Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 438

The second is to enter through the windless zone.

The third is to enter the Dragon Palace Kingdom through the seabed from Chambord Island.

To enter the new world from under the Holy Land Mary Bridge, you must have an official status, and most people simply cannot pass.

And through the windless zone

The general technological level of this world is still in the Middle Ages, and sailing is based on sailing ships.

If there is no wind, you can only draw by manpower.

However, even if you have money to solve manpower problems, the windless zone is the nest of the Neptune.

Without strong strength, he is delivering meals to the sea king class.

Therefore, although there are three ways to enter the new world, most people can only enter through Chambord Land.

This has also contributed to the importance of Chambord Island.

The prosperous business brought about by the large daily population movement.

The strategic significance of military operations

The sacred place Mary Gioia was built on the back of Chambord Island, and the naval headquarters was also built at a distance of two or three hours sailing from here to illustrate the importance of this island.

It is impossible for world governments to give in easily.

The war will come.

Panic began to spread.

People are worried about being affected by the war, and they have begun to pack their things and prepare to temporarily escape the war overseas.

And some criminals started fishing in troubled waters, stealing, kidnapping, smashing, and doing everything.

For a time, the bustling island was in chaos.

In customer service.

Kata Kuli held the trident in his arms, and sat leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.

When he heard the sound resounding in the sky, he opened his eye-catching eyes, "Are you going to make a big move so soon?"

Generally speaking, no one will be at home while discussing business with customers and fighting with others at the same time.

This can easily affect the guests.

But the other party just did so.

"This shows that they are very confident." Brin was sitting at the open door, looking at the scenery in the courtyard, "If this incident affects us, their reputation will be greatly affected and customers will be lost. Trust."

"But on the other hand, if they can protect guests from such incidents, the reputation will definitely increase." Kata Kuri said.

"So, which one will it be?"

Large guest room on the other side.

The group of red-haired pirates that had been noisy was also quiet now.

Shanks took a deep breath, a little helpless, "It seems that the turbulent times have come one step earlier."


"Uncle what are you doing?" Luffy asked curiously.

"Who knows?" Sauron leaned his back against the wall with three swords in his arms, and took a leisurely sip. "Perhaps for ambition, or for dreams, but it doesn't matter to us anyway."

"It's not okay, the Navy may call back early." Robin corrected.

"That would be even better. If the navy is hit hard in advance, then it will be easier for Brother Luffy!"

"How can it be so simple."

"Well-winded, how do you know if you don't do it?"

"You are too optimistic!" Usopp couldn't help but complain.

Looking at the joyous group of people, Marco couldn't help sighing.

These guys haven't really experienced despair, and don't understand the gap between themselves and the top combat power.

It's too optimistic.

On the other side, the naval branch stationed on the island of Chambord.

Lieutenant General Dougman assembled all the troops and took the final oath, "This is a mortal mission. I will give you five minutes to consider whether you want to participate in this operation. If you choose to withdraw within five minutes, neither the navy headquarters nor I will be held accountable. , It will not affect your subsequent official careers, but after five minutes someone wants to quit and will be executed immediately."

"Justice must win, justice must win, justice must win"

The neat and high slogan resounded through the sky.

Dougman nodded in satisfaction, his eyes filled with determination, "Go, target the demon lord."

When the voice fell, dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky.

This sudden change in weather attracted everyone's attention.

A bad premonition faintly surfaced in Dougman's heart, seeing and hearing the domineering release, perceiving the majestic thunder in the clouds.



Thunder, falling from the nine heavens.

Chapter 37 The Opening of the Top War

"Listen, let Dougman lead the troops to retreat, don't, boom!"

The huge thunder and explosion was full of phone bugs.

The Warring States subconsciously took it farther.

After that, he immediately realized something, his face turned pale, and he roared loudly, "Hey, what happened? Answer me, answer me quickly."

But no matter how the Warring States yelled, only the crackling sound of burning wood came from the phone.