the pirates of the New World, or the navy, neither had any news about the Whitebeard Pirates.

Even its affiliated Pirate Group disappeared.

Everyone knows that they are preparing for the coming war.

Marco came to the island of Chambord to contact Kuroyoshi, meaning white beard.

The world government is facing world conscription this time, and the navy will change from three to five.

The power of head-on collision

Even the strongest pirate group in the world is somewhat powerless.

Whitebeard had thought of attacking Impel Grand Prison before execution or robbing people on the way to Impel Grand Prison to the navy headquarters.