Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 440

At the same time, the perceptual barrier covering the entire Chambord Island was also erected.

The ninjas also scattered into the Chambord Island.

Of course, so many people want to eat and drink, naturally it is impossible to stay here all the time.

Various entrusted tasks had already begun when Kuroyoshi returned to the Ninja World to bring people over.

From countries where wars are taking place all over the world, the chambers of commerce who go to sea trade are guarded, assassinating the noble bosses...

The figures of ninjas have long been all over the world.

Even because of the good results, there are more forces to hire.

Even if the ninja mercenary group is defined as a terrorist by the world government, it cannot stop the pace of those employers.

The hot business can only be described in these words.

Eighty thousand ninjas are simply too busy.

And this is because the reputation of the Ninja Army has not yet started, and there are still many forces that maintain a wait-and-see attitude towards their strength.

If they make a sensation in the world, the commission will be dozens of times more.

This is not an exaggerated description, but a fact, even modest.

After all, Ninja is just a continent on the earth, and the population is sparse because of the perennial war.

But the Pirate World is different.

They are facing the entire world, and the population is not a magnitude.

This is why Nagato and Gokage want to open a ninja school here.

It is too short of manpower.

The population gap between the two worlds was unexpected by Kurayoshi. He thought he would have to do a big vote and give the Ninja Mercenary Group an advertisement to expand the business.

Unexpectedly, just relying on his fame and Nagato's easy to throw Jack from the mountainside was recognized by many forces.

It is worth mentioning that Jack is not dead.

Although Beckman's shot drove the bullet into his temple, it did not deeply damage the brain.

It only severed a nerve and made him a vegetative, and then he recovered with strong resilience.

In addition, in addition to the ninjas, many merchants and chambers of commerce followed into this world.

In order to make money, they don't care about wasting their lives between the two worlds, reselling the special products of the two worlds, and making a lot of money.

Of course, such a big business certainly cannot be eaten by merchants alone.

Two-thirds of taxes.

Although it looks harsh and completely vampire, there are still countless people willing.

Because only 1/3 of the income is an astronomical figure.

In fact, Kuroyoshi can form a caravan by himself.

Many people also proposed to form a caravan to monopolize the trade, but Kurayoshi refused.

Although the official monopoly of trade is indeed huge profits, for long-term development, he still opened the permission to pass through the door, allowing civilians to use it.

Of course, it is currently only allowed to be used by people in the Ninja world. In the case of Pirate World, it will probably not open until the two cultures are completely integrated.

The consequence of this is that the business trade index of Chambord Island has risen by more than a dozen percentage points in just one and a half months, and it is still rising by a little bit every day.

It can be met, and it won't be long before Chambord Island will become the world's trading center.

At that time, even tax collection will be softened.


"When are we going there!" Lu Fei looked at the live broadcast projected by the phone worm, full of anxiety.

This is a guest room.

There is a live broadcast screen hanging on the wall, and the content of the live broadcast is the public execution of Ace by the Navy Headquarters.

The school-level officers drawn from all over the world are soldiers, brigadier generals, major generals, and hundreds of lieutenants.

Five generals, the red dog, the green pheasant, the yellow ape, the green bull, and the Fujitora, sat under the execution stage.

Below is the King's Seven Wuhai.

Kneeling on the execution platform, the shackled young man, the Marshal Sengoku standing aside.

The execution is about to begin. They are still on Chambord Island. How could Luffy not be in a hurry?

Those of his companions are even more so.

Sanji glared at Kuroyoshi on the side, "I said, do you have any plans to save Brother Luffy? If we don't want to save, let's go by ourselves."

Kuroyoshi was not angry, but just smiled: "Since we have accepted the task, we will definitely carry it out."

"Then why..."

"Have you ever heard of things that we didn't do when we took the task?" Kurayoshi interrupted Sanji's questioning.

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates group fell silent.

Indeed, in the past half month, they have heard of mission failures, but never heard of releasing pigeons after taking over.

"Hurry up then!"

"Why are you in a hurry? The Lord hasn't appeared yet!"

As soon as the words fell, three ships of the White Beard Pirate Group emerged from the bottom of the Motobu Gulf on the live screen.

Then, 43 pirate regiments under its banner also appeared on the sea level.

It turned out that they used membranes and advanced from the seabed to the navy headquarters, avoiding the navy from intercepting them on the road.

"Is that the pirate group that Luffy's brother is staying with?" Usopp Chobannami looked at the boat on the screen tightly, and her breathing became a little bit tight.

Even Luffy had sweat on his forehead.

Kuroyoshi said that they are only responsible for rescuing Ace, but they will not send too many people to war with the navy.