Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 429

However, the terrain of Impel Grand Prison is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Unless the entire prison is destroyed outside, it is difficult to win in a short time if the entire prison is attacked frontally.

As time goes on, the support of the navy headquarters will feel it, and it will form a double-sided attack.

At that time, the situation will be one-sided.

And hijacked the ship on the way to transfer prisoners

If you can inquire about the time and route for the Navy to transfer Ace, it is indeed the best choice.

It's a pity that the Whitebeard Pirates could not inquire about such naval secrets.

Therefore, his last choice was to rob the law court during execution.

However, in the face of the navy's extremely expanding power, the White Beard Pirates' odds of winning are too low.

Seeking foreign aid became the only option.

Originally, with the pride of white beard, it was possible to ask someone for help anyway.

But this was to save his family, and Baibeard did not hesitate to put his hands down to seek power from the outside world.

However, he also knows that most people in this world are careerists, and it is impossible for anyone to help him at this time.

Therefore, when he killed the Tianlongren and flattened the Holy Land, Kuroyoshi, who was called the Lord of the Devil by the world government, came into the eyes of White Beard.

Are you not a mercenary?

Then I will hire you.

So, Whitebeard sent Marco, who was able to fly, quietly to Chambord Island to contact Kuroyoshi.

It's a pity that Marco came to a step.

Kuroyoshi has returned to the Ninja World.

In order to find Kuroyoshi, he inquired all the way and finally found the Straw Hat Pirates.

During the contact, the Straw Hats knew that Marco was the partner in the way, they readily told him the news of Kuroyoshi, and together they waited for Kuroyoshi to return from the Ninja World on Chambord Island.

As a result, more and more forces inquired about Kuroyoshi's news and found the Straw Hat Pirates.

Many of these people are pirates and are used to rampant domineering, even if they are inquiring about the news, they are very rude.

The incompetent guy, of course, just let it go.

But like the Aunt Pirates, the people sent by the Beast Pirates were not so easy to dismiss.

The Straw Hats are not opponents at all.

Fortunately, Marco has been with the Straw Hat Pirates for a while.

Looking at his face, the aunt, the Pirates group kindly asked the straw hat group about Kuroyoshi's news.

This is not something that needs to be kept secret, so Luffy also told the truth.

However, the people of the Beast Pirates Group are used to being domineering, even if Marco is there, they have the attitude of the boss, my second child, and use force to force the straw hat group to spit out information.

Naturally, Marco wouldn't sit back and watch his companion's brother be bullied, so he went to the beasts and pirates.

And the person sent by the Beast Pirate Group is Drought Jack, one of the three plagues.

In terms of strength, Marco is the captain of the first team of the White Beard Pirates. He can compete with the generals. After the death of White Beard, he was called the most likely person to become the new Four Emperors.

His strength is naturally better than Drought Jack.

But one of the two is a phoenix of the phantom beast species, and the other is a mammoth fruit awakener of the ancient species.

Their destructive power is not as good as those with natural abilities, but their endurance and resistance are leveraged.

Even if Marco does a lot of damage to Jack, he can recover quickly.

The two fought a battle for three days and three nights, until the admiral of the admiral personally rushed forward, and then stopped each other.

They all have missions. If they continue to fight and attract more navy, the mission will not be completed.

As a result, the two who knew that they could not tell the winner within a short period of time stopped tacitly, and agreed to decide the winner in the future.

It should have been like this.

But the person they wanted to see came back, and both parties were anxious to see Kuroyoshi finish the task, so they fought again on the way up the mountain.

Marco was burning with blue flames, and he was full of momentum with every punch and kick.

Occasionally he spread the wings of flame with his hands and kicked in the air, kicking Jack's giant body away with one kick.

Although Jack was mostly beaten, he was attacked until the traces healed quickly visible to the naked eye, and then he wielded a straight sword on his lower body and a sharp blade on his upper body like a casual person.

However, under Marco's stormy attack, it is difficult for him to form a counterattack, mostly resisting the opponent's attack.

Even if he attacks occasionally, he will be avoided.

Even if you are lucky and cut Marko, the cut wound will be immediately wrapped in the resurrected blue flame, and it will return to the original in the blink of an eye.

The battle between the two caused the rest of the crowd to watch.

Fighting among the cadres of the Four Emperors Pirate Group is also very rare in this world.

Among them, Brin pinched her chin, her eyes flashed with strange light, and she didn't know what she was thinking.

Kata Kuli on the side said: "Let's go, don't forget our mission."

Although he was acting as a guard to protect Breen with him, the contact and conversation with the king of the other world must be completed by Breen.

But as the head of the three generals, Kata Kuri's right to speak is the highest.

Therefore, Brin nodded, smiled and replied: "Okay, brother."

After speaking, she was about to continue walking up the mountain, but saw Kata Kuri looking up towards the top of the mountain.

"what happened?"

Brin looked suspiciously, and saw a man with red hair wearing a red cloud robe with a black background flying down.A woman with wings followed.

"These two people are the subordinates of the King of Other Worlds." Brin said.

Katakuri nodded, no longer hurrying, but looked at the two with a little interest.

Their purpose is to form an alliance with the king of the other world, but if the opponent's strength is too weak, there is no need for an alliance.