Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 434

For a long time, Kuroyoshi said with emotion: "I didn't expect that as the Four Emperors, you would lead the entire pirate group to come together."

"What are the four emperors and not the four emperors? We are just a group of pirates who like to travel everywhere." Shanks waved his hand nonchalantly: "I heard that you are from another world. Our brothers want to go to another world. See it."

"Oh!" A smile appeared on Kuroyoshi's face, and he tactfully refused, "Our side is the ordinary world. Compared with the world here, it is too gentle, you should not like it."

Shanks didn't seem to understand, and said nonchalantly: "Although this is the case, if you haven't seen it with your own eyes, you will definitely leave regrets in your life!"

"Are you serious?"

A gleam of light flashed through Kuraki's dreamy blue pupil.

"Isn't the king of another world welcome?"

"...If you just want to travel, you are naturally welcome. But..." Kuroyoshi's eyelids drooped slightly, and the king's aura broke out on his body, "If you come with hostility, then this is the end of your journey. ."

"Oh, oh, what a scary overlord!"

Shanks made a frightened look, and then suddenly became serious, "I didn't come to fight with you, but I want to discuss something with you alone."

Cangji restrained his domineering and commanded: "Xiao Nan, Itachi, you take Shanks's companions to rest. I will talk to him alone."

"Yeah!" Genius Pubaiyi/

The two nodded, then came to Beckman and others, and reached out to the mansion inside, "Everyone, please!"

Beckman nodded to Shanks, "Then we will go in."


"Come slowly behind the boss, let's go drinking!"

"Leave me some good wine."

"Then you hurry up and end the negotiation!"

Shanks' crew joked and went to the portable cabin, making his teeth itchy with anger.

Cangji laughed loudly, "If you want good wine, you can have as much as you want. As long as you can drink it, let you drink enough."

Shanks was stunned, and immediately laughed heartily, "Really, then I'm not welcome."

Kuroyoshi looked down the mountain, as if someone came up again, and said, "Come with me, this is not a place to discuss things."


The two sat down on the stone table in the garden behind the portable hut, and the tool man quickly brought food and wine.

And Shanks was very rude to pick up the bottle and drink, regardless of the cup brought by the tool man.

Drinking big mouthfuls, eating big pieces of meat...

Kuroyoshi had only seen such descriptions in Japanese movies before, and at one time thought that it could not exist in reality.

Such a move is too wasteful and meaningless, only a simple act of force will do it.

but now……

He saw it with his own eyes.

Shanks ignored the wine glass and took the bottle and drank, with a lot of spills on both sides of his mouth.

But Kurayoshi no longer felt that he was wasting or meaningless pretending.

The way Shanks drank fully showed his personality...

Unfettered, fearless, not caring about others' eyes, only pursuing the desire of oneself...

The man introduced himself in this way.


Shanks drank the wine in the bottle in one breath, put the bottle down, wiped his mouth, and smiled heartily: "Is this wine from another world? This is the first time I have drunk this wine!"


Cangji nodded, and ordered the tool man to bring a few more bottles of wine, and then said to Shanks, "Drink more if you like, and the wine tube is enough."

"Thank you really." Shanks grabbed a new bottle of wine again, opened it and took a sip, and asked helplessly: "Don't you ask me what I'm here for?"

"If you ask me for something, you will definitely tell me."

"Eh! This is too cunning!"

Shanks complained jokingly, then sat up straight, his expression became serious, "King of the alien world, what do you think of the current situation in this world?"

"What do you think?"

Kuroyoshi was stunned, "You came here to ask me this?"

"of course not."

Shanks smiled softly: "Just before discussing business matters, I need to confirm some conditions."


Kuroyoshi nodded, then squeezed his chin into deep thought, as if he was thinking about Shanks's question seriously.

In fact, he was speculating about Shanks's purpose in coming to him.

Finally, after deliberation, I can only think of the balance of power.

Strange to say.

As a pirate, I am not interested in something a little bit stronger in class, but like to go around the world.

At the same time, there are national leaders who are generally concerned about the world and do their best to maintain the balance of power among all parties in order to prevent a worse time from coming.

However, the balance has long been broken.

At the moment when the dragon people were killed and the holy land was leveled, all countries in the world lost their respect for the dragon people.

Although it did not directly break the skin, there are definitely many countries that will not comply with the next world conference or the payment of the heavenly gold.

Yimu also anticipated this situation, so he recruited troops worldwide to expand the government's power.

There are five navy generals, countless mid-level and high-level generals, and soldiers and weapons several times larger than before.

The spy agencies and the army are also expanding.