Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 430

"The visitors are all guests, please stop!" Nagato said floating over the battlefield.

However, Marco wanted to stop, but Jack didn't want to.

He is a domineering and cruel man with a direct character.Things that can be solved with force are not forced.

He also wanted to test the strength of the organizer, so he ignored Nagato's words and still launched an offensive violently.

At this moment, all the people who came to visit had their eyes on Nagato and Xiaonan.

They are here to cooperate with Kuroyoshi, and naturally want to know the strength of each other.

Nagato noticed the eyes around him and knew what these people were thinking.

If you can't solve this problem perfectly, many people here will turn around and leave.

"Since you don't listen to persuasion, you can only use force, Vientiane Tianyin!"

Chapter 33 Liwei

Jack was also distracted to pay attention to Nagato's movements when he was playing against Marco.

Although he was distracted from fighting a stronger opponent and added a few wounds to his body, it was nothing for the awakening of the ancient animal species.

At this moment, seeing Nagato stretched out his hands towards them, he was not evasive because of his thick skin.

As a result, a huge suction force is generated.

The two in the battle staggered and almost fell and were dragged over.


Marco frowned, his hands turned into flames, wings flapped fiercely, and he waved a violent air current, breaking through the pull of gravity.

"Except for the boss, no one can force me to order!" Jack glared, and the weird pair of knives plunged into the ground to fight gravity.

It's just that I don't know if the knife is too sharp, or the gravity is too strong, or both.

Jack's huge body was still pulled over, leaving only two sharp scratches on the ground.

"Damn it, since you are looking for death, don't blame me!" Jack's veins violently, his huge body suddenly changed as he was sucked in.

It grows larger and wider, with thick hairs, proboscis and fangs.

"Mammoth! This is an ancient species of the animal family, mammoth fruit!"

"Jack is the awakened of the ancient animal species. No wonder he can heal no matter how bad he was before. It's too strong!"

The crowd of onlookers exclaimed.

Although the ancient species of the animal line is not as rare as the phantom beast species, it is almost the same as the natural line.

That tyrannical savage breath made everyone kind of return to the ancient times.


Jack raised his head excitedly and actively ran along the force of gravity. Every step made the ground shake. The huge size made people feel the humiliation of human beings at the low end of the food chain in the ancient times.


Jack accelerated to the limit, jumped up with the help of gravity, toward the arch of the long gate, the pair of sharp ivory glowing dangerously.

"Since you want me to come over, let me see if you can bear the power from Taikoo!"

The long facade was expressionless, and the ancient well inside was not waved.

It was just that when the mammoth colossus stabbed to the front, its body suddenly slanted sideways, and his right hand pulled the gravity back, as if throwing something pulled back, and threw Jack down the mountain.


Some people couldn't help but take a cold breath, even Katakuri and Marco couldn't help but take a breath.

This is Jack!

It's the big sign of the Beast Pirates!

Such a character was actually thrown off the mountain lightly, even though he was suspected of taking advantage of his strength

But skill is also one of personal strengths.

Nagato turned to face the people below, and said indifferently: "I am the leader of the Ninja Army, I am very glad you are here. If you have anything to discuss in the reception room, I do not want anyone to make trouble on our site. Give face."

"Wait, isn't your leader the king of another world?"

Someone questioned it.

"Kurayoshi is my boss, but he doesn't want to take care of too many things, so the position of leader is left to me." Nagato paused and continued: "Of course, his words have absolute power in our organization. , So there is nothing wrong with saying that he is the leader."

"That's it."

Everyone was stunned.

"Then, please talk to the house on the mountain!"


Everyone nodded, preparing to continue up the mountain.


The entire mountain trembled, and a huge roar came from the foot of the mountain.

"Boom boom boom"

The roar sounded continuously, and the mountain trembled violently.

"what happened!?"

A group of people tried to grasp the surrounding things to stabilize their figure, panicking to find the source of the vibration.

Nagato looked down at the foot of the mountain, her face stern and murderous.

The vision of the reincarnation eye allowed him to see the scene below.

A colossus of mammoth is constantly hitting the mountain, about to collapse the entire mountain.

"Let me go!"

Xiao Nan flew out from behind.