Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 439

The Warring States patted the phone on the table, his face was blue and angry.

"What did the five old stars say?" Karp asked from the side.

He didn't eat snacks rarely, and his expression was heavy.

What it means to be taken away from Chambord Land, even if he is very nervous, he knows very well.

In particular, the person who took Chambord Land was the ruler of the other world.

This means that the scale and severity of the war between the two worlds is far greater than ever before.

Hearing Karp's words, everyone else in the office also looked over.

He, the chief of the general staff, five generals, two alternates, and even retired from the position of general, Zefa, who became an instructor, also came.

This is an unprecedented major event, and all the top naval forces have gathered together.

"The Five Old Stars let us concentrate on preparing to deal with White Beard." The Warring States Period said with a low face, "They are not yet ready to fight the king of the other world."

The red dog raised his head and straightened his military hat, revealing that serious face, "Then be prepared to deal with White Beard, whether it is the king of the alien world or the White Beard, they are all people who bring harm to the world. , Can't let it go."


Chambord Island.

Everyone stood still, maintaining an exaggerated posture staring at the direction of the naval base dumbfounded.

There, thick smoke rose.

Of course, they looked so surprised that it was naturally not because of the rising smoke, but the thunder that had fallen since nine days.

It is densely packed, clusters together, like a torrent of torrents.

After that, the entire island shook.

When everything was calm, there was no sound coming from the naval sub-base.

"No way, are you all dead?"

"Impossible, it is guarded by the Navy Headquarters Lieutenant Admiral!"

"Even the lieutenant general of the navy headquarters can't survive such an attack."

"Yes, there were neat and loud slogans before, but now there is no sound at all, it must be over!"

"The king of the other world has not appeared, can he launch an attack far away?"

"Will we run away and be attacked?"

For a time, all kinds of speculation and panic filled the island.

At this time, four seas of thunder poured down again, appearing in different locations on the island.

People trembled with fright and didn't dare to move casually.

When everything subsided, that attribute was full of majestic voices, resounding in the sky again.

"From now on, the Chambord Island is not allowed to trade in slaves. The rest is business as usual. Those who want to stay will be protected by us, and those who want to leave will not be blocked."

...Quiet, quiet.

The people looked at each other and then hesitated.

Then some people left, and some returned to their homes.

At first, he was cautious.

But as the number of people on the outlying islands increased and there were no accidents, everyone was finally relieved to start.

Gradually, Chambord Island resumed its previous noisy.

However, people's faces are still faintly worried.



Because the gate that connects the two worlds is here, Kurayoshi named this mountain Liangjieshan.

Standing on the top of the hill overlooking the entire Chambordian Island, Kuraki nodded in satisfaction when seeing the island's former atmosphere restored.

Although these people are very worried about the coming war, they are terrified...

But he will war on the top to tell the world that there will be no war at all.

Because, with him, there is the power of the entire Shinobi...

In this ununited world, no one can compete with them, including the world government.

Kuroyoshi said to Nagato Xiaonan behind him: "I have returned to the Ninja world to pull people. Since Chambord Island is planned as the headquarters, the safety and life of the residents on the island must be guaranteed."

"Leave it to me here."


Kuroyoshi nodded, tearing the space away.


Time passed slowly.

When the time for Ace's public execution came, the Ninja Mercenary Group had completely mastered the Chambord Island.

More than 400,000 people came to Chambord from the Ninja World.

Among them, there are 80,000 ninjas, and more than 300,000 talents of various types and family members.

When these people arrived, various facilities and places were established one by one.

With Liangjie Mountain as the core, the high-level office area radiates outward, such as hospitals, garrisons, secret bases, training sites, research facilities, weapons depots, logistics countries...

I originally wanted to establish a ninja school here.

But once a ninja school is established, it is possible to be penetrated by spies and learn chakra and ninjutsu.

Considering that they have just come to this world and have not yet mastered the power system of this world, they will leak their power system, which is very detrimental to them.

Therefore, the establishment of the Ninja School was postponed.