Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 436

Chapter 36 Domineering

After listening to Shanks' narration, Kurayoshi fell silent.

For a long time, he looked up at Shanks and asked: "You are worried that the melee between the various forces will be stalemate for a long time, bringing indelible disasters to the world, and you want me to come to the same world, but why do you think I am? Can you rule the world in a short time?"

This is where Kuroyoshi is puzzled.

After all, the two had never seen each other before, and it was impossible for Shanks to know his details.

Just because of the report in the newspaper, I trust him to rule the world quickly

is it possible?

Shanks is indeed a hearty and informal person, but this does not mean that he is stupid and naive.

Moreover, there is a Beckman who has the highest IQ among the current characters in anime.

It is even more unlikely to be such an absurd reason.

"At any rate, he is also the king of the world. It is always much stronger than our separate forces!" Shankstein said: "Moreover, how to act specifically, you still have to see whether your power is really as reported. That’s the decision. I’m just here to say hello in advance and talk about cooperation intentions."

"Ahhahaha" Kuroyoshi laughed, "As expected, it's you. If you say this kind of thing openly, don't you worry about my rejection?"

Shankstein said: "Although it is to achieve your own goals, this kind of thing is profitable and harmless to you. If you have the will in this regard, you will not refuse."

People are mutually beneficial and maintain social relations.This is true in any world.

It's just that some people choose a win-win situation, and some people choose to eat alone.

Different models also make people feel different.

Therefore, even if Shanks is using himself, Kuroyoshi is not upset.

If he can really rule the world, his benefits are endless and there is nothing bad.


"Unfortunately, I have no plans to rule the world." Kurayoshi shrugged and said regretfully: "I am not interested in power ambitions or anything, and I am not interested in ruling the world again."


Shanks looked at Kuroyoshi in astonishment.

You, a world ruler, told me that you are not interested in power ambitions. Who would believe such nonsense?

"Don't look at me like that" Kuroyoshi smiled and said, "Neither in the past nor in the present, I have never thought about ruling the world. I just help them find a way out."

"This, does this mean that you will not care about the ninja mercenary group in the future?"

"It's not completely let go, but when their business in this world gets on track, I will leave and won't interfere with their affairs."

Shanks lowered his head into silence.

This is completely different from what he had planned in advance.

Neither he nor Beckman expected that the king who ruled the world would be uninterested in ruling the world.

"That's it, I understand."

Shanks took a deep breath and looked at Kuroyoshi solemnly, "Then, if I want to rule the world, can I hire you?"

Kuroyoshi was stunned for a moment, then laughed loudly, and stopped for a while.

"Your brain circuit is really strange!"

Since the person I want to support is not interested in ruling the world, let the other person support me to rule the world.

The results are the same.


"Yes, of course, but" Kuroyoshi looked at Shanks with a smile, "you should also understand, the more difficult the task, the higher the reward, can you come up with the corresponding commission?"

"Can't get it out, can I charge it on credit?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's worthy of being the king of another world. Even this kind of large commission task can be credited. It's really amazing."

"I mean you can't pay on credit"

"It really doesn't work, ahhahaha"

Shanks didn't know whether he was pretending to be crazy or stupid, or he was so instinct. He grabbed the bottle and took a couple of sips, and then started to pull something.

Kuroyoshi didn't know what he meant, but he didn't say anything, chatting with each other.

Shanks is a bold man after all.

Chatting and drinking with such a person is also a very pleasant thing.

Three rounds of wine.

Shanks fell asleep on the lawn drunk.

Kuroyoshi helped him into the mansion and wanted to give it to his companion.

However, his companions are not much better.One by one, drunk, lay in the reception room where they were entertained.

Fortunately, Beckman remained sober.

After handing the person to Beckman, Kurayoshi left the reception room.

Itachi and Xiao Nan followed from both sides of the corridor.

Kuroyoshi walked to the main hall and asked, "What do you think of this group of people?"

Xiao Nan frowned lightly, "It's unruly, unrestrained, and lawless."

"Despite the worldly vision, only pursue what is in my heart, the dream chaser I need in my heart"

At this point, Itachi lowered his head, his expression was a little complicated, "To be honest, I envy them very much."

Kuroyoshi glanced back at him and smiled: "You can also be like them."

"No, I will never be like them." Itachi said with a heavy heart.

Although everything is getting better.