Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 435

Today's world government is armed to the teeth, even if the four emperors join forces, it is difficult to contend, and Qiwuhai must be added.

But Qiwuhai is on the side of the world government, the balance has been tilted further, and the balance has been broken.

At this time, only the Ninja Army that he represents can stand on the opposite side of the government to maintain balance again.

Sorting out the clues, Kuroyoshi almost knew why Shanks came to him.

So he smiled and said: "Be confused!"

"Pirates, slave merchants, bounty hunters, navy, world government..."

"The forces of all parties are constantly fighting on the sea for their own purposes. The seemingly orderly world is actually chaotic to the extreme."

"As expected to be the king who rules a world!" Shanks nodded approvingly, "So, is the king of another world interested in ruling this world?"


The wine that Kuraki had just prepared to drink spouted out, staring at Shanks incredibly.

Shanks looked at him with a smile.

Looking at Shanks like this, Kurayoshi was confused.

Ask me if I want to rule this world, what the hell is it?

Test my ambition?

No, there is no need to test ambitions at all, it can be seen from actions.

Don't understand, don't understand.

Kuroyoshi asked these words promptly: "What do you mean by this?"

"I hope you can rule this world." Shanks said firmly.

"Hope I rule the world!?"

Cangji looked at Shanks in shock, unable to recover for a long time.

This guy, why do you want me to rule the world?

Is there any reason not mentioned in the animation?

I don't know, so Kuroyoshi asked, "Are you telling the truth?"

"The truth."

"Then why do you want me to rule the world?"


Shanks explained his thoughts one by one.

In fact, Shanks would have such thoughts and was very helpless.

The balance between forces has been broken.

Next, there will be fierce conflicts whether it is the pirates and the navy, or the world government and the participating countries.

This is a war sweeping the world.

No one can predict the outcome, but the only certainty is that when the war ends, the world will become devastated.

The people and races of all countries will be killed and wounded.

At that time, it will be a wasteland-like world.

The basis for this conclusion is the ninja mercenary group represented by Kurayoshi.

Originally, the world government had overwhelming force.

Countries or pirates in the world need to unite to fight against it.

However, all countries are fine.

But the pirate...

Pirates do have alliances, but more often they stabbed in the back.

In addition, the spies of the world government instigated discord...

It is simply unrealistic to want them to unite against the world government.

Therefore, other forces outside the world government are destined to be divided and suppressed.

If it ends like this in the end, Shanks can accept it.

But the key point is the ninja mercenary group represented by Kuroyoshi.

They are mercenaries and can be hired as long as they have money.

The forces that originally lacked the power to oppose the world government will gain the power to oppose the world government.

Just like this time the world government is preparing to take action against the White Beard Pirates.

If the White Beard Pirate Group does not ask the Ninja Mercenary Group for help, the war that follows will definitely be won by the navy.

However, the White Beard Pirate Group sent Marco to find the Ninja Mercenary Group.

It is hard to say what will happen to the next war.

At that time, the war will fall into a protracted war.

Regardless of the outcome of the two sides, heavy losses will inevitably occur, and the world government cannot achieve the goal of deterring countries.

By then, more similar wars will break out.

If the ninja mercenary group had a darker heart and deliberately manipulated some places, the war might never end.

This is not impossible.

Shanks has seen many mercenaries deliberately release water to make the enemy survive longer in order to make long-term money, in order to make more commissions.

If things would turn out to be like this, it would be better to let the king of the outside world take the entire world into his bag.

Shanks judged from Kurayoshi's actions to connect with other worlds and develop business for his men, he is a king who cherishes his men.

If the entire world is taken into his bag and turned into his wealth, he will also cherish it.